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Circa 1,000 BCE
The Oldest Known Evidence of the Phoenician Alphabet
Circa 1,000 BCE
A shard of ancient pottery found in the Elah Fortress, bearing Proto-Canaanite script which might compose the earliest known Hebrew inscription. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest Hebrew Inscription
Circa 950 BCE
The Gezer Calendar
Circa 950 BCE – 600 BCEThe Cascajal Block, the Earliest Precolumbian or Mesoamerican Writing Yet Discovered Circa 900 BCEThe "Chicago Syllabary" Circa 800 BCE
Perhaps the Oldest Surviving Tablet with a European Alphabet
Circa 800 BCEA Pulley Depicted in a Bas-Relief from Nimrud, Assyria 776 BCEThe First Olympic Games Take Place Circa 750 BCE
Standardization of the Homeric Texts Possibly Begins
Circa 750 BCE
The "Fatal Letter" in the Iliad: Introduction of Written Language to the…
Circa 750 BCEUsing Carrier Pigeons to Communicate the Results of the Olympic Games Circa 740 BCE
The ancient Greek wine jug bearing the Dipylon inscription.
One of the Two Oldest Records of the Greek Alphabet
Circa 740 BCE – 720 BCE
The Cup of Nestor. (View Larger)
One of the Two Oldest Known Examples of Writing in Greek
700 BCE
The earliest Estruscan abecedarium, the Marsiliana d'Albegna tablet, which dates to c. 700 VCE. (View Larger)
The Marsiliana Tablet Abecedarium
Circa 700 BCE – 500 BCEThe Babylonian Map of the World, the Oldest Usable Map 689 BCE – 691 BCE
The Taylor Prism, ME 91032 of the British Library. (View Larger)
The Taylor Prism and the Sennacherib Prism
668 BCE – 627 BCE
Knowledge as Power: King Ashurbanipal Forms the Earliest Systematically…
Circa 650 BCE – 600 BCEThe Constitutional Law of Dreros: The Earliest Surviving Greek Law on Stone Circa 650 BCEThe Skytale: An Early Greek Cryptographic Device Used in Warfare Circa 646 BCE
The God of Writing. . . .
604 BCE – 562 BCE
Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The tower of Babel, ca. 1556
Construction of the Etemenanki Ziggurat, Later Known as The Tower of Babel
604 BCE – 562 BCE
(View larger)
The Tower of Babel Stele
Circa 604 BCE – 562 BCEA Nebuchadnezzar II Babylonian Cylinder Sets an Auction Record Circa 600 BCE
The larger of the two silver scrolls, discovered in 1979 at Ketef Hinnom, which have been deemed the oldest suriving texts from the Hebrew bible. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Texts from the Hebrew Bible
Circa 600 BCE – 50 CEThe Diolkos Paved Trackway for Ships Across the Isthmus of Corinth 600 BCE – 267 CEMore than 10,000 Stone Inscriptions Were Excavated from the Ancient Agora of Athens Circa 600 BCEAncient Shopping Lists on Ostracons Reveal Spread of Literacy at Fort in Arad, israel 586 BCE
Destruction of Solomon's Temple
Circa 570 BCE – 550 BCEOne of the Earliest Latin Inscriptions in Rome Circa 550 BCE
The Duenos Inscription
Circa 550 BCE
The Yinqueshan bamboo strips, the earliest manuscript of Sun Tzu's 'Art of War,' on exhibition in a Chinese museum. (View Larger)
The Oldest Known Work on Military Strategy
Circa 550 BCEThe Greek Origin of Monumental Roman Stone Inscriptions Circa 550 BCEA Block Printed Gold Magic Amulet from Ancient Greece or Asia Minor 539 BCE
The front side of the Cyrus Cylinder. (View Larger)
The Cyrus Cylinder, the Earliest Known Document in the History of Religious…
Circa 536 BCE
Ezra the Scribe
Ezra Introduces Public Reading of the Torah
535 BCE
Disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments
522 BCE – 486 BCE
The Behistun Inscription. (View Larger)
The "Rosetta Stone" of Cuneiform Script
510 BCE – 500 BCEThe Earliest Surviving Athenian Decree: The Cleruchy on Salamis, Written on Stone 509 BCE – 457 BCEThe Persepolis Administrative Archives Circa 500 BCE
An Indian postage stamp, released in 2004, in honor of Pannini.
The Earliest Known Work on Descriptive Linguistics
Circa 500 BCEThe First Known Description of a Binary Numerical System Circa 500 BCE
The Roman Census
Circa 500 BCE
Paper in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Circa 500 BCEThe Pyrgi Tablets: Bilingual Etruscan and Phoenician Text Inscribed in Gold Circa 450 BCE – 420 BCE
King Darius I
The Royal Road
Circa 450 BCEThe Beginnings of the Book Trade in Greece Circa 450 BCE – 420 BCEHow Herodotus Used Writing and Messages in his Histories Circa 450 BCEThe Elephantine Papyri: One of the Most Ancient Collections of Jewish Manuscripts Circa 440 BCE
Herodotus of Halicarnassus. (View Larger)
The Egyptians Reckon with Pebbles and Probably Use the Sandboard Abacus
440 BCE – 435 BCE
One of the earliest surviving images of anyone reading a papyrus roll, preserved in the Louvre. (View Larger)
One of the Earliest Images of Someone Reading a Papyrus Roll
Circa 440 BCEThe Law Code of Gortyn, Crete: The Longest Extant Ancient Greek Stone Inscription in Greece Circa 420 BCEThe Derveni Papyrus, The Earliest Surviving European Manuscript Circa 410 BCEPossible Libraries in Ancient Greece Circa 400 BCE
Arabic numerals and their equivalents in the ancient Indian Brahmi. (View Larger)
Arabic Numerals are Invented in India by the Hindus
Circa 400 BCE
The Pronomos Vase from Naples shows the performers of a Greek satyr play. (View Larger)
The Pronomos Vase: Pictorial Evidence for Theatre in Ancient Greece
Circa 400 BCEA Wooden Dove Automaton 399 BCE
A bust of Xenophon. (View Larger)
Export of Papyrus Rolls from Greece to the Euxine Coast
390 BCE – 387 BCE
A statue of Brennus by an unknown French artist. (View Larger)
The Gauls Sack Rome and Destroy Most Records
384 BCE – 321 BCE
The Library of Aristotle: Basis for the Royal Library of Alexandria?
Circa 370 BCESocrates on the Invention of Writing and the Relationship of Writing to Memory Circa 369 BCEPlato Compares Human Memory to Wax Tablets Circa 360 BCEAeneas Tacticus Describes Methods of Encoding Messages 350 BCE
Polybius (View Larger)
The Hydraulic Telegraph
Circa 350 BCE
The Acropolis stone.
The Earliest Example of Shorthand Writing
Circa 350 BCE – 250 BCEThe Lead Tablet Archives of the Athenian Cavalry Circa 350 BCE – 250 BCEWriting on Lead Tablets in Antiquity Circa 350 BCEProbably the Earliest Surviving Papyrus of a Greek Text Circa 350 BCEThe First Description of Book Scorpions, by Aristotle 343 BCE – 313 BCEThe Oldest Map Clearly Marked with Distances 335 BCEThe Beginnings of Musicology 334 BCE – 330 BCEThe Earliest Datable Appearance of the Serif in Stone Inscriptions Circa 325 BCEThe Earliest Surviving Letter Written in Greek 323 BCE – 283 BCE
Euclid's Elements: "The Founding Document of Mathematics"
Circa 300 BCE
The Royal Library of Alexandria: The Largest Collection of Recorded Information…
300 BCE – 68 CE
A column of the Copper Scroll found in Cave Three.
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Circa 300 BCE
The Salamis Tablet. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Counting Board
Circa 300 BCEThe Beginnings of Latin Literature Circa 300 BCE
Several of the Guodian Chu Slips. (View Larger)
The Guodian Chu Slips: "Like the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls"
Circa 300 BCE
A vertical, columnar stone inscription roughly six inches long. Image: Boris Beltrán/Science. (View Larger)
The Earliest Known Examples of Maya Script
Circa 300 BCEPostal and Communication Infrastructure in Ancient India Circa 300 BCE – 350 CEThe Musawwarat Graffiti Archive