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Circa 300 BCE
The Royal Library of Alexandria: The Largest Collection of Recorded Information…
300 BCE – 68 CE
A column of the Copper Scroll found in Cave Three.
The Dead Sea Scrolls
Circa 300 BCE
The Salamis Tablet. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Counting Board
Circa 300 BCEThe Beginnings of Latin Literature Circa 300 BCE
Several of the Guodian Chu Slips. (View Larger)
The Guodian Chu Slips: "Like the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls"
Circa 300 BCE
A vertical, columnar stone inscription roughly six inches long. Image: Boris Beltrán/Science. (View Larger)
The Earliest Known Examples of Maya Script
Circa 300 BCEPostal and Communication Infrastructure in Ancient India Circa 300 BCE – 350 CEThe Musawwarat Graffiti Archive Circa 298 BCE – 264 BCE
The Oxford fragment of the Parian Marble. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Example of a Greek Chronological Table
Circa 280 BCE
Fragments of the Odyssey, most likely copied in Alexandria.
Philology Probably Begins at the Royal Library of Alexandria
Circa 275 BCEA "Wild" or "Eccentric" Papyrus of the Iliad Circa 250 BCE
An example of Lishu, or Clerkly Script, developed by Chinese Bureaucrats to be written with a brush.
Writing on Bamboo and Silk
Circa 250 BCE – 50 CEThe Septuagint Circa 250 BCE
A diagram of Ctesibius's water clock.
The First Truly Automatic Self-Regulatory Device
Circa 250 BCE
An edition of the Erya.(View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Monolingual Dictionary
Circa 250 BCEThe Beginning of Latin Literature Circa 250 BCEThe Foundation of Paris 250 BCEThe First Keyboard Musical Instrument Circa 250 BCEThe Earliest Escapement Mechanism Circa 250 BCEThe Earliest Evidence of a Water-Driven Wheel Circa 250 BCEThe Only Extant Ancient Linen Book and the Longest Etruscan Text 237 BCE – 57 BCEThe Archive or Library in the Temple of Edfu Circa 225 BCEThe Conics of Apollonius of Perga 215 BCE – 210 BCE
One of three excavation pits of the Terracotta Army. (View Larger)
The Terra Cotta Army, An Early Example of Assembly Line Production
213 BCE – 206 BCE
Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang.
Destroying Most Records of the Past Along with 460, or More, Scholars
Circa 200 BCE
A digital recreation of the Library of Alexandria.
The Origins of Bibliography
Circa 200 BCE – 200 CEThe Very Long Process of Canonization of the Hebrew Bible 197 BCE – 159 BCE
The ruins of the Library.
The Library of Pergamum (Pergamon) is Founded
196 BCE – 1822The Rosetta Stone: Key to the Decipherment of Egyptian Hieroglyphs Circa 175 BCE
A Taoist text preserved on silk and discovered in Mawangui in 1973.
The Mawangui Silk Texts
Circa 150 BCE – 100 BCE
A portrait of Hipparchus from the title page of William Cunningham's Cosmographicall Glasse (1559). (View Larger)
Invention of the Astrolabe
Circa 150 BCE – 100 BCE
The Earliest Surviving Analog Computer: the Antikythera Mechanism
Circa 150 BCE
Probably the First Trigonometric Table
Circa 150 BCE – 100 BCE
The Nash Papyrus. (View Larger)
The Nash Fragment of the Ten Commandments: The Oldest Hebrew Manuscript…
Circa 130 BCE
Ruins of the Roman Forum, where the Acta Diurna was posted.
Acta Diurna: the First Daily Gazette
Circa 100 BCE
The Isaiah Scroll. (View Larger)
The Great Isaiah Scroll, the Only Nearly Complete Biblical Book Surviving…
Circa 100 BCEThe Earliest Bookbindings Circa 90 BCEThe Earliest Treatise on Mnemonics Circa 78 BCE
The Roman Tabularium. (View Larger)
The Tabularium, Archives of Republican Rome, is Founded
Circa 70 BCE
Marcus Tullius Cicero. (View Larger)
The Book Trade in Cicero's Rome
Circa 70 BCE – 100 CEDetails of the Roman Book Trade 63 BCE
Vindolanda Tablet 122 with Latin shorthand, possibly notae Tironianae, c.90-130 CE. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest System of Shorthand
58 BCE – 51 BCECaesar's Gallic Wars Circa 53 BCE – 23 CEThe Earliest Bibliographical Classification System Circa 50 BCE – 25 CEThe Oldest Surviving Manuscript of Latin Poetry 46 BCE
Julius Caesar Introduces a Calendar and Plans a Great Library
43 BCEFoundation of Lugdunum (Lyon) 42 BCE – 19 BCE
Virgil Composes the Ecologues, the Georgics and the Aeneid
41 BCE
Sling-bolts, or bullets, engraved with a winged lightning-bolt on one side, and the words 'take that' on another. Circa fourth century BCE Athens. (View Larger)
Humorous Inscriptions on Lead Sling-Bolts (Sling Bullets; Slingshot) Reflect…
Circa 37 BCE
A coin depicting the profile and birth of Gaius Asinius Pollio. (View Larger)
The First-Known Public Library in Rome
Circa 30 BCEBook Trade and Libraries in the Roman Empire 30 BCE – 25 CE
The Portland Vase. Shown is the first of two scenes. (View Larger)
The Portland Vase: Classical Connoisseurship, Influence, Destruction &…
28 BCE
The Emperor Augustus Builds Two Public Libraries
Circa 20 BCE
Augustus. (View larger)
The Cursus publicus: The Courier Service of the Roman Empire
2 CE
A map of Eastern China, the territories of the Han Dynasty highlighted in dark brown.
The First Census of Which Records are Preserved
10 CE
Emperor Wang Mang.
The First Income Tax
Circa 15 CERes gestae divi Augusti: The First Person Record of the Life and Accomplishments of the First Roman Emperor Circa 25 CEThe Oldest Sculptural Group Found in France 30 CE – 100 CE
A mosaic of Jesus Christ, located in the Hagia Sophia.
Christianity Emerges