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Circa 1100 – 1151
Xativa, Spain, highlighted in blue. (View Larger)
Papermaking Reaches the Moorish Parts of Spain
1100 – 1120
Folio 1 of Codex 2527, preserved at the Austrian National Library. (View Larger)
Medieval Handbook of Applied Arts Including Book Production
1109The Earliest Extant Document from Europe Written on Paper Circa 1110The Codex Ebnerianus and Early Manuscript Scholarship 1115
A folio from MS 2085 of the Schoyen Collection, one of the twelve extant manuscripts of the letters of Abelard and Heloise. (View Larger)
Among the Best Known Records of Early Forbidden Romantic Love
1119Earliest Record of the Use of the Compass in Navigation 1119Printing in Clay by the Typographic Principle in Germany in 1119 1122 – 1124The First Code of English Law and the Oldest Anglo-Saxon Text Circa 1125 – 1225
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The Universitas Guild: Early Origin of What We Characterize as a University
1134The Oldest University in Spain 1143
Peter the Venerable.
The First Translation of the Qur'an into a Western Language
June 14, 1144
The west exterior facade of the Abbey of Saint Denis, considered by historians to be the firs building in the Gothic style. (View Larger)
The First Building in the Gothic Style
At Martorana in Palermo, Italy, a mural depicting the divine coronation of Roger II. (View Larger)
King Roger Bans the Use of Paper
Circa 1150 – 1175
Book X Chapters 6-7 of Gerard de Cremona's thirteenth century translation of Ptolemy's Almagest. (View Larger)
The Leading Translator from the Arabic
Circa 1150
An illustration of a naval battle in the Madrid Skylitzes, showing Greek marine flamethrower technology. (View Larger)
The Madrid Skylitzes: the Only Surviving Illustrated Manuscript of a Greek…
Circa 1150
(See Larger)
Twelfth Century Images of the Processes in Book Production
Circa 1150The Design and Operation of Medieval Libraries Circa 1150Originator of the Concept of Mathematical Function 1150The First Paper Mill in Al-Andalus Circa 1150
A heavily glossed manuscript of Libri Quattuor Sententiarum by Peter Lombard, whose usage of margin notes for citations is considered by some to be the direct antecedent of modern scholarly footnotes. (View Larger)
"Ancestor of the Modern Scholarly Apparatus of Footnotes"
Circa 1150
Detail of page from the Codex Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint James Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint JamesCodex Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint James.
An Illuminated Medieval Travel Guide and Music Compendium
Circa 1150Perhaps the Oldest Complete Torah Scroll Circa 1150 – 1250Jewish Bodies Found in Medieval Well in Norwich, England 1154The First Use of Paper in Italy Circa 1155 – 1170The Eadwine Psalter, Masterpiece of Book Production in the Twelfth Century Renaissance 1167
A 16th century portrait of King Henry II of England, by an unknown artist.
Henry II Forbids English Students to Study at Paris
1167 – 1185
Plate 8 of the Englehardt facsimile of the Hortus delicarum. In the centermost circle, Philosophy rests upon a queenly throne, holding a banner that says 'All wisdom comes from God, only the wise can do what they want.' Directly below sit Socrates and Plato, at abutting desks. In the surrounding orbs stand the Seven Liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, dialectics, music, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy. (View Larger)
Written and Illuminated by the Nun Herrad of Landsberg
Circa 1170Origins of the Paris Book Trade Circa 1170
Folio 7v of the Hungarian Psalter: a miniature depicting, on top, the creation of Adam, and, on bottom, the temptation of Adam by Eve. (View Larger)
The Hunterian Psalter
1170 – 1180Mishneh Torah, Signed by Maimonides 1175Norman Crusaders Take Manuscripts as Spoils of War Circa 1175 – 1250Simultaneous Appearance in Medieval Europe of the College, the Recursive Argument Method, Translations of Scientific Works from the Arabic, & Translations of Aristotle's Works 1180 – 1575Factors Influencing the Development of the French Language, Literature, and Book Production 1180The First College Founded in Western Europe Circa 1185 – 1190
T-S_10Ka4.1,r: a page from an early autograph draft of Maimonides's 'Guide for the Perplexed.' (View Larger)
Early Autograph Draft of Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed
Circa 1185 – 1210Limoges Enamel Book Cover Plaque Circa 1190 – 1290The Emergence of Concordances and Subject Indexes 1190 – 1215Layamon's "Brut", the Earliest Source of the Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table March 16, 1190
Clifford's Tower. (View Larger)
Massacre of the Jewish Community of York, England Reflected in the Survival…
July 3, 1194Foundation of the Trésor des Chartes 1196
The Coronation of Henry IV of Liber ad honorem Augusi sive de rebus Siculis, folio 105r of MS. 120 II, Berne Municipal Library. (View Larger)
A Graphic Portrayal of 12th Century Life in Italy and Sicily
From one of the registers of Innocent III for the period between 1198 and 1120. ASV, Reg. Vat. 5, f. 84v (detail). (View Larger)
Foundation of the Vatican Registers
Circa 1200
A scence from the long scroll 'Along the River During Qing Ming Festival,' in which a fifteen column saunpan is visible next to the account book and doctor's prescriptions. (View Larger)
The Suanpan
Circa 1200
Detail of image depicting a monk at work in a medieval scriptorium (Lacroix).  Please click to view entire image.
Beginnings of an Active Book Trade in Europe Outside of Monasteries
Circa 1200Private Libraries in the Muslim World, Destroyed or Plundered by Crusaders Circa 1200 – 1450Knowledge of Greek and Greek Texts During the Middle Ages Circa 1200Postal System within the Mongol Empire and China Circa 1200Production of Medieval Manuscript Codices: a Video