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Circa 1200
A scence from the long scroll 'Along the River During Qing Ming Festival,' in which a fifteen column saunpan is visible next to the account book and doctor's prescriptions. (View Larger)
The Suanpan
Circa 1200
Detail of image depicting a monk at work in a medieval scriptorium (Lacroix).  Please click to view entire image.
Beginnings of an Active Book Trade in Europe Outside of Monasteries
Circa 1200Private Libraries in the Muslim World, Destroyed or Plundered by Crusaders Circa 1200 – 1450Knowledge of Greek and Greek Texts During the Middle Ages Circa 1200Postal System within the Mongol Empire and China Circa 1200Production of Medieval Manuscript Codices: a Video 1202
Folio 124r of the Codex magliabechiano, a manuscript of Liber Abaci preserved in the Biblioteca Nazionale di Firenze. (View Larger)
Fibonacci Introduces Arabic Numerals to the European Public and Describes…
1206The First Recorded Designs of a Programmable Automaton 1206
A depiction of the Castle Water Clock from al-Jazari's 'Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices.' This manuscript is preserved at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. (View Larger)
al-Jazari's Clocks: Perhaps the Earliest Programmable Analog Computer
The coat of arms belonging to Cambridge University. (View Larger)
Origins of Cambridge University
January 1215 – 1217
A 1297 copy of the Magna Carta. (View Larger)
The Magna Carta is Promulgated and Distributed
1218 – 1220
A bust of Genghis Khan. (View Larger)
The Greatest Destruction of Muslim Libraries
1220 – 1235
Two pages from the Heidelberg Sachsenspiegel. (View Larger)
The Most Important Law Book of the German Middle Ages
1224 – 1227First Recorded Issue of Paper Money in the Mongol Empire June 5, 1224Perhaps the Oldest State-Supported University Circa 1225The Earliest Known Classical Latin Piece Written on Paper 1228
The Greater Kyz Kala at Merv, presumed to be the residence of a noble or royal personage. (View Larger)
No Fewer than Twelve Libraries Available to the Public in Merv
April 4, 1228Introduction of the Pecia System 1229
The Cover of Codex Gigas: 92cm tall, 50 cm wide. (View Larger)
The Largest Extant Medieval Manuscript: The Devil's Bible
Circa 1230 – 1275
Folio 1r of Fr. 1573 at the Bibliotheque Nationale, the earliest extant copy of 'Le Roman de la Rose.' (View Larger)
Le Roman de la Rose: A Medieval Best Seller
Circa 1230
Folio 1r of the 'C' manuscript of the Nibelungenlied. (View Larger)
The Song of the Nibelungs
Circa 1230
Villard's schematic illustration of a perpetual-motion machine. Folio 1 of Fr.19093 preserved at the Bibliotheque Nationale. (View Larger)
The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt
Circa 1230 – 1300Finding Devices Developed During This Time Are Perhaps the Most Significant in the History of the Book 1231
From his book, De arte venandi cum avibus (The art of hunting with birds), a portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, flanked by a falcon. (View Larger)
Banning the Use of Paper for Legal Documents
1234Confirmation that Printed Textiles Exist in Europe 1234
A portrait of Pope Gregory IX. (View Larger)
Gregory IX Condemns Jews to Inferior Status
June 9 – June 20, 1239Pope Gregory IX Orders the Seizure and Burning of Jewish Books Circa 1240Perhaps the First Grammar of a Romance Language Circa 1240The "De Brailes Hours," The Earliest Surviving English Book of Hours June 3, 1240
A portrait of Louis IX.
Copies of the Talmud are Seized in France
June 1242Louis IX Orders the Burning of 12,000 Manuscripts of the Talmud 1245The First Record of a Chinese Printed Seal in Europe 1245 – 1783The Vatican Archives Follow the Movements of the Pope 1246 – 1247The Earliest Surviving German Document Written on Paper Circa 1250
Rome and its vicinity, as depicted on a reproduction the Tabula Peutingeriana. (View Full Map - Very Large)
The Tabula Peutingeriana: the only Roman World Map that Survived from Antiquity
1250 – 1256
The incipit of HLS MS 1, Harvard Law School's copy of Bracton's De legibus et consuetudinibus Angliae, probably written around the year 1300. (View Larger)
Precedent and Common Law
Circa 1250The First Alphabetical Subject Indexes Circa 1250Possibly the First Joint-Stock Company 1250 – 1550From 1250 to 1550 More Books of Hours Were Produced by Hand & by Press than Any Other Type of Book Circa 1250The Most Extensive Medieval Encyclopedia 1250More than 1000 Birch-Bark Documents Have Been Excavated from Mud in Veliky Novgorod, Russia Circa 1250The Crusader Bible, One of the Greatest Masterpieces of Manuscript Illumination Circa 1250The Black Book of Carmarthen, Probably Earliest Surviving Manuscript Written Entirely in Welsh 1253
Henry III, by an unknown artist. (View Larger)
The Domus Conversorum, Later the Public Record Office
Robert de Sorbon, founder of the University of Paris. (View Larger)
Formation of the University of Paris
Hulagu Khan with his wife, Dokuz Kathun. (View Larger)
So Many Books were Thrown into the Tigris River that they Formed a Bridge…
1265 – 1268
(View Larger)
139 Professional Scribes Are Working in Bologna
A map illustrating both the first and second Polo expeditions. (View Larger)
The Travels of Niccolo and Maffeo Polo
A schematic for Pierre de Maricourt's perpetual motion machine, from an early edition of the Epistola. (View Larger)
Discovery of the Compass--The Earliest Known European Work of Experimental…
1269 – 1544Survival of the Works of Archimedes was Dependent upon Three Manuscripts, Only One of Which Survived to the Present Circa 1270
Humbert de Romans, Dominican scholar who promulgated the notion of arranging books by subject matter.
The Arrangement and Cataloguing of Books
A map of the Polos' eastward journey, begun in 1271. (View Larger)
Carrying the Pope's Response to Kublai Khan
From a late 14th century copy of Richard de Fournival's 'Biblionomia.' A catalog of the section on philosophy, in which books are described by their dimensions. (View Larger)
Foundation of the Library of the Sorbonne, and "Perhaps the Earliest Specific…
Folio 54r of the Worms Mahzor, upon which, in the interstices of the first word in the Prayer for Dew, is inscribed the oldest known Yiddish text: a small blessing in the form of a rhymed couplet, directed towards those who are charged with the seemingly onerous task of carrying the heavy Mahzor from the house of the owner to the synagogue. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Literary Document in Yiddish
1275Early Origins of the Star Chamber Circa 1275 – 1298
A round type case in which Chinese characters are organized by a rhyme scheme, designed and used by Wang Zhen for the production of his book, 'Nong Shu.' (View Larger)
Invention of Wooden Movable Type
Edward I, portrayed in the stained glass of Westminster Abbey.
Edward I's Statute of the Jewry
December 8, 1275The Earliest Surviving Statute Regulating the Paris Book Trade 1276
The Merton College Library, at Oxford. (View Larger)
"The World's Oldest Continuously Functioning Library for University Academics…
1278 – 1325The "North French Hebrew Miscellany": More a Library than a Book 1279
What remains of an early Fabriano paper mill. (View Larger)
The First Paper Mills in Italy
Circa 1280
Autograph Manuscript by Ibn-al-Nafis on the Art of Medicine
1289 – 1338Probably the Largest Medieval Library in Europe 1290
The infamous Edward I. (View Larger)
Edward I Expells the Jews from England
1290Organization of the Sorbonne Library, and the Way it Was Physically Arranged 1294
John of Monte Corvino.
The First European Patrons of the Art of Printing?
Tabriz, Iran, as seen through Google Earth. (View Larger)
A Clear Record of Early Block Printing in Tabriz
September 29, 1295 – April 1, 1296
Detail of image
Llull's Tree of Knowledge
1298 – 1299
Folio 54r from a facsimile of 'Le divisament dou monde,' preserved at the University of Graz, in Germany. (View Larger)
The Lure and Romance of Travel to the East
Circa 1299
A woodblock from Gregor Reisch's Margarita Philosophoca, 1508, depicting a table abacus. (View Larger)
The European Table Abacus
1299 – 1301The Planudean Anthology as Basis for the Anthologia Graeca Circa 1300
The Hereford Mappa Mundi. (View Larger)
The Hereford Mappa Mundi, "The Greatest Extant Thirteenth Century Pictorial…
Circa 1300
A reproduction of Tabula Rogeriana. (View Larger)
The Most Accurate World Map for Three Centuries
Circa 1300
The Bird's Head Haggadah. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Ashkenazi Illuminated Manuscript
Circa 1300Lay Readers and Book Owners by the End of the 14th Century Circa 1300
Four of twelve metal Chinese characters thought to be the world's oldest extant moveable type.
Perhaps the Earliest Movable Metal Type
Circa 1300 – 1320Ivory Booklet with Scenes of the Passion Circa 1300 Insight into the Production of Medieval Books April 2, 1300A Venetian Ordinance on the Production of Eyeglasses