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Circa 1300
The Hereford Mappa Mundi. (View Larger)
The Hereford Mappa Mundi, "The Greatest Extant Thirteenth Century Pictorial…
Circa 1300
A reproduction of Tabula Rogeriana. (View Larger)
The Most Accurate World Map for Three Centuries
Circa 1300
The Bird's Head Haggadah. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Ashkenazi Illuminated Manuscript
Circa 1300Lay Readers and Book Owners by the End of the 14th Century Circa 1300
Four of twelve metal Chinese characters thought to be the world's oldest extant moveable type.
Perhaps the Earliest Movable Metal Type
Circa 1300 – 1320Ivory Booklet with Scenes of the Passion Circa 1300 Insight into the Production of Medieval Books April 2, 1300A Venetian Ordinance on the Production of Eyeglasses Circa 1303 – 1316
Folios 7v-8r of the Metz Pontifical.
The Metz Pontifical: An Unfinished Medieval Masterpiece
The effigy on pope Boniface VIII, carved into the white marble of his sarcophagus in Saint Peter's Basilica. (View Larger)
Origins of the Vatican Library in the Papal Library
Circa 1304 – 1340
Folio 323r of Codex Manesse: a portrait of Reinmar dictating poetry scribes, one of which bears a wax tablet. (View Larger)
The Use of Manuscript Rolls in the Middle Ages
Circa 1304 – 1309
Folio 11 of MS M.232, the Morgan Library's 1470 Belgian manuscript of Ruralia Commoda. (View Larger)
Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Horticulture
A portrait of Ramon Llull. (View Larger)
Logical Machines for the Production of Knowledge
1306Origins of Beijing University Circa 1306The Most Widely Used Medieval Florilegium or Anthology: Cutting Edge Information Technology for the Time 1307
A scene from Rashid al-Din Tabib's 'Jami al-Tawarikh' in which the Ghazan Khan is converted to Islam. (View Larger)
Islamic History Containing the Earliest Notice of Chinese Printing from…
1307 – 1308The Earliest Surviving English Paper Codex, and the Earliest Recorded Use of Paper in England 1308 – 1321
A statue of Dante at the Uffizi. (View Larger)
Dante Alighieri's "Divina Commedia"
1309 – 1500The Speculum humanae salvationis 1315 – 1323
Arthur versus the Saxons as depicted in the Rochefoucauld Grail. (View Larger)
The Rochefoucauld Grail
1317 – 1342Prices that Booksellers Should Charge for Manuscripts 1317Early Persian Appreciation of the Value of Chinese Printing for the Standardization of Correct Texts 1319 – 1327The Earliest Use of Paper Money in Japan Circa 1320Medieval Union Catalogue of Manuscripts 1320 – 1340The Luttrell Psalter, Preserving the Memory of Ordinary Folk Alongside the Mighty and the Wealthy 1321Rules for the Operation of the Library of the Sorbonne 1322First Use of Paper in Holland 1322Printing with 100,000 Written Characters of Movable Type Circa 1325 – 1450Renaissance Humanists Hunt for the Manuscripts of Roman Authors 1326The Earliest Dated Astrolabe Made in Europe 1328
A reading room at the Library of the Sorbonne. (View Larger)
The Largest Library in Christendom
A photograph of the Canterbury Cathedral, within which resides the Library of Christ Church. (View Larger)
The Largest Library in England
1338The Second Catalogue of the Library of the Sorbonne 1340The First Two Color Printing Circa 1340The Oldest Known English Public Advertisement Circa 1340French Portable Information Retrieval Device 1343A Painted Wood Panel that Once Covered an Account Book 1345 – 1473
The seal of Richard de Bury. (View Larger)
Philobiblon, Perhaps the Earliest Treatise on Book Collecting and on Preserving…
Circa 1345The Chantilly Illuminated Manuscript of Dante's Inferno 1345Petrarch Discovers Cicero's Letters to Atticus 1347 – 1353
The spread of the Bubonic plague in Europe. (View Larger)
The Black Death
Troyes, France. (View Larger)
Perhaps the First Paper Mill in France
Circa 1350Henry of Kirkestede Compiles a Medieval Union Catalogue of Manuscripts Naming 694 Authors Circa 1350
Hebrew bock-print from the late fourteenth centry.  In the Genizah Collection.
Block Printing May have been Practiced by Arabs and Jews as early as the Mid-14th Century
Circa 1350
A pair of leather spectacles, found, among other artifacts, in 1953 beneath the floorboards of Kloster Wienhausen, near Celle, in Germany. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Spectacles
Circa 1350
From the Sarajevo Haggadah: Moses upon Sinai, holding the Ten Commandments. (View Larger)
The Oldest Sephardic Haggadah
Circa 1350Writing Zilbaldone Circa 1350Routine Everyday Messages Inscribed on Rune-Sticks 1352
The first depiction of spectacles in art: a portrait of Cardinal Hugo of Provence at his writing desk, painted by Tommaso de Mondena in fresco in the Basilica San Nicolo in Treviso, Italy. (View Larger)
The Earliest Depiction of Eyeglasses in a Painted Work of Art
Circa 1360The Gough Map: The Oldest Surviving Road Map of Great Britain and the First Map to Depict a Recognizably Accurate Picture of Britain's Coastline 1368
The courtyard of the Louvre, present day. (View Larger)
Charles V Establishes a Royal Library at the Louvre
1369The Papal Library Contains 2,059 Volumes 1370
Folio 31r of the Rossi Codex, upon which is written a madrigal entitled 'in un broleto, al'alba.' (View Larger)
One of the Earliest Sources of Trecento Secular Polyphonic Music
September 23, 1373Scribes in London First Organize 1374 – 1375The Relative Costs of the Components of Medieval Manuscripts Circa 1375
Folio 3r of the Psałterz Floriansk. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Example of Old Polish Literature
Circa 1375
Folio 1v of Omne Bonum upon which is drawn the four scenes of creation: God creating fish; God creating animals; the Creation of Adam; the Creation of Eve. (View Larger)
The First Encyclopedia Arranged in Alphabetical Order
1375One of the Most Beautiful Medieval Atlases 1377The Earliest References to Playing Cards in Europe 1377
The Earliest Surviving Book Printed from Movable Metal Type
A globe in the present day Merton College Library. (View Larger)
Merton College Library Contains Approximately 500 Manuscripts
Circa 1380
The opening leaf of the Hengwrt Chaucer. (View Larger)
Both of the Earliest and Most Authoritative Manuscripts of Chaucer's Canterbury…
1382Costs for a Missal Produced in 1382 1389The High Point of Medieval Library Cataloguing 1389John Whytefeld Compiles an Innovative Medieval Library Catalogue Circa 1390
A portion of the Dun Ming Hun Yi Tu, or The Great Amalgamated Map, showing the African continent. (View Larger)
The Oldest Map of Africa
A view of Nuremberg--folio 99v/100r of the Nuremberg Chronicles--showing Stromer's paper mill, bordering the city on the bottom right. (View Larger)
Earliest European Document on the Production of Paper
Circa 1390
A recipe for pork in a sage sauce, from The Forme of Cury. (View Larger)
One of the Oldest Known Manuscripts on Cookery in English, Written in the…
1395The First Book in English Written by a Woman June 3, 1398The Oldest Library in Germany? Circa 1399 – 1416Saint Catherine in her Study with her Revolving Bookstand