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Circa 1550A Sixfold Dos-à-Dos Binding from the Sixteenth Century Circa 1550The "Wide" Distribution of "Popular" Broadsides and Pamphlets by the Mid-16th Century Circa 1550Widely Distributed Cheap "Scientific Works" from the Mid-Sixteenth Century 1552
A page of the Libellus de Medicinalibus Indorum Herbis, an Aztec herbal composed in 1552 by Martin de la Cruz and translated into Latin by Juan Badianus, illustrating the tlahcolteocacatl, tlayapaloni, axocotl, and chicomacatl plants, which were used to make a
Juan Badiana Translates Aztec Medical Botany & Psychoactive Plants from the Nahuati
Engraved portrait of Michael Servetus.
Michael Servetus: Medical Discovery, Heresy, and Martyrdom
Table of reciprocal alphabet from a 1555 book by Giovan Battista Bellaso.
Giovan Battista Bellaso Describes the First "Unbreakable" Text Autokey Cipher
1554The Spanish Inquistion Publishes its First List of Censored Works Circa 1555
Portrait of Prince-elector Otto Henry by Georg Pencz, 1530-1545. The painting now resides in St. Petersburg. 
Otto-Henry, Elector Palatine, Founds the Bibliotheca Palatina
Engraved portrait of Hernan Cortes by W. Holl and published by Charles Knight.
Brother Juan Diaz Publishes the First Treatise on Mathematics Published in the Western Hemisphere and the First Textbook on Any Subject Besides Religion Printed Outside of Europe
1556Juan Valverde de Amusco Issues the First Great Original Spanish Medical Book, Illustrated and Printed in Rome 1556Georgius Agricola Issues De Re Metallica, the Most Famous Classic on Mining and Metallurgy 1556Ulisse Aldrovandi's Guide to Ancient Statuary in Rome 1557Robert Granjon Issues the First Book Printed in Civilité Types 1557
Engraved portrait of Hubert Golzius by Simon Frisius c. 1610.
Hubert Goltzius Issues the First Book Extensively Illustrated with Chiaroscuro Woodcuts
May 4, 1557Queen Mary & King Philip Concentrate the Entire Printing Business in the Members of the Stationers Company 1558
A portrait of Albreccht V, Duke of Bavaria by Hans Mielich, 16th century.
Albert V, Duke of Bavaria, Founds the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
1558Self-Portrait of Simon Bening, One of the Greatest Manuscript Illuminators of the Sixteenth Century 1559The Sacred Congregation of the Inquisition Begins Publication of the Index Librorum Prohibitorum 1559Who Discovered the Pulmonary Circulation? Servetus, Valverde or Columbo? 1560Jean Cousin the Elder Issues "Livre de perspective" 1560 – 1581Giorgio Vasari Begins Construction of the Uffizi 1560 – 1578Giambattista della Porta Founds the First Scientific Society in the Renaissance 1560Florian Trefler Builds upon Gessner's Library Classifcation Scheme Circa 1560The Codex Selden/ Codex Añute, a Precolonial Mexican Palimpsest 1561Valerius Cordus Makes the Earliest Effort to Systematize Botanical Description and Discovers Sulfuric Ether 1561Gabriele Falloppio Discovers the Fallopian Tubes and Numerous Other Anatomical Features July 2, 1561 – April 10, 1563Gaspar de Leão Issues the Earliest Surviving Books Printed in India from Movable Type 1562Conrad Gessner Issues the First Bio-Bibliography: a Study of Galen's Writings July 12, 1562Bishop Diego de Landa Orders Destruction of the Maya Codices 1563Bartholomeo Eustachi Discovers the Eustachian Tubes and Many Other Anatomical Features 1563In an Expose of the Witchcraft Delusion Johann Weyer Presents One of the First Scientific Approaches to the Study of Mental Illness 1563Giambattista della Porta Publishes the First Known Digraphic Substitution Cypher September 10, 1563Charles IX Forbids Any French Printer from Printing Without Permission, Under Penalty of Being Hanged or Strangled 1564Georg Willer Issues the First Catalogue of the Frankfurt Book Fair 1564Ivan Fedorov Issues the First Dated Book Printed in Russia Circa 1565Juanelo Turriano Creates a Working Automaton of a Monk 1565Samuel Quiccheberg Publishes the First Treatise on Museums 1566Giuseppe Arcimboldo Paints a Surrealist Portrait of the Librarian 1567Bishop Séon Carsuel Translates the Book of Common Prayer into Gaelic 1567Christophe Plantin Publishes the Earliest Description of the Printing Process 1568Archbishop Matthew Parker Assembles the First Major Antiquarian Book Collection in England 1568Jost Amman's Images of Trades and Technologies, with Descriptions in Verse 1568Benevenuto Cellini Describes Renaissance Artistic Techniques 1569 – 1570Perrissin & Tortorel Issue the First Extended Series of Prints Attempting to Depict Great Events of the Recent Past 1569 – 1570Fulvio Orsini Issues the First Critically Assembled Collection and Edition of Ancient Portraiture 1570Francisco Bravo Issues the First Medical Book Printed in the Western Hemisphere with the Earliest Illustrations of Plants Printed in the Western Hemisphere 1570Lord Mayor of London Henry Billingsley Issues One of the Earliest Pop-Up Books 1571Opening of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana 1572Jeremias Martius Issues Possibly the First Printed Catalogue of Any Private Library 1572 – 1573Volcher Coiter: One of the First Physicians to Draw the Illustrations for his Own Publications, and Take Credit for Them in Print 1574Book Collector Matthew Parker Donates his Library 1575Hieronymous Wolf, Librarian to Johann Jakob Fugger, Issues the First Printed Catalogue of a Portion of a Public Library 1575François de Belleforest Describes Paintings in Rouffignac Cave 1575 – 1578Discovering the Autograph Manuscript of William Bourne's Book on Military Inventions and Naval Tactics 1577Eliezer ben Isaac Ashkenazi Issues the First Book Printed in the Middle East 1579François Viète's Classic of Mathematics and Typography July 12, 1580 – August 12, 1581Ivan Fyodorov Issues First Complete Slavic Bible February 24, 1582Pope Gregory XIII Promulgates the Gregorian Calendar 1583 – 1584Michele Ruggieri Issues the First Book Written by a European in China and Printed in China 1584Ferdinando de Medici & Giovan Battista Raimundi Found the Medici Press 1584François Grudé de la Croix du Maine Issues the First French National Bibliography 1584Franz Heim Illustrates Cats Carrying Incendiary Devices in Warfare? Circa 1585 – 1616
Martín de Murúa Writes the "Historia general del Piru"
1586Blaise de Vigenère Describes What is Later Known as the Vigenère Cipher June 23, 1586The Star Chamber Court Consolidates and Amplifies the Regulation of Printing in England Circa 1587Pope Sixtus V Commissions the Design and Construction of the Vatican Library 1587 – 1592Agustín's Study of Ancient Coinage: Probably the Earliest Book with Illustrations by a Woman 1588Agostini Ramelli Describes a Renaissance Information Retrieval Device and Other Machines 1588 – 1631Sir Robert Bruce Cotton Forms One of the Most Important Private Collections of Manuscripts Ever Collected in England 1588
Pages from Orchésographie.
Using an Early Dance Notation, Jehan Tabourot Describes Late Renaissance Dance
1589William Lee Invents the Stocking Frame Knitting Machine 1590Architect Domenico Fontana Describes Moving the Obelisk 1590Pascal Lecoq Issues the First Systematic Medical Bibliography 1591 – 1600François Viète Issues the Earliest Work on Symbolic Algebra; A Tale of Two Printings 1591Israel Spach Issues the First Medical Subject Bibliography Circa 1591 – 1596The Only Manuscript Pages Thought to be in the Hand of William Shakespeare 1592 – 1593Publication of the Bills of Mortality": the Beginning of the Collection of Medical Statistics 1595Leiden University Library Issues the First Printed Catalogue of any Institutional Library 1595Andrew Maunsell Issues the First "Books in Print" 1597 – 1606Galileo Produces his "Compasso" & The First "Computer Manual" 1598Emperor Go-Yōzei Orders the Printing of the Analects of Confucius, the Oldest Surviving Work of Japanese Printing by Movable Type 1598Israel Spach Issues the Model for Subject Bibliographies 1598
Detail of head of horse from page of the Dell'anotomia [sic], et dell'infirmita del cavallo.  Click on link below to view and resize full image.
Ottavio Ruini Issues the First Book Devoted Exclusively to the Structure of an Animal Other than Man
July 6, 1599Christophorus Guyot Issues the Earliest Surviving Catalogue of a Book Auction Circa 1600
Japanese soroban abacus 1x5 from Meiji period (1868-1912).
The Japanese Adopt the Abacus, Calling it the Soroban
1600 – 1700English Book Owners in the 17th Century. A Work in Progress Listing by David Pearson 1600About 350,000 Separate Titles Were Printed by 1600