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Circa 1600
Japanese soroban abacus 1x5 from Meiji period (1868-1912).
The Japanese Adopt the Abacus, Calling it the Soroban
1600 – 1700English Book Owners in the 17th Century. A Work in Progress Listing by David Pearson 1600About 350,000 Separate Titles Were Printed by 1600 1602Matteo Ricci Issues the First European-Style World Map in Chinese & the First Chinese Map to Show the Americas 1602Justus Lipsius Issues the First "Major" History of Libraries 1602 – 1604Guillaume de Castelfranc Issues the First World Map Showing Isogonic Lines November 8, 1602 – 1605Thomas Bodley Founds The Bodleian, the First "Public" Library in England, & the First British National Library 1603 – 1605
Scheiner's Pantograph.
Christopher Scheiner Invents the Pantograph, the First Copying Device?
August 17, 1603Federico Cesi Founds the Accademia dei Lincei, the First Scientific Society 1605Johan Carolus's "Relation," the First Printed European Newspaper 1606Fray Juan Bautista Issues the First Bibliography Published in the New World 1607Galileo Presents One of the First Records of Litigation over an Invention 1608Hieronymus Hornschuch Issues the First Editor's and Printer's Manual 1608The Venetian Government Issues the First Prepaid Letter Sheets 1608Hans Lippershey Invents the Telescope 1608Odoardo Fialetti Creates Probably the First Printed Manual for Drawing Human Anatomy 1609Erasable Paper from 1609 May 20, 1609Thomas Thorpe Issues the First Edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets November 1609 – March 13, 1610Galileo Issues Images of Revolutionary Discoveries Concerning the Universe; and the Story of a Remarkable Forgery December 8, 1609Federico Borromeo Founds the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the Second "Public" Library in Europe 1610The Maronite Monastery of St. Anthony at Qozhaya Issues the First Book Printed in the Arab World Circa 1610News Services Persist in Distributing News by Manuscript 1610 – 1612Possibly the Earliest Extant Examples of Wall-Shelving are in Duke Humfrey's Library 1610Graphic Depiction of Leiden University Library in 1610 1611
The library at Hereford Cathedral. (View Larger)
At Hereford Cathedral the Largest Historic Chained Library in the World
1611Jacques Bongars Issues the First Collection of Chronicles of the Crusades 1612Anselm Faust Writes the Earliest European Manual on Bookbinding 1613François d'Aguilon & Peter Paul Rubens Describe Optics and Color Theory 1614 – 1617
Preface page from Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio, by John Napier, describing the (then) new mathematical device known as logarithms.
John Napier Invents Logarithms, Napier's Bones & the Lightning Calculating Device
1617Minsheu's "Ductor in Linguas," The First Book Sold by Subscription and the First Book to Include a List of Subscribers 1617Michael Maier Publishes Early Multimedia: Words, Images and Music 1617Hermannus Hugo Issues the First History of Writing 1618Girolamo Sirtori Issues the First Book on the Telescope June 1618"Courante uyt Italien, Duytslandt, &c.," the First Newspaper Published in Broadsheet Form 1619Petrus Caneparius Issues the First Book about Printing Inks 1619Probably the Earliest Records of the Charges for Trade Bindings in England 1620 – 1640
The Village Lawyer by Pieter Breughel the Younger.
Depiction of Record Keeping by Pieter Breughel the Younger
1621"Corante. . . ," the First Printed News Sheet or Newspaper Published in English 1621Robert Burton Publishes a Classic on Depression 1622Maximilian Donates the Bibliotheca Palatina to the Vatican May 23, 1622"News from Most Parts of Christendom," Forerunner of the Printed English Newspaper 1623Gaspard Bauhin Establishes Plant Classification Based upon General Morphology 1623Preface to the First Folio Edition of Shakespeare’s Plays by Henrie Condell and Iohn Heminge 1624"Certain News of the Present Week," the First Regularly Printed English Newspaper, Begins Publication 1624 – 1625Johannes Kepler Creates Logarithms by a New Procedure 1624Johannes Meursius Issues the First Guidebook to Athens Circa 1625 – 1665Cassiano & Carlo Antonio dal Pozzo Attempt to Record All Human Knowledge in Visual Form 1627Gabriel Naudé Issues One of the Earliest Works on Librarianship 1627
Detail from plate from of De lactibus sive lacteis venis.  Click to see and resize image of entire page.
Gasparo Aselli's Book Includes the First Color-Printed Medical Illustrations
1628Adriaan Vlacq Issues the First Complete Set of Modern Logarithms 1628
Detail from plate 1 of Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus.  Please click on link below to view and resize entire image.
William Harvey Publishes His Discovery and Experimental Proof of the Circulation of the Blood
1629Descartes Discusses the Idea of an Artificial Language 1630Francesco Stelluti Issues the First Book Containing Images of Organisms Viewed through the Microscope May 30, 1631Théophraste Renaudot Issues "La Gazette", the First French Weekly Magazine 1632William Oughtred Invents the Circular Form of Slide Rule 1632Baldassare Bonifacio Issues the First Separate Publication on Archives 1633George Herbert Publishes Some of the Earliest Printed Examples of Concrete or Shaped Poetry 1633The Earliest Multicolor Printed Book is Issued by the Ten Bamboo Studio in Nanjing August 23, 1633 – June 10, 1641
Théophraste Renaudot
Théophraste Renaudot's Conferences Predate the Royal Society
1634Introduction of Book Burning by the Hangman 1635The Earliest Documented 15th Century Printed Book in North America 1636Foundation of Harvard College, the First Institution of Higher Learning in the U.S. 1637Fermat's Last Theorem 1637"Je pense, donc je suis." July 11, 1637A Decree of the Star Chamber Concerning Printing July 11, 1637 1639Stephen Dayes Establishes the First Printing Press in North America: No Copies of the First Two Imprints Exist 1639Bernhard von Mallinckrodt Coins the Term Incunabula 1639 – 2013
Box of Pages from the Great Parchment Book (before rehousing)
"The Great Parchment Book" and Its Digital Restoration After Three Centuries
1640Stephen Daye Issues the First Book Written & Printed in North America, North of Mexico 1640Abolition of the Star Chamber Court Stimulates Publishing 1640 – 1660Sixty Printed Books and Three Newsbooks Are Ordered to be Burned 1641Ole Worm Issues the First Study of Runestones and Runic Inscriptions 1642Blaise Pascal Invents a Calculator: The Pascaline 1642Ludwig van Siegen Invents Mezzotint 1643Comandatore Geronimo Marulli Issues the First Book Printed on Malta June 16, 1643The British Government Attempts to Re-Establish Censorship 1644John Milton Issues Aereopagitica: "For Books are Not Absolutely Dead Things; but Doe Contain a Potencie of Life . . . ." 1644Michael Florent van Langren issues the Earliest Known Graph of Statistical Data 1644Louis Jacob Issues the First Extensive History of "Public" & Private Libraries 1645Abraham Bosse Issues the First Treatise on Engraving and Etching 1647Johannes Hevelius Issues the First Extensive Moon Atlas 1650John Dury Writes the First Book on Librarianship in English Circa 1650
A modern photograph of a vintage sliding stick side rule.
The Sliding Stick Form of Slide Rule
Circa 1650 – 1703
A painting of Samuel Pepys by John Hayls, 1666.
Samuel Pepys' Library: One of the Most Significant Private Libraries Preserved Intact from 17th Century England, in its Original Bookcases
1650 – 2012The Ussher Chronology: The World Was Created in 4004 BCE 1650Possibly the Earliest High-Level Printed Scientific Book Written by a Woman