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1700Raoul Feuillet Publishes the Beauchamp-Feuillet Dance Notation 1700
Title page from De morbis artificium diatriba.
Bernardino Ramazzini Founds Occupational Medicine and Ergonomics
1701 – 1725Friedrich Ruysch's Anatomical Preparations: Surrealism Centuries Before Surrealism Became Fashionable 1701 – 2012Popol Vuh, The Book of the People, Known from a Single Manuscript March 11, 1702"Daily Courant," England's First Daily Newspaper Begins Publication 1704Opticks: Isaac Newton's Theories of Light & Color . . . 1704 – 1710John Harris Issues the First English Encyclopedia Arranged in Alphabetical Order April 24, 1704"Boston News-Letter," the First "Successful" Newspaper in North America June 8, 1705Edmond Halley Predicts "Halley's Comet" 1706 Athanasius al-Dabbas Publishes the First Books Printed in Arabic in the Middle East July – December 1706The Bigot Sale, the First Book Auction Conducted in Paris for Which a Catalogue was Printed 1708Bernard de Montfaucon's "Palaeographia Graeca" Coins the Word Palaeography 1708Johan Gottfried Zeidler Issues the Earliest Printed Technical Manual on Bookbinding 1709The Statute of Anne: The First Copyright Statute 1710Paul Pater Issues Perhaps the Earliest Treatise on the Typography of a Nation 1710 – 1712Thomas Newcomen Invents the First Atmospheric Steam Pumping Engine 1711First Publication of Newton's Early Writings on the Calculus 1712The Newton - Leibniz Dispute over Invention of the Calculus 1713White Kennett Issues the First Bibliography of Americana 1713Johann Christian Koch Issues the First History of Library Classification Systems November 12, 1713 – 1770Early Government Incentive for Scientific Research 1714Henrich Gottleib Titz Writes about the Theuerdanck: Probably the First Monograph on a Single Rare Book 1716Johann Conrad Zeitner Describes Famous Proofreaders and Press Correctors 1718 – 1721Lombe's Silk Throwing Mill: The First Factory 1719 – 1725Jacob Christophe Le Blon Invents the Three-Color Process of Color Printing November 28, 1721Crime and Punishment during the Ancien Regime: The Arrest, Trial and Execution of Cartouche and his Cour des Miracles Gang 1723Martin-Dominique Fertel Issues the First Major French Manual on Printing and the First Book on Book Design 1723James Jurin Issues One of the Earliest Applications of Statistics to a Socio-Medical Problem 1723 – 1743The Bernard-Picard Collaboration: the First Global View of Religion 1725Abraham de Moivre Formulates the Theory of Annuities 1725Luigi Marsigli Issues the First Book Entirely Devoted to Marine Science and First Oceanographic Study of a Single Region 1725Johann Joseph Fux Describes Baroque Counterpoint 1726Jonathan Swift Creates a Fictional Device that Resembles a Modern Computer 1727Sultan Ahmet III Permits Printing of Secular Topics in Istanbul While Protecting its More than 4000 Scribes 1728Johann David Köhler Issues the First Anthology of Library Classification, Organization and Cataloguing Schemes 1729Ibrahim Müteferrika Issues the First Book Printed by Muslims Using Movable Type 1729 – 1747Mark Catesby Publishes the First Natural History of North American Flora and Fauna 1729Ibrahim Müteferikka Issues the First Illustrated Book Printed by Muslims 1729Isaac Greenwood Issues the First American Textbook on Mathematics 1731 – 1742Jacques Vaucanson's Automata: Complex Enough to Provide a Credible Imitation of Life January 1731Edward Cave Founds "The Gentleman's Magazine," the First General-Interest Periodical and the First to Use the Word "Magazine" to Indicate a Storehouse of Knowledge July 1, 1731Benjamin Franklin & Friends Found the Library Company of Philadelphia, the First Lending Library in America 1734The Capitoline Museums, the First Public Museums, Open in Rome 1735Carl Linnaeus Issues "Systema Naturae" 1736 – 1741Albinus & Ladmiral Issue the First Full Color Printing by the Three-Color Process to Illustrate a Medical or Scientific Book 1736Leonhard Euler Publishes the Problem of the Konigsberg Bridges: The Birth of Network Science 1737Pierre-Simon Fournier le Jeune Publishes the Point System or Typographic Unit 1737 – 1738Thomas Osborne Issues "The British Librarian", the First Periodical Published in English on Rare Books & Manuscripts 1738Johan Adam Schmid Issues the First "Full-Fledged Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue" 1738Cruden's Concordance, Possibly the Largest Task of Compilation Ever Undertaken by One Man 1739Bernard de Montfaucon Issues the First Continent-Wide Union Catalogue of Manuscripts 1739William Ged's Issues an Incunabulum of Printing from Stereotype Plates 1740Johan Christoph Wolf Issues the First Bibliography of the History of Printing 1741 – 1753Christoph Ernst Prediger Issues the First Exhaustive Manual on Bookbinding 1741 – 1750Rumphius's "Herbarium Ambonense" is Posthumously Published January 1741"American Magazine" & "The General Magazine," the First Magazines Published in North America: Both Very Short-Lived 1742Johann Peter Süssmilch Proves the Need for a Healthy and Industrious Population 1742Johann Christoph Heilbronner Publishes One of the Earliest Histories of a Science February 18, 1743Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici Founds the Greatest Museums of Florence 1744 – 1745
Pierre Louis Maupertuis
Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupertuis' Pioneer Theory of Epigenesis and Biparental Heredity
April 1744 – May 1746Eliza Haywood's "The Female Spectator", the First Periodical Written for Women by a Woman April 11, 1744Benjamin Franklin Issues the First American Trade Catalogues June 18, 1744John Newberry Issues the First Printed Book Specifically for the Amusement of Children: No Copies of the First Edition Survive 1746 – 1760Antoine Deparcieux Issues the First "Correct" Life Tables 1747Bernhard Siegfried Albinus' Cool, Elegant Aesthetic of Anatomy 1747Hannah Glasse's "The art of Cookery", Probably the Most-Widely Read English Cookery Book of the 18th Century 1749 – 1814"Descriptions des Arts et Métiers": Mechanical and Industrial Arts of 18th Century France Circa 1750Printing about 200 Sheets per Hour 1750Raimondo di Sangro Issues the First Extensive Treatise on the Peruvian Knot-Based Counting Language, the Quipu