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Circa 1875
Detail of image from Baldwin's Calculating Machine. See larger image and resize image for complete picture.
Baldwin & Odhner Invent Calculators Using a True Variable-Toothed Gear
1875Printing Two Sides of Paper Simultaneously 1875The First Logarithmic Table Produced by a Calculating Machine 1875
Thomas Edison's electric pen.
Edison Invents the "Electric Pen": Forerunner of the Mimeograph
1875Shepardizing: A Legal Citation System June 30, 1875The "New York Tribune" Publishes the First Significant Series of Illustrations in a Daily Newspaper 1876 – 1885Librarian Melvil Dewey Invents Dewey Decimal Classification 1876The Earliest Exhibition Exclusively of Scientific Instruments 1876 – 1961The First Truly Comprehensive Subject Index of the Published Literature of Any Science 1876 – December 2012The First Comprehensive Global Study of Zoogeography, Including the first Global Biodiversity Map 1876The Last Library Cataloguing Code Written by One Person 1876Among the Most Unusual of Library Organizations: The Light House Traveling Library 1876 – 1877"Street Life in London": Pioneering Social Documentary Photography as a Form of Photojournalism February – May 10, 1876Bell Invents and Patents the Telephone October 6, 1876ALA is Founded 1877The First Regular Telephone Line & The First Telephone Switchboard 1877300 Clerks Reviewing 2,500,000 Insurance Policies with 24 Calculators 1877Pioneering Study of Community Ecology 1877The First Supersonic Image; The Mach Angle and Mach Number 1877Dewey Urges Standardization of Library Catalogue Cards 1877The First American Bibliography on the History of Printing March 4, 1877Emile Berliner Invents the Microphone June 30 – September 1, 1877The Caxton Quadricentennial Celebration: Probably the Largest Exhibition on the History of Printing Ever Held; Collecting its Publications July 9, 1877 – March 1880Formation of the Bell Telephone Company, then the American Bell Telephone Company August 12, 1877Edison Invents the Phonograph 1878David Hughes Invents the Loose-Contact Carbon Microphone 1878
Remington Standard 2 typewriter.
Allowing the Typing of Both Upper and Lower Case Letters
1878Abdank-Abakanowicz Invents the Integraph 1878Invention of Photogravure 1878Marey Pioneers Recording Scientific Results Graphically 1878Morgand & Fatout Issue Perhaps the Earliest Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue Illustrated with Plates Printed in Color 1878 – 1896Foundation of International Parcel Post Service 1878"Mullerian Mimicry" is Described 1878 – 1882Discovery of Mitosis January 1878The First Regular Telephone Exchange is Established in New Haven, Connecticut June 1878Edison Describes Future Uses for his Phonograph June 22, 1878 – October 2012Listening to the Earliest Surviving Recording of a Musical Performance November 1878The First Telephone Directory is Published in New Haven, Connecticut 1879The Incandescent Light Bulb is Invented 1879The First Extensively Used Scientific Method of Criminal Identification 1879Index Medicus Begins 1879Foundation of Modern Mathematical Logic 1880George Carey Invents One of the Earliest Systems of Television Transmission 1880Adriano de Paiva Issues the First Separate Publication on Television 1880Could Life From Other Planets Have Been Carried to Earth by Meteorites? 1880Foundation of Brain Imaging April 1, 1880The First Wireless Telephone Communication October 8, 1880Fingerprints as a System of Identification 1881 – 1905The First Complete Catalogue of the British Museum Library Following Panizzi's Rules 1882 – 1883
Ritty and Birch's
The Cash Register is Patented
1882 – 1924Hollerith's Electromechanical Punched Card Tabulating Machine, Ancestor of IBM 1882 – 18843,500,000 Quotations on Individual Slips of Paper November 5, 1882Richard Owen Calls Darwin the "Copernicus of Biology" 1883 – July 15, 1885Invention of the Linotype 1883Imagining a Library 100 Years in the Future 1883The First Carnegie Library 1883
Wilhelm Roux
Suggesting that the Nucleus Contains the Material Basis of Heredity
1884Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 1884
Advertisement from 1889 for the Edison-Dick Mimeograph.
The Mimeograph: The First Widely Used Duplicating Machine
1884NCR is Founded 1884The American Historical Association 1884The First Scientific Study of the Effects of Cocaine 1884"La Marquise", The World's Oldest Running Automobile, is Sold 1884Hypothesizing that the Cell Nucleus Contains the Material Basis of Heredity 1884 – 1900"Paleographie des classiques latins" and its Digital, Updated Version January 23, 1884Foundation of The Grolier Club February 1, 1884 – April 19, 1928The O E D Finally Begins Publication Circa February 12, 1884Development of an Efficiently Functioning Fountain Pen 1885Daimler Invents the Internal Combustion Engine 1885The First Automobile 1885"Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology" 1885Pioneering Sociological Study of China March 3, 1885 – 1892AT&T is Founded 1886 – 1887A Prayerbook Entirely Woven by the Jacquard Loom 1886Formation of the National Audubon Society 1886Charles Sanders Pierce Recognizes that Logical Operations Could be Carried Out by Electrical Switching Circuits 1886Gaston Tissandier Issues The First Book on Aerial Photography 1886 – 1901Isolation of Nucleic Acid & Naming its Five Constituent Organic Compounds 1886The First Subject Index to the Library of the British Museum July 3, 1886The "New York Daily Tribune" Publishes the First Application of the Linotype September 5, 1886"Le Journal Illustré" Publishes the First Photo-Interview September 9, 1886The Berne Convention 1887The Flat Disc Gramophone 1887Hertz Proves the Existence of Electromagnetic Waves 1887
Early comptometer.
Dorr E. Felt Invents the Comptometer
1887 – 1889Appleton Publishes Imaginary Historical Biographies 1887First Use of the Term "Credit Card" 1887Foundation of Aquatic Ecosystem Science 1887"The Tribune Book of Open-Air Sports", the First Book Typeset by Linotype 1887Establishment of the First Library School, the "School of Library Economy" 1887 – 1901Thomas C. Mendenhall Issues One of the Earliest Attempts at Stylometry June 7, 1887 – 1899Tolbert Lanston Invents the Monotype Machine 1888 – 1894The First Motion Picture Shot in the United States 1888 – 1988Gregg Shorthand is Introduced 1888Historical Graphic Interpretation of Man's Quest for Knowledge of the Universe 1888
Theodor Boveri
Decisive Proof of Chromosomal Individuality
July 31, 1888The Telautograph October 14, 1888"Roundhay Garden Scene": The Earliest Surviving Film 1889 – 1955One of the Most Dramatic Problems in the Preservation of Media 1889The Most Complete Work on Babbage's Computers 188977 Windmill Factories Employ 1,100 Workers in the U.S. 1889The First Textbook of Mechanical Flight 1889 – 1909
Hugo de Vries
Postulating that Inheritance of Specific Traits is Controlled by Particles Called Pangenes
1890The First Electric Subway System 1890"How the Other Half Lives": Pioneering Photojournalistic Muckraking 1891Publication of the Tables of de Prony 1891Nomograms: A Graphical Method of Calculation 1891 – 1905Government Surveillance of Refugee Reading Habits at the British Museum, 1891-1905 December 1891The Invention of "Basket Ball" (Basketball) 1892The Burroughs Dependable Key-Driven Printing Adding Machine 1892Electromagnetic Waves: the Basis for Radio 1892Finger Prints as a Means of Identification 1892Stepanov System of Dance Notation 1892 – 1900The Earliest Miniature Printed Editions of the Qur'an 1892
August Weismann
The Weissmann Barrier
May 28, 1892The Sierra Club is Founded October 28, 1892The First Animated Films are Shown 1893
Millionaire mechanical calculator.
The Millionaire Calculator
1893 – 1894The First Production Automobiles September 1893The First International Exhibition of Mathematical Devices September 21, 1893 – 1895The First Successful Gas-Engine Automobile Built in the United States 1894d'Ocagne Publishes the First Systematic Classification of Calculating Machines Circa 1894 – March 19, 1895The First Moving Picture: "Sortie de l'usine Lumière de Lyon" 1894The Press on which William Morris Printed the Kelmscott Chaucer is Sold, Again 1894The First Organized and Published Collection of Aviation Research 1894The Palmer Method 1894 – 1895The First Known Motion Picture with Live-Recorded Sound: Invention of the Kinetophone 1894
William Bateson
Discontinuous Variation as a Source of Evolutionary Change
1894The First Illustrated Song: Precursor of the Music Video 1894"The Enzyme and Substrate Must Fit Each Other Like a Lock and a Key" January 9, 1894"Fred Ott's Sneeze": The First Silent Movie Copyrighted in the U. S. 1895Invention of Radio 1895An Analog Search Engine to Organize All the World's Knowledge 1895The First Mainline Railway is Electrified 1895About 240,000 Telephones are in Use in the U.S.A. 1895The Origin of Psychoanalysis February 13, 1895The Invention of Cinematography March 22, 1895The First Private Screening of a Motion Picture September 28, 1895The First Public Screening of a Film at the World's First and Oldest Cinema November 8, 1895Rontgen Discovers X-Rays December 28, 1895The First Public Commerical Screening of Films 1896Northcliff Founds the Daily Mail; Circulation Soon Reaches 1,000,000 1896 – 1902The Largest and Most Diverse Collection of Medieval Manuscripts in the World 1896The First to Quantify the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Greenhouse Effect 1896The Monotype Converts to Hot-Metal Casting May 26, 1896Foundation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average 1897The First Cathode Ray Tube 1897The Library of Congress Classification 1897
Francis Galton
Galton's "Law of Ancestral Heredity"
May 1897Mallarmé: Experimentation with the Relationship Between the Word and the Printed Page August 21, 1897 – 1901The First Automobile Assembly Line 1898The Questionable Quality of Paper 1898The Garden City Movement 1898Standardization of Archival Practice 1898Prediction of the Polypeptide Nature of the Protein Molecule 1898The Library of Congress Establishes Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) January 14, 1898Lewis Carroll Wrote or Received 98,000 Letters February 1898The Cumulative Book Index November 4, 1899The Last Great Original Work in Science to be Published First as a Monograph Rather than in a Scientific Journal December 1899Perhaps the Earliest Example of Stop-Motion Animation 1900David Hilbert's "Mathematische Probleme" 1900652,000 Tons of Paper Produced in the U.K. 1900The Automatic Punched Card Feed 1900Most of the Civilized World is Connected by Telegraph 1900The American Booksellers Association is Founded 1900The Oldest Surviving Magnetic Audio Recording 1900Foundation of Quantum Theory 1900
Hugo de Vries
Rediscovery and Confirmation of Mendel's Laws Simultaneously by Three Scientists
1900 – 1902
William Bateson
Coining the Term "Genetics"
December 23, 1900The First Transmission of Speech over Radio Waves