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1900David Hilbert's "Mathematische Probleme" 1900652,000 Tons of Paper Produced in the U.K. 1900The Automatic Punched Card Feed 1900Most of the Civilized World is Connected by Telegraph 1900The American Booksellers Association is Founded 1900The Oldest Surviving Magnetic Audio Recording 1900Foundation of Quantum Theory 1900
Hugo de Vries
Rediscovery and Confirmation of Mendel's Laws Simultaneously by Three Scientists
1900 – 1902
William Bateson
Coining the Term "Genetics"
December 23, 1900The First Transmission of Speech over Radio Waves 1901The Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature Circa 1901 – 1907Early Facsimile Transmission 1901The Earliest Fictional Account of a Universal Library, Foreshadowing the Virtual Library on the Internet 1901LC Cards 1901 – October 24, 2012Revealing a Hidden Image in a 1901 Painting by Picasso in a 2012 Newspaper Article 1901 – 1903
A painting of Hugo de Vries in his retirement, by Thérèse Schwartze
Mutation Theory is Expounded
1901"Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung", the First Photographically Illustrated News Magazine 1901L. Frank Baum's "The Master Key" Imagines a Kind of Augmented Reality September 18, 1901 – May 2, 1906Invention of the Motorized Airplane December 12, 1901The First Transatlantic Radio Transmission? 1902
Theodor Boveri
Proof that Different Chromosomes Perform Different Functions in Development
1902 Р1908The First Proof of Mendelian Heredity in Humans 1903 Р1904Ira Rubel Invents the First Offset Press 1903Genetic Variability, Phenotype and Genotype 1903Theorizing that Chromosomes Carry the Hereditary Material 1903DNA is Distinguished from RNA May 1903 Р1914The Beginnings of Modern Spaceflight Theory 1904Probably the First History of Ink, by a Celebrated Questioned Documents Examiner November 16, 1904 РSeptember 21, 1905The Beginning of Electronics 1905Problems with Leather Used in Bookbinding 1905Einstein's Annus Mirabilis 1905Study of Museums and Research Libraries 1906Lee de Forest Invents the Triode 1906A New Standard for Descriptive Bibliography in the History of Science 1906"The Story of the Kelly Gang": The First Full-Length Feature Film December 24, 1906The First Audio Radio Broadcast of Entertainment and Music 1907The Photomicrographic Book 1907The First Prediction of the Possibility of Man-Made Global Warming 1907 Р1930Curtis's The North American Indian July 17, 1907Forerunner of United Press International 1908 Р1914A New Version of Babbage's Analytical Engine, Lost 1908The First Library of Rare Science Books Formed by an American 1908 РDecember 1, 1913Henry Ford Sponsors Improvements in the Automotive Assembly Line 1908The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium 1908Path̩ Invents the Newsreel June 18, 1908Campbell-Swinton Describes the Earliest Concept for Electronic or CRT Television 1909The Wheeler Gift Catalogue of the History of Electricity and Telegraphy 1909The First Large-Scale Investigation of Species Differences at the Molecular Level 1909 Р1911The Theory of Polygenic Inheritance January РFebruary 20, 1909"The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism" November 1909An Early Sci-Fi View of the Internet and Virtual Reality 1910 Р1913Russell & Whitehead's "Principia Mathematica" 1910George Owen Squier Invents Telephone Carrier Multiplexing 1910Sex-Linked Inheritance; Demonstration that Genes are Carried on Chromosomes