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1920Introduction of the Word "Robot" 1920Skolem's Contribution to the Lowenheim-Skolem Theorem August 31, 1920Station 8MK in Detroit Broadcasts the First Radio News Program October 1920Invention of the Theremin November 2, 1920The First Commercial Radio Broadcast 1922
Meteorologist Lewis Fry Richardson, creator of the first dynamic model for weather prediction, proposes the creation of a “forecast factory” that would employ some 64,000 human computers sitting in tiers around the circumference of a giant globe. Each calculator would be responsible for solving differential equations related to the weather in his quadrant of the earth. From a pedestal in the center of the factory, a conductor would orchestrate this symphony of equations by shining a beam of light on areas of the globe where calculation was moving too fast or falling behind.
Imagining Using 64,000 Human Computers to Predict the Weather
1922The Index of Coincidence Method of Code-Breaking 1922Jenkinson Publishes A Manual of Archive Administration 1922 – 1936George Owen Squier Invents Muzak 1922The Largest Paid Circulation Print Magazine in the World October 18 – November 14, 1922The BBC is Founded November 4, 1922Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamum 1923Invention of the Iconoscope, the First Electronic Television Camera 1923The Enigma Machine is Introduced 1923The First Suburban Shopping Center Designed for Shoppers Arriving by Automobile 1923Foundation of Public Relations February 4, 1923An Early Vision of Transhumanism, and the First Proposal of a Hydrogen-Based Renewable Energy Economy. June 1923 – 1929From "The Rocket in Interplanetary Space" to "Frau im Mond" 1924IBM is Founded 1924A Logarithmic Law for Communication 1924 – April 1925The First Electrical Sound Recording 1924"Mathematical Theory of Natural and Artificial Selection" 1924 – 1933S. R. Ranganathan Develops Colon Classification (CC), the First Faceted Classification February 1924The Beginning of "Talk Radio" 1925The Creation of Bell Labs 1925A Massive Central Library on Microform for Printing on Demand 1925 – 1927Blue-Print for The Third Reich 1926Sarnoff Creates NBC 1926The Basic Equations for Two-Species Interactions 1926Virginia Woolf's "How Should One Read a Book?" January 26, 1926John Logie Baird Presents the First Demonstration of Electromechanical Television 1927The International Federation of Library Associations is Founded 1927Invention of Magnetic Tape 1927Animal Ecology 1927The Literature and Culture of Suicide 1927Proof that X-Rays Can Induce Mutations 1927Fortunato Depero's "Bolted Catalogue" of Futurist Graphics January 25, 1927Formation of Remington Rand April 7, 1927Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover Participates in the First American Demonstration of Electromechanical Television September 7, 1927Philo Farnsworth Invents the First All-Electronic Television October 1927The First Full-Length Film with Synchronized Dialogue 1928Hilbert Asks, Is Mathematics Complete, is it Consistent, and is it Decidable? 1928IBM Adopts the Eighty-Column Punched Card, Standard for the Next 50 Years 1928 – 1937Key Achievements of Leslie J. Comrie, Including Foundation of the First Independent Scientific Computing Service 1928Hartley's Law 1928Von Neumann Invents the Theory of Games 1928"Lights of New York": The First All-Talking Feature Film 1928Demonstration that Bacteria Can Transfer Genetic Information Through an Unidentified Transforming Factor 1928 – 1975The Dirac Equation January – May 11, 1928The Beginning of "Regular" Electromechanical Television Broadcasting in the United States March 1928The First Television Magazine Begins Publication in London July 3, 1928John Logie Baird Demonstrates the First Mechanical Color Television Transmission September 1928CBS September 11, 1928The First Broadcast of a Play by Television 1929 – 1930John Logie Baird Begins the First Experimental Television Service at the German Post Office 1929The Relationship between Information and Thermodynamics 1929The Expanding Universe 1929The First Flight Simulator 1929A Portion of a 15th Century Medical Library for Sale in 1929 1929 – 1953Henry E. Bliss Develops the Bliss Bibliographic Classification August 1929Bruce Rogers Creates Monotype Centaur 1930 – June 1949The Contributions of Vannevar Bush to Analog Computing, Information Retrieval, and the Concept of Hypertext 1930Jacques Herbrand Proves the Deduction Theorem Circa 1930 – 1945Hundreds of Thousands of Wind Turbines Power Farms in the U.S. 1930 – 1931Bob Brown: Visionary of New Reading Machines and Changes in the Process of Reading 1930R. A. Fisher's "The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection" April 1930 – 1950Statistical Quality Control in Manufacturing is Conceptualized and Introduced by Shewhart and Deming May 16, 1930Foundation of Texas Instruments