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Circa 1970Acquiring New Archival Material at the Rate of 1 Mile per Year 1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1970Norman Abramson Builds the First Packet-Switched Wireless Data Network 1970 – 1977Corning Glass Introduces Optical Fibers Enabling the Internet Backbone 1970Negroponte's "The Architecture Machine" is Published 1970DEC and Centronics Introduce the First Dot Matrix Printers 1970Crutzen Proves that Nitrous Oxide Impacts the Stratospheric Ozone Layer 1970 – 1971The Kenback-1, the First Stored-Program "Personal Computer" January 1970 – May 1973IBM Performs the First Test of Magnetic Stripe Transaction Card Technology February 1970Rand Issues the First Systematic Review of Computer Security Issues March 1970ARPANET Spans the U.S. June 1970Edgar Codd Publishes the Definitive Model for Relational Database Management Systems June 30, 1970The IBM System/370 Uses Semiconductor Memory October 5, 1970PBS is Founded November 14, 1970UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property 1970 December 1970Gilbert Hyatt Files the First General Patent on the Microprocessor, Later Invalidated 1971IBM Introduces Speech Recognition Technology 1971IBM Introduces the Floppy Disk 1971Bell & Newell Publish "Computer Structures" 1971The Arpanet has 15 Nodes 1971Dennis Ritchie Writes the C Programming Language 1971Godfrey Hounsfield Invents Computed Tomography (CT) 1971George Laurer of IBM Develops the Universal Product Code 1971Phreaker Underground Telephone System Culture 1971The Creeper Worm, the First Computer Virus 1971
Cover of Computergraphik-Computerkunst, by H.W. Franke. Please click on image to see larger version of image.
Franke Issues the First Comprehensive Treatise on Computer Graphics with the First History of Computer Art
1971 – 1973Teletext: "The First Widely Used Implementation of the Information Revolution" March 1971Ray Tomlinson Selects the @ in Email June 1971The Gouraud Shading Method for Polygon Smoothing is Developed June 13, 1971Daniel Ellsberg Releases the Pentagon Papers July 1971Lawrence Roberts Writes the First Email Management Program July 4, 1971Invention of eBooks: The First Digital Library August 26, 1971Alden Library at Ohio University Becomes the First Library to do Online Cataloguing September 1971"Galaxy Game", the Earliest Coin-Operated Computer or Video Game October 1971Medline is Operational November 1971"Computer Space," the First Commercially Sold Coin-Operated Video Game 1972The British Library is Established as a Separate Entity 1972Marianne McDonald Introduces Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, a Digital Library of Greek Literature 1972 – 1974Expensive Electronic Calculators Flood the Market 1972One of the First Touchscreens Appears on the Plato IV System 1972The HP-35, the First Handheld Scientific Calculator 1972
Screen capture of Ed Catmull's left hand - from the world's first ever 3D rendered movie created in 1972 by Ed Catmull and Fred Park.
The First 3D Rendered Movie
1972 – 1977The First Microcomputer Controlled Electric Industrial Robot 1972PARRY: An Artificial Intelligence Program with "Attitude" March 17, 1972The First Patent for MRI May 24, 1972Magnavox Odyssey, the First Home Video Game Console, Uses a TV Screen as a Display July 23, 1972The Beginnings of the Landsat Program September 1972Pong: The First Commercially Successful Video Game December 7, 1972SPACEWAR: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums December 7, 1972One of the Most Widely Distributed Photographic Images: The Blue Marble Photograph of the Earth 1973Cohen & Boyer Demonstrate the First Practical Method for Cloning a Gene 1973The Xerox Alto: Conceptually, the First Personal Computer System 1973The Lexis Online Information Service is Introduced 1973The Plato IV System, Probably the World's First Online Community 1973"Community Memory," the First Public Computerized Bulletin Board System 1973The First International Connections to ARPANET 1973Harris Corporation Introduces Editing Terminals for Newspapers 1973The First Electronic Pagination System, Forerunner of Email and Instant Messaging Circa 1973Invention of the Word "Internet" 1973The Beginnings of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1973The First Major Film to Use 2D Digital Image Processing 1973Discovery of Citation Mapping 1973 – 1974Maze War, the First Networked 3D Multi-User First Person Shooter Game 1973Robert Ledley Develops the First Whole-Body CT Scanner 1973 – 1974Gary Kildall Develops the CP/M Operating System for Microcomputers 1973The Tadiran Mastiff: The First Modern Surveillance UAV or Drone 1973The Brain-Computer Interface 1973The Politics of Nonviolent Action 1973 – 1990Book Burning and Personal Book Collecting by Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet 1973 – 1978John B. Smith's Early Attempts at "Computer Criticism" of Literature 1973 Introduction of the MCM/70, the First Truly Portable Computer & the First Truly Usable Microcomputer System February 1973The Earliest Commercial, Non-Kit Personal Computer Based on a Microprocessor March 19732000 People Use the ARPANET July 1973The Code of Fair Information Practice November 1973Coining of the Concept and Term "Datagram" December 28, 1973The Endangered Species Act of 1973 1974The First of the Three Cohen-Boyer Recombinant DNA Cloning Patents is Granted 1974Systems Network Architecture is Announced 1974SEQUEL (SQL) is Developed 1974First Use of the Term "Mainframe" 1974The First Computer Employing RISC 1974"A Sweeping and Controversial Program" of Combined Library Operations 1974Virtual Machines 1974 – 1975The First Computer Role-Playing Game: Dungeons & Dragons 1974Raymond Kurzweil Introduces the First Omni-Font Optical Character Recognition System 1974Ted Nelson Publishes a Manifesto of the Microcomputer Revolution 1974SGML is Invented 1974Rowland & Molina Suggest that CFCs Deplete the Ozone Layer 1974 – 1980Publication of Roberto Busa's Index Thomisticus: Forty Years of Data Processing 1974The HP-65, the First Magnetic Card-Programmable Handheld Calculator March 1974Probably the First Advertised Personal Computer Sold in Kit Form May 1974The Privacy Act of 1974 May 5, 1974Cerf & Kahn Publish TCP: A Protocol for Packet Network Communication November 20, 1974An Antitrust Suit to Break up AT&T 1975 – 1982Mandelbrot's "The Fractal Geometry of Nature" 1975Robert Metcalf Invents Ethernet 1975200,000 Computers are Operating in the U. S. 1975Byte Magazine, One of the First Personal Computer Magazines, Begins Publication 1975 – November 1977The First Demonstrations of TCP/IP 1975 – 1989Origins & Early Development of PostScript and Scalable Digital Type Fonts at Xerox PARC and Adobe Systems 1975Books on Tape is Founded 1975 – 1976"Adventure," the First Computer Text Adventure Game Circa 1975The Warez Scene Emerges 1975Frederick Brooks Writes "The Mythical Man-Month" 1975"Home Pong" is Released 1975Barnes & Noble Becomes the First American Bookseller to Discount New Books 1975The "Utah Teapot" is Created 1975"Type Foundries of America," the First Book in the Graphic Arts Field Produced from Cold Type Circa 1975Myron Krueger's Videoplace Pioneers "Artificial Reality" 1975One of the First GPU's January 1975 – 1976The MITS Altair, the First Personal Computer to Get "Wide Notice" Among Enthusiasts February 1975The Asilomar Conference on Recombinant DNA March 1975The Homebrew Computer Club Holds its First Meeting April 4, 1975 – November 20, 1985Landmarks in the Prehistory and Early History of Microsoft May 19, 1975 – January 8, 1982The Antitrust Case, U.S. v. IBM, is Tried and Eventually Withdrawn May 26, 1975 – 2014Finding Additional Leaves of the Codex Sinaiticus September 1975IBM's First "Portable" Computer: $19,975 December 1975Invention of the Digital Camera 1976The First Commercially Available Laser Printer 1976The First Word Processing Program for a Personal Computer 1976First Print-to-Speech Reading Machine 1976 – 1983The Compact Disc (CD) is Developed 1976Public Key Cryptography is Suggested 1976The First Major Film to Incorporate 3D Computer Generated Images 1976Papermaking by Hand in England in 1976 1976The World Event/Interaction Survey: A Pioneering Application of Systems Theory to International Relations January 1976The First Journal on Software for Personal Computers April 1, 1976 – December 13, 2011Foundation of Apple Computer and the Origin of the Name April 7, 1976Genentech is Founded June 1976The First CRT Based Word Processor June 1976The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) is Conceived July 1976The First Detailed Description of Ethernet July 1976The Apple I is Released 1977Prototype Cellular Telephone System 1977Lawrence Ellison Founds Software Development Laboratories 1977Apple I: The First Personal Computer Sold as a Fully Assembled Product 1977Gilbert & Maxam Develop a Technique for Sequencing DNA 1977The Sanger Method of Rapid DNA Sequencing 1977Wang Inaugurates the Concept of Office Automation 1977Atari Introduces the First Successful Video Game Console Using Plug-in Cartridges 1977The First Multi-Player Computer Games Evolve on the Plato IV-V System 1977Making MRI Feasible 1977 – 1979The Interactive Text Adventure Game "Zork" 1977The First Hand-Held Entirely Digital Electronic Game 1977 – 1979TEX and Metafont 1977The Sayre Glove February 1977The First GPS Satellite May 1, 1977The First Intentional Spam June 11, 1977The First Speech Synthesis Chip August 20, 1977 – September 5, Launching "Messages in a Bottle" into the Cosmic Ocean September 5, 1977 – August 25, 2012The First Manmade Object to Cross the Heliopause and Enter Interstellar Space 1978A Printed Book Entitled Toward Paperless Information Systems 1978The Network Nation 1978 – 1980dBase II, the First Best-Selling Database Program for the PC 1978The First Computer Worm 1978 – 1979Early Interactive Computing and Virtual Reality 1978 – June 30, 2012The Minitel 1978Probably the First U. S. Legislation against Computer Crimes 1978 – 1979Fictional Vision of the Electronic Book and the Internet 1978
"Newsfront": Dramatizing the Transition from Newsreels to TV News
February 16, 1978The First Dial-UP CBBS 1979 – 1980Compuserve 1979The First Spreadsheet Program 1979Making Small Portable Digital Telephones Possible 1979Robert Metcalf Founds 3Com 1979The First Widely Used Music Scheduling System 1979The Printing Press as an Agent of Change 1979 – 1980The First Graphical Computer Adventure Game 1979Foundation of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence 1979 – 1980Probably the Smallest Set of Physical Books 1979 – 1983Bjarne Stroustrup Develops the C++ Programming Language 1979 – 1980Vol Libre: The First Fractal CGI Movie 1979Using Laserdiscs to Allow Public Access to Electronic Information in a Museum 1979Introduction of the LINPACK Benchmarks for the Measurement of Floating Point Computing Power 1979The "Mead & Conway Revolution" in VLSI Integrated Circuit Education 1979The Invention of Online Shopping 1979The Neocognitron, Perhaps the Earliest Multilayered Artificial Neural Network January 1979The First Silicon Compiler May 1, 1979The Basis for Cellular Telephone Technology September 1979Origins of the Computer History Museum 1980Nexis is Introduced 1980USENET: One of the First Computer Network Communications Systems 1980Bell Labs Develops Digital Cellular Telephone Technology 1980 – 1983Umberto Eco Publishes "The Name of the Rose" Circa 1980Fujio Masuoka Invents Flash Memory January 1980The First Flight Simulator Program for a Personal Computer May 22, 1980Pac-Man is Introduced June 1, 1980Ted Turner Launches CNN, the First All-News Television Channel