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1980Nexis is Introduced 1980USENET: One of the First Computer Network Communications Systems 1980Bell Labs Develops Digital Cellular Telephone Technology 1980 – 1983Umberto Eco Publishes "The Name of the Rose" Circa 1980Fujio Masuoka Invents Flash Memory January 1980The First Flight Simulator Program for a Personal Computer May 22, 1980Pac-Man is Introduced June 1, 1980Ted Turner Launches CNN, the First All-News Television Channel 1981The Xerox Star: The "Office of the Future" 1981There are 213 Hosts on the Arpanet 1981CSNET, an Alternative to ARPANET 1981The First Dance Notation Software 1981"Computer Gaming World," the First Magazine on Computer Games 1981Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) 1981Discovery of Quantum Dots April 1981The Osborne 1: The First Commercially Successful "Portable" Computer July 1981Quick and Dirty Operating System Becomes MS-DOS August 1981 – 1997The First Commercial Electronic Camera--Not Digital August 12, 1981IBM Introduces the IBM 5150- The IBM PC 1982Lotus Development Corporation is Founded 1982"Blade Runner" 1982U.S. Newspaper Program Microfilms Newspapers 1982The First "Clamshell" Laptop? 1982One of the First Films to Incorporate Computer Graphics 1982IBM DB2 is Introduced 1982TCP/IP is Established as the Basis for ARPANET 1982The First Whole Genome Shotgun Sequence 1982The First Computer Virus Spread by Floppy Disk 1982The First Formally Recognized Archival Description Standards in the U.S. 1982The First Completely Computer-Generated (CGI) Cinematic Image Sequence in a Feature Film 1982Defining a General Framework for Studying Complex Biological Systems 1982 – 1989The DataGlove, a Hand Gesture Interface Device February 24, 1982Sun Microsystems Announces its First Workstation June 1982The First IBM PC Compatible Computer July 1982William Gibson Coins the Word Cyberspace August 1982The First Cheap Home Computer, and the Best-Selling Computer of its Time September 19, 1982Origins of the Smiley on the Internet November 1982The First Scanner? November 1982Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 December 16, 1982The First Cellular Telephone Service in the United Sates 1983The "Trash" 80: The First Notebook Computer? 1983Oracle Corporation 19836,000,000 Personal Computers are Sold in the U.S. 1983ARPANET Splits into ARPANET and MILNET 1983"Dial-a-Game": the Earliest Origins of America Online (AOL) 1983 – 1989Keyboarding over 350,000,000 Characters 1983Early Form of Digital Rights Management 1983The Declining Role of Print in Total Information Flow 1983One of the First Practical Data Compression Systems 1983Possibly the Earliest Electronic Publication on Art 1983 – May 1984The First Commercially Available IBM PC Compatible ROM Bios 1983A Computer's Operating System Can be Protected by Copyright 1983 – 1986Invention of Stereolithography or 3D Printing January 1983The First "Killer App" for the PC January 1983The Earliest Fictional Treatment of Word Processing by a Prominent Literary Author January 1983The 1970 UNESCO Convention is Implemented in U.S. Law January 1, 1983ARPANET Requires TCP/IP January 3, 1983 – January 3, 2013Time Magazine's 1983 "Machine of the Year" is a Personal Computer September 23, 1983The GNU Free Software Project October 13, 1983 – 1984The First Commercial Analog Cellular Telephone Service November 1983Domain Name System November 1983Cyberpunk Coined November 1983One of the First Commercially Available Touchscreen Computers November 10, 1983Coining the Term "Computer Virus" 1984"Cyberspace" Popularized 1984USENET Introduces Moderated Newsgroups 1984There are Over 1000 Hosts on the Internet 1984The First Desktop Publishing Program 1984 – 1986The Digital Domesday Project--Doomed to Early Digital Obsolescence 1984 – 2008The Greatest PC Keyboard of All Time? 19842600: The Hacker Quarterly 1984
Detail from cover of The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed, the first book written by a computer program.  Please click on image to see image of entire cover of book.
The First Book Written by a Computer Program
1984A Guide to All PC Software in One Volume 1984The First Book on Neuromorphic Computing 1984"The Last Starfighter": One of the First Films to Make Extensive Use of Computer Graphic Imagery January 1, 1984Breakup of AT&T January 24, 1984Steve Jobs Introduces the "Mac" May 3, 1984Michael Dell Founds "PC's Limited" June 1984Perhaps the first Underground "Ezine" September 1984The First Music CDs Pressed in the United States November 15, 1984The First Study of Ancient DNA (aDNA) December 1984Cisco Systems is Founded December 1984 – April 1987Origins of the Human Genome Project December 7, 1984 – 1995The Origins of Groupware 1985The Perseus Digital Library Project at Tufts University Begins 1985Among the Earliest Practical Digital Libraries 1985Avatar in the Context of Online Representation of a User 1985Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 1985The First Fully Computer-Generated Character in a Film 1985George A. Miller Begins WordNet, a Lexical Database 1985Kasparov Defeats 32 Different Chess Computers 1985The CD-ROM is Introduced 1985Probably the First Electronic Encyclopedia 1985First Description of a Universal Quantum Computer 1985Rediscovery of Electronic Images Created by Andy Warhol on an Amiga Computer January 1985The First Laserprinter for a Microcomputer March 1985The GNU Manifesto March 15, 1985The First Registered Internet Domain April 1, 1985One of the First Online Communities May 1, 1985Quantum Computer Services, Precursor of AOL, Launches an Online Bulletin-Board Service May 16, 1985Discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole July 1985 – 1986Aldus PageMaker: The First Widely-Used Desktop Publishing Program October 1985The First Hand-Held Graphing Calculator October 4, 1985The Free Software Foundation 1986There are Over 5000 Hosts on ARPANET 1986The First Hand-Held Electronic Book, or e-Book 1986 – 1987The Internet Backbone is Funded and Created 1986The First Semi-Automatic DNA Sequencer 1986Influential on the Development of Cyberpunk 1986NSFNET Connects Five Supercomputer Centers 1986Electronic Tax Filing Begins 1986Probably the Best Book History and Library Film Set in the Middle Ages January 1986"Brain", the First PC Virus Epidemic, Created in Lahore, Pakistan January 8, 1986The Hacker Manifesto October 1986SGML Standard is Accepted November 12, 1986The First Map of the Functioning Structure of an Entire Brain 1987The First DNA Sequencing Machine 1987Soy Ink is Introduced 1987The First Digital Image Database of Cultural Materials 1987There are Over 10,000 Hosts on the Internet 198725,000,000 PCs Have Been Sold in the U.S. 1987 – February 1990The Origins of Adobe Photoshop 1987"Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record" 1987GSM is Developed 1987Roy Harris Issues "The Language Machine," a Critique of Computational Linguistics 1987John Burrows Founds Computational Sylistics 1987 – 1990The First Hypertext Fiction: "Afternoon, a story" 1987Introduction of the GIF Image Format May 12, 1987Foundation of the First Commercial ISP November 1987"Toward a National Research Telecommunications Network" 1988OCLC Acquires the Publisher of the Dewey Classification System 1988The First Computer-Animated Film to Win an Academy Award 1988The First Operational Online Antiquarian Bookselling Site 1988 – 2000Boing-Boing Begins as a Print Magazine 1988International Standard for Computer-to-Computer Information Retrieval 1988The First Computer Games Developers Conference 1988Mathematica 1.0 1988The First Analog Silicon Retina January 1988Australia Issues the First Polymer Banknote ($10) February 14, 1988Probably the Worst Library Fire in History August 29, 1988The Unicode Universal Character Set is Introduced November 2, 1988The First Computer Worm to Attract Wide Attention November 4, 1988The National Center for Biotechnology Information is Founded 1989There are over 100,000 Hosts on the Internet 1989The First Gateways Between Private E-Mail Carriers and the Internet 1989Digital HDTV is Developed at Bell Labs 1989Invention of "Buffered Media," the Basis for Webcasting 1989The First Film to Win an Academy Award for Computer Generated Images 1989The First Holographic Video Display 1989Ingetraut Dahlberg Founds the International Society for Knowledge Organization March 1989An Internet-Based Hypertext System: Conceptual Origin of the World Wide Web September 1989The First Commercially Available Tablet Computer 1990The First "Search Engine" but Not a "Web Search Engine" 1990The American Memory Project 1990The Electronic Frontier Foundation is Founded 1990Foundation of the Coalition for Networked Information 1990ARPANET Folds into the Internet 1990TED: Technology, Entertainment and Design 1990DynaText, an Electronic Publishing Tool July 1990 – July 2002Sirius Satellite Radio is Founded November 3, 1990An Encoded Sculpture, Still Not Decoded November 12, 1990Berners-Lee Plans the World Wide Web November 13, 1990The First Web Page December 25, 1990The First Web Browser and Web Server