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1990The First "Search Engine" but Not a "Web Search Engine" 1990The American Memory Project 1990The Electronic Frontier Foundation is Founded 1990Foundation of the Coalition for Networked Information 1990ARPANET Folds into the Internet 1990TED: Technology, Entertainment and Design 1990DynaText, an Electronic Publishing Tool July 1990 – July 2002Sirius Satellite Radio is Founded November 3, 1990An Encoded Sculpture, Still Not Decoded November 12, 1990Berners-Lee Plans the World Wide Web November 13, 1990The First Web Page December 25, 1990The First Web Browser and Web Server 1991"Clearing the Way for Electronic Commerce" 1991Introduction of the PDF 1991TrueType Fonts 1991Expressed Sequence Tags 1991The First Webcam 1991The WAIS System for Searching Text is Introduced 1991Junk Faxes are Outlawed 1991The First Book on Typography on Personal Computers 1991
The T-1000 cyborg as played by Robert Parker.
The First Partially Computer-Generated Main Character
January 17, 1991Peter Arnett at CNN Broadcasts the First Live Television Coverage of War March 1991First Release of the First Web Browser March 26 – March 28, 1991Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility March 27, 1991The First GSM Cellular Phone Call April – August 26, 1991The Beginning of the Linux Open-Source Operating System July 1, 19912G Cellular Telecom August – November 1, 1991The First Magnetic Resonance Image of Human Brain Function August 6, 1991Berners-Lee Makes Web Server and Web Browser Software Available at No Cost September 1991The Gopher Protocol October 1991The Unicode Standard 1.0 is Published October 29, 1991One of the First U.S. Cases in Cyberspace Law December 12, 1991The First Web Server in North America 1992The First Image Posted to the Web 1992There are 50 Web Servers on the Internet 1992The Internet Society 1992Pioneering Collaboration of Electronic Librarianship, Journalism and Telecommunications 1992The Memory of the World Program 1992The Data Discman Electronic Book Device 1992The First e-Book Reader 1992Precursor to Amazon.com's Online Bookstore 1992The First Fully Immersive Augmented Reality System June 1992Visions of a Metaverse August 25, 1992 – May 9, 2014Destruction of the National Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina December 3, 1992Neil Papworth Sends the First SMS Text Message 1993341,634 Percent Growth Rate on the Internet 1993The Electronic Dewey 1993Preserving Access to Digital Information 1993First Library of Digital Images on the Internet 1993 – 1997"The First Successful Online Bookseller Service" 1993Perhaps the First Law Review Symposium Dedicated to Cyberspace 1993Only About 2000 People in China Use the Internet 1993W3C 1993Foundation of Teleport: the First Successful Telepresence Company 1993The Electronic Beowulf 1993Jurassic Park, the First Film to Integrate CGI and Animatronic figures into Live Action Scenes 1993The Web's First and Longest Continuously Running Blog 1993Development of Neural Networks 1993Estimate of Total Internet Traffic in 1993 1993There are 250 Web Servers on the Internet 1993Statistical Machine Translation 1993"Doom" is Introduced 1993 – 2013Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books Project 1993 – 2013The Spread of Data-Driven Research From 1993 to 2013 January 1993The Singularity February 22, 1993 – January 26, 1994"Babylon 5," the First Television Series to Use Computer Generated Images March 1993Wired 1.01 March 4, 1993The Mosaic Web Browser April 1993 – July 1994The First Tablet Computer with Wireless Connectivity April 22, 1993The First Graphics-Based Web Browser April 30, 1993CERN Releases Rights to World Wide Web Software May 1993The First Commercial Website with the First Online Advertising June 1993The First Web Search Engine? June 1993The Beginning of Video Webcasting over the Internet June 1993The "TOP500" Ranking of Supercomputers July 1993The First Digital Offset Press November 3, 1993The Size and Growth Rate of the Internet in 1993 November 30, 1993The First Web Search Engine? December 6, 1993The First Sourcebook on Digital Libraries? December 21, 1993Situational Aspects of Electronic Libraries in 1993 1994There are 2500 Web Servers and 10,000 Websites 1994World Wide Web Worm 1994Internet Traffic Passes 10 Trilliam Bytes per Month 1994HTTP Packets Surpass FTP Traffic 1994NSFNET Reverts to a Research Network 1994The First Demonstration of Wireless Internet Access 1994Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) 1994 – 1996Google Begins with a Search Engine Called "BackRub" 1994Match.com is Founded 1994FishCam: The Oldest Nearly Continuously Operational Webcam 1994The First Defeat of a Human Champion by a Computer in a Game Compeition 1994Daily Audited Circulation Greater Than Ten Million Printed Copies 1994"Death by Government" Statistics 1900-1987 1994 – 1996Nintendo's "Virtual Boy": the first Mass-Produced Virtual Reality Game System 1994Formulation of Shor's Algorithm for Quantum Computers 1994The First Use of Virtual Reality in a Museum or Archaeological Context 1994The Kansas Event Data System (KEDS): A System for the Machine Coding of International Event Data Based on Pattern Recognition January 1994One of the Earliest Blogs February 17, 1994First Consumer-Priced Digital Camera March 1994"Selling Wine without Bottles" March 1, 1994Digital Library: Gross Structure and Requirements March 12 – March 13, 1994The First Internet Cafe April 1994 – January 18, 1995Yahoo! is Founded April 4, 1994The First Company to Exploit the Economic Potential of the Web April 12, 1994Commercial Spaming Starts with the "Green Card Spam" April 20, 1994The First Full Text Web Search Engine May 1, 1994The Digital Library Federation is Founded May 3 – May 5, 1994First Internet Radio Broadcast Occurs May 25 – May 27, 1994The First International Conference on the World Wide Web June 1994 – February 1996The HTTP Cookie is Invented June 1994The First Web Analytics Vendor June 19 – June 21, 1994The First Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries July 1994 – July 1995Amazon.com is Founded August 16, 1994 – February 1995The IBM Simon Personal Communicator: The First Smartphone September 1, 1994The NSF Digital Libraries Initiative: The Origins of Google September 27, 1994The First "Marketing on the Internet" Seminar Series October 1994Whitehouse.gov Becomes Operational October 13, 1994The National Digital Library Program is Announced October 13, 1994The First Commercially Available Web Browser October 31, 1994Steve Jackson Games v. U.S. Secret Service November 1994The Rolling Stones Present the First "Cyberspace Multicast Concert" November 7, 1994The First Traditional Radio Station to Initiate Internet Broadcasts November 10, 1994The First Internet Only Broadcast of a Live Band December 1994The Task Force on Digital Archiving is Created December 1994"From Webspace to Cyberspace": A Pioneering Cultural and Historical Work December 3, 1994PlayStation is Launched 1995Probably the First For-Profit Social Networking Site 1995The First Web Page Tagging System 1995There are Approximately 73,500 Servers; WWW is Generally Equated with the Internet 1995An Online Searchable Archive of Over 1000 Academic Journals 1995"Butterfly, an Information Visualizer" 1995Probably the First Use of the Term "Digital Humanities" January 1995The Bureau of Labor Statistics Begins Publishing on its Website March 1995Craigslist Initiates Free Online Classified Advertisements March 25, 1995The First Wiki April 1995The Apache HTTP Server is Released April 7 – October 1, 1995"The Book and Beyond" Exhibition Takes Place June 1995HighWire Press: Internet-Based Scholarly Publishing June 1995"Johnny Mnemonic": The First Film to Portray a Graphic Vision of Cyberspace July 1995D-Lib Magazine Begins August 9, 1995The Beginning of the "Dot-Com Bubble" September 3, 1995eBay is Founded November 23, 1995ABC's "World News Now" Becomes the First Television Show Broadcast over the Internet December 15, 1995 – July 8, 2013Altavista is Launched 1996968,735 New Different Printed Books Are Produced This Year 1996Abebooks.com is Launched 1996The Kulturarw3 Project 1996Brewster Kahle Founds the Internet Archive 1996The IBM DB2 Universal Database 19961996: The First Year in Which More Email is Sent than Paper Mail 1996There are 100,000 Websites 1996Speech Recognition Technology from 6,700 Characters 1996LexisNexis Exceeds One Billion Documents 1996A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace 1996The World's Smallest Book, in 1996 1996The First Access to the Mobile Web January 1996An Online Textbook of Cyberpsychology is Published January 2, 1996First Recorded Use of the Term, Phishing January 19, 1996NYTimes.com Initiates Online Publication March 20 – March 23, 1996The First ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries April 1996Searchenginewatch.com Begins April 1996 – 2003The First Full-Time Online Webcam Girl July 1996"The Site", the First TV Show to Feature a Character Animated in Real Time July 23, 1996WRAL is the First Station to Broadcast in HDTV in the United States September 1996 – March 1997DVDs are Introduced November 1996U.S. Call to Arms for the Cyber Wars December 20, 1996The WIPO Copyright Treaty is Adopted 1997126,000,000 Metric Tons of Paper Are Consumed 1997The Internet2 Consortium 1997The IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries is Established 1997The California Digital Library is Founded 1997How Much Information is There? 1997Rome is Reborn on Google Earth 1997The First Web Analyzer with Drill-Down and Ad-Hoc Analysis 1997BnF Gallica is Launched 1997Electronic Paper is Developed 1997 – 2002The FBI Implements Carnivore March 1997The First Museums and the Web Conference Occurs April 1997There are 1,000,000 Websites April 1997The Newseum, an Interactive Museum of News and Journalism, is Founded May 11, 1997Kasparov Loses to Deep Blue: The First Time a Human Chess Player Loses to a Computer Under Tournament Conditions June 1997WAP is Established June 26, 1997The Internet is Entitled to the Full Protection Given to Printed Material November 1997
Logo of digital scriptorium page on Bancroft Library website.
Digital Scriptorium is Founded
November 1997"Virtual Medical Worlds" Begins Publication November 20, 1997Perhaps the First Commercially Available Virtual Globe 1998W3C Releases XML 1998Voice Over Internet Protocol is Implemented 1998The Average Person Receives 733 Pieces of Paper Mail Each Year, Half of Which is Junk 1998MP3 is Introduced 1998Printing about the Handpress Using Photo-Offset 1998Origins of Australia's Web Archive 1998NARA Begins ERA for Preservation of Digital Archives 1998The Cluetrain Manifesto 1998The First Long Distance Transmission of One Terabit per Second 1998The Last Printed Edition of Beilstein is Published 1998"You've Got Mail", a Movie about Love, Email, and the Book Trade 1998Using Neural Networks for Word Sense Disambiguation 1998On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age 1998700,000 New Book Titles Are Published in 1998 1998The Digital Michelangelo Project 1998 – August 2000The First Interactive Internet Streaming TV Network January 1998 – August 8, 2014Completion of the Online Collaborative English Translation of the Suda January 1998AudioNet (Broadcast.com) Begins the First Continuous Live Webcasts January 29, 1998PageRank is Published on Paper February 14, 1998The Bibliometrics of Science May 1998Venter Founds Celera Genomics June 1998The First "Advanced" or "Freestyle" or "Centaur" Chess Event Circa September – December 1998MSN Search is Launched September 7, 1998Google is Founded September 30, 1998ICANN is Founded October 12, 1998The Digital Millenium Copyright Act October 28, 1998Supercomputer ASCI Blue-Pacific SST November 6, 1998President Clinton Sends the First Ever Presidential Email December 1998MyFamily.com December 1998Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Promulgated December 23, 1998"Where's George?" Begins 199964,711 New Books on Paper are Published in the U.S. 1999Storing Public Records Electronically 1999Computers Have Not Caused a Reduction in Paper Usage or Printing 1999Domain Names are Property 1999Early English Books Online 1999"Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe" (LOCKSS): a Digital Information Preservation System for Libraries and Publishers 1999NewspaperARCHIVE.com 1999Bluetooth is Announced 1999The Matrix: Referencing Cyberpunk and Hacker Cultures 1999The First Full Internet Service on Cell Phones in Japan 1999Nigerian Letter Scams Move to the Internet 1999Berners-Lee's Conception of the Semantic Web 1999"The Internet of Things" 1999Foundation of Designboom 1999"The World Wide Web is the only thing I know of whose shortened form takes three times longer to say than what it is short for." June 1, 1999The Napster Sharing Service for MP3 Files is Launched August 1999comScore is Founded November 2, 1999Continuing to Print the British Parliamentary Papers on Vellum November 29, 1999The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act is Enacted December 1999IBM's Blue Gene Project Begins 2000
Third generation Amazon Kindle, showing text from the eBook version of the novel Moby Dick
3,200,000 Books Are In Print in the U.S.
2000The Size of the Internet in 2000 2000
Peter Lyman
In the Year 2000, "How Much Information?"
2000Over 5,000,000 Items in the National Digital Library Program 2000MINERVA to Preserve Open-Access Web Resources 2000
Andrew Hoyem in front of a printing press.
The Last Integrated Typefoundry, Letterpress Printer & Bindery
The front cover of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace by Lawrence Lessig.
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace
Jean-Pierre Dupuy
On the Value of the History of Science in Scientific Research
Hairong Li
The "Journal of Interactive Advertising" Begins
A photopolymer printing plate for flexography
Prepress Becomes Digital
2000 – 2007Conceiving and Building a Machine-Readable Database to Present Information "Filtered, Selected and Presented According to the Needs of the Individual User" 2000Stephen King's "Experiment in Alternate Forms of Distribution" 2000A Model of Cortical Processing as an Electronic Circuit of 16 "Neurons" that Could Select and Amplify Input Signals Much Like the Cortex of the Mammalian Brain 2000Conflict and Mediation Event Observations (CAMEO) January 2000
The Pandora logo
Pandora Radio is Founded, Based on the "Music Genome Project"
February 7, 2000
A diagram of a Denial-of-Service Attack.
The First Documented Denial-of-Service Attacks
March 9, 2000 – September 2003
The Bomis.com logo
Predecessor of the Wikipedia: "One of the Greatest Defunct Websites in History"
March 10, 2000
The Netscape logo
Climax of the Dot-Com Bubble
March 14, 2000
An old interface of the Oxford Dictionary Online where users could subscribe to the online dictionary
OED Online
March 14, 2000 – 2010The First Mass-Market E-Book + A Video Interview June 5, 2000 – March 2009eBook Distributor is Acquired by Barnes & Noble June 26, 2000
The Celera logo
The Most Extensive Computation Undertaken in Biology to Date
June 29, 2000
A technician monitors IBM's ASCI White Supercomputer in 2000
The ASCI White Supercomputer Becomes Operational
August 2000IBM Forms a Life Sciences Division September 2000There are 20,000,000 Websites on the Internet. October 23, 2000
Google AdWords logo
Google Launches AdWords
December 14 – December 21, 2000"Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction"? December 21, 2000National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program December 28, 2000Safeguarding Internet Security in China