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2010"Atlas of Science: Visualizing What We Know" 2010"Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline" January 2010Biological Journals to Require Data-Archiving January 2010"The Never-Ending Language Learning System" January 4, 2010"Whatever Happened to Second Life?" January 9, 2010"The World's First Full-Size Robotic Girlfriend" January 13, 2010After the Earthquake in Haiti, Donating by SMS Text January 14, 2010World Texting Competition is Won by Koreans January 15, 2010Exploit Code for Attacks on Google Released on the Internet January 27, 2010Steve Jobs Introduces the iPad, the First Widely Sold Tablet Computer February 2010"Assessing the Future Landscape of Scholarly Communication. . . " February 2010Liberté ou la Mort: Julia Gaffield Discovers Haiti's Declaration of Independence February 1, 2010Social Media Interviews the President February 22, 2010Modifiable eBook Editions of Textbooks February 22, 2010The First Superman Comic Book sells for $1,000,000. March 2010The Sociology of Wikipedians March 2 – March 6, 2010The First Brain-Computer Interface Product Offered for Sale March 22, 2010Google Pulls its Search Engine Out of Mainland China March 24, 2010The Vatican Library Plans the Scanning of all its Manuscripts into the FITS Document Format March 29, 2010The Holy Grail of Holy Grails, Comicbook-wise April 5, 2010Probably the First Fully Visually Satisfying Interactive eBook April 7, 2010U.S. Book Sales in 2009: $23.9 Billion April 12, 2010The First Pulitizer Prizes for Internet Journalism April 14, 2010Google Announces "Replay" for Twitter April 14, 2010The Library of Congress Will Preserve All "Tweets" April 20, 2010"The Data-Driven Life" April 27 – June 10, 2010Google Acknowledges that it Collected Wi-Fi Information Along with Cartographic and Imaging Information April 30, 2010Using the Twitter Archive for Historical Research May 6, 2010General Statistics on the U.S. Book Publishing Industry May 6, 2010Google Introduces a Translation Feature for Google Goggles May 6, 2010The First Internet Addresses in Non-Latin Characters May 12 – August 22, 2010The Most Successful Art Forger Ever May 13, 2010Cell Phones Are Now Used More for Data than Speech June 2010Social Networking Added to Reading Electronic Books June 2010The First Malware to Spy on and Subvert Industrial Systems June 2, 2010Social Networks Take a Machiavellian Approach to Privacy July 2010Flipboard, "Your Personalized, Social Magazine" July 2010 – June 2011Spam Declines from 90% of Email Traffic to Only 72.9% July 5, 2010"The First Image of the Entire Universe" July 8, 2010Stanford's New Engineering Library Houses Few Physical Books July 19, 2010For the First Time E-books Outsell Digital Books on Amazon.com July 26, 2010The First Traditional Humanities Journal to Try "Open" Peer Review July 29, 2010Wikileaks Installs an "Insurance File" August 1, 2010Data on Mobile Networks is Doubling Each Year August 4, 2010"Every Two Days We Create as Much Information as We Did up to 2003" August 5, 2010Google Calculates That There are "129,864,880" Different Books in the World August 5, 2010The 2010 Social Networking "World Map" September 8, 2010Google Introduces "Google Instant" September 8, 2010eBook Edition Released Prior to Hardcover Edition September 15, 2010The First Recording of Ancient Asian Melodies September 19, 2010Possibly the First Academic Library with No Physical Books October 2010NCBI Introduces Images, a Database of More than 2.5 Million Images in Biomedical Literature October 2010 – December 17, 2012Instagram is Founded October 1, 2010"The Social Network": The Origins of Facebook October 14, 2010 – April 2013Google Books Scanned More than 15 Million Books in 6 Years and More than 30 Million in 9 Years October 15, 2010The First Fragment of Contemporary Classical Music Composed by a Computer in its Own Style October 19, 2010Columbia University Opens the Tow Center for Digital Journalism October 27, 2010Paperbecause.com Makes the Case for Using Paper October 29, 20103G Wireless Telephony in Mt. Everest Region of Nepal November 20108,900,000 Robots are Operating World Wide November 2010 – June 2012The First MRI Video of Childbirth November 4, 2010Kinect for Xbox is Introduced November 9, 2010Towards a New Digital Legal Information Environment November 23, 2010 – October 22, 2014Apple 1 Computers Sell for $210,000 in 2010, for $671,400 in 2013, for $905,000 and $365,000 in 2014 November 23, 2010 – September 1, 2011$1,300,000,000 Verdict in Software Copyright Infringement Suit Partially Vacated November 28 – December 8, 2010The Wikileaks U. S. Diplomatic Cables Leak November 30, 2010Google Earth 6: Enhanced 3D, 3D Trees, Enhanced Historical Imagery December 2010Introduction of the Google Ngram Viewer December 2, 2010The Google Earth Engine December 3, 2010Of the Seventy Online Databases that "Define Our Planet", Many are Known Only to Specialists December 6, 2010The Google eBookstore Opens December 8, 2010The Website of MasterCard is Hacked by Wikileaks Supporters December 9, 2010Bestsellers on eBook Readers: Romance Novels December 11, 2010U.S. E-Book Sales are Predicted to Reach $1,000,000,000 in 2010 December 13, 2010The Digital Public Library of America December 16, 2010The Cultural Observatory at Harvard Introduces Culturomics December 16, 20103D Maps for Android Mobil Devices December 16, 2010An Interactive Pop-Up Children's Book App for the iPhone & iPad December 23, 2010eBooks Represent 9-10% of Trade-Book Sales December 27, 2010Founder of Wikileaks to Publish his Autobiography December 29, 2010Facebook is the Most Searched for and Most Visited Website in America 2011Scanning Books in Libraries Instead of Making Photocopies 2011Post-Review Process Rather than Pre-Review Process in Publishing? 2011Google's Track of its Own Development 2011"Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information" 2011 – 2013An App the Promotes the Value of Impermanence 2011Apple Color Emoji: The First Color Font Included in a Computer Operating System 2011Ethical principles for Designers, Builders and Users of Robots 2011 – 2013Anonymous Scottish Book Sculptures 2011The Universal Short Title Catalogue is Founded 2011Can an Artificial Intelligence Get into the University of Tokyo? January 2011The Smartphone Becomes the CPU of the Laptop January 2011The First Independently Published Magazine Exclusively for the iPad January 10, 2011Universal Music Group Donates a "Mile of Music" to the Library of Congress January 12, 2011Voice-Activated Translation on Cell Phones January 13, 2011Probably the Largest Digital Image January 15, 2011The Wikipedia Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary January 22, 2011More than Ten Billion Apps are Downloaded from the Apple App Store January 28, 2011Publishing Non-Fiction Exclusively for Cell Phones, eBook Readers and Tablet Computers January 31, 2011The New York Times Begins its "Recommendations Service" February 2011Confession: A Roman Catholic iPhone App February 201142.3% of the U.S. Population Uses Facebook February 1, 2011The Google Art Project February 3, 20114.3 Billion IP Addresses Have Been Allocated February 10, 2011Worldwide Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information February 11, 2011The New York Times Begins Ranking eBook Best Sellers February 14 – February 16, 2011IBM's Watson Question Answering System Defeats Humans at Jeopardy! February 16 – September 18, 2011Borders Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy & Closes the Last of its Bookstores February 17, 2011Two Billion People Now Use the Internet Regularly February 17, 2011The U. S. National Broadband Map February 25, 2011The Second Best-Selling Book in America Priced Like an App (99 Cents) February 25, 2011Four Phases of Government Internet Surveillance and Censorship to Date March 2011The Environmental Impacts of eBooks and eBook Readers March 2011 – November 2012A 3D Printer Kit for only $499 March 2011Koomey’s Law of Electrical Efficiency in Computing March 2011 – March 2013An Interactive Map of the Internet Later Produced as an iPhone App March 2, 2011In its First Year Apple's iBookstore Sold 100,000,000 Books March 4, 2011The Impact of Automation on Legal Research March 6, 2011The Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation on Jobs March 29, 2011The Largest Interior Image: The Strahov Monastery Library April 2011A Program for Signing and Inscribing Ebooks April 18, 2011Walmart Buys Kosmix.com, Forming @WalmartLabs April 20, 2011Amazon to Launch Library Lending for eBooks on the Kindle Platform May 2011Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion May 2011In May 2011 Netflix was the Largest Source of Internet Traffic in North America May 2011The Saint John's Bible is Completed May 2011McKinsey Report on the Impact of the Internet on Growth, Jobs, and Prosperity May 9, 2011The First Major Print Magazine Publisher to Offer iPad Subscriptions May 16, 2011The First Large Robotized Library May 18, 2011"Print isn't dead, says Bowker's Annual Book Production Report May 19, 2011Ebooks Outsell Physical Books on Amazon.com June 2011"Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out": The New York Public Library Buys the Timothy Leary Papers June 2011The Expanding Digital Universe: Surpassing 1.8 Zetabytes June 2011FaceBook Serves a Trillion Page Views in June 2011 June 6, 2011"Physical Archiving is Still an Important Function in the Digital Era."The Internet Archive Builds an Archive of Physical Books June 6, 2011College Textbooks Make a Slower Transition from Print to Digital June 10, 2011Digital Democracy is Not So Democratic June 24, 2011"Distant Reading" Versus "Close Reading" June 29, 2011News Corporation Sells MySpace for $545 Million Loss June 30, 2011IBM Announces Phase-Change Memory June 30, 2011200 Million Tweets Per Day: 100 Fold Increase Since 2009 July 2011South Korea to Shift All Primary and High School Textbooks to Digital by 2015 July 2011Construction of the Francis Crick Institute Begins July 7 – July 17, 2011Leading British Tabloid Closed Because of Cell Phone Hacking Scandal July 14, 2011How Search Engines Have Become a Primary Form of External or Transactive Memory August 2011Consumer Reports Begins Generating More Revenue from Digital Subscriptions than from Print August 2011The First Neurosynaptic Chips August 1, 2011Non-Traditional Book Publishing on the Internet is 8X the Output of Traditional Book Publishing August 11, 2011The Methodists' Handwritten Bible August 15, 2011 – January 2014Google Acquires Smart-Phone Maker Motorola Mobility; Sells its Hardware Division in January 2014 August 15, 2011Free Online Artificial Intelligence Course Attracts 58,000 Students August 18, 2011Interactive Reading and Spelling on the iPad August 18, 2011Toward Cognitive Computing Systems September 2011 – July 2, 2012The First Complete Album Composed Solely by Computer and Recorded by Human Musicians September 2011Snapchat: Communication and Automatic Destruction of Information September 6, 2011Michael Hart, Father of eBooks & Founder of Project Gutenberg, Dies September 12, 2011The First Commercial Application of the IBM Watson Question Answering System: Medical Diagnostics September 28 – November 14, 2011Amazon Introduces the Kindle Fire October 5, 2011Steve Jobs Dies October 18, 2011What Would an Infinite Digital Bookcase Look Like? October 25, 2011"Zero to Eight: Children's Media Use in America" October 28, 2011Room to Read Donates its 10,000,000th Book November 2011Texting During the Climb up El Capitan in Yosemite November 2011A Silicon Chip that Mimics How the Brain's Synapses Change in Response to New Information November 11 – November 30, 2011Action Comics #1 Superman sells for $2.16 Million November 14, 2011The Swedish Twitter University Begins November 20, 2011Digital Books Represent 25% of Sales of Some Categories of Books but Less than 5% of Childrens' Books November 23, 2011Rapid Growth of the Digital Textbook Market in the U.S. November 29, 2011Google Maps 6.0 for Android Introduces Indoor Maps and a "My Location" Feature November 30, 2011The Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome Drops to $10,500 November 30, 2011Signalling the Shift from Print to Digital and to More Accurate Metrics of the Effectiveness of Advertising December 2011The First Widely Accepted Index of the Talmud December 2011Amazon.com Sold More Than 4 Million Kindles in December 2011 December 1, 2011Statistics on European and U.S. eBook Sales December 6, 2011More than 10 Billion Android Apps Downloaded December 8, 2011100 Million Words Translated per Week by Google Translate December 16, 2011IBM's Watson Question Answering System to Team with Cedars-Sinai Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute December 17, 2011Burning of the Library of l'Institut de l'Egypte December 20, 2011More than One Trillion Videos Were Played Back on YouTube in 2011 December 20, 2011Sheikh Sultan Dr. Al-Qasimi Pledges to Restore the Library of l'Institut de l'Egypte 2012The Anatomy of an Internet Attack by "Anonymous" 2012Surprisingly Active 21st Century Trade in Medieval Manuscript Books of Hours January 201242,182,000 Copies Printed Semi-Monthly in 194 Languages January 2012Gelatin and Calcium in the Earliest Paper Was Responsible for its Longevity January 2012NYPL Labs Introduces the Stereogranimator January 5, 2012Sales of eBook Readers in 2011 January 10, 2012Transforming Google into a Search Engine that Understands Not Only Content but People and Relationships January 10, 2012The Cost of Sequencing a Human Genome Drops to $1000 January 13, 2012The Smallest Magnetic Data Storage Unit Uses Just 12 Atoms per Bit January 17, 2012Slides of Fossils Collected by Darwin on the Beagle are Rediscovered January 17, 2012Major Websites Go Dark to Protest Web Censorship Legislation January 19, 2012Apple Introduces iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U January 23, 2012Discovery of the Afghan Genizah January 23, 2012 – January 13, 2013Technological Unemployment: Are Robots Replacing Workers? February 8, 2012Creative Destruction of the Book Trade by Amazon? March 2012The ILAB Launches a Mobil App March 9, 2012After Digitizing Over 20 Million Books Expansion of the Google Books Project Begins to Slow March 14, 2012The Encyclopedia Britannica Ends Print Publication March 29, 2012Nearly 50% of U.S. Mobile Subscribers Own Smartphones April 12, 2012U.S. Justice Department Sues Major Publishers Over the Pricing of eBooks; Amazon Wins April 16, 2012The First Pulitzer Prize Awarded to an Internet-Only Publication April 17, 2012Improving the Research Potential of ESTC April 18, 2012"Companies that have existed for centuries could be gone in a generation unless they make a single radical change." April 19, 2012Massive Thefts from the Girolamini Library in Naples; Auction Aborted April 23, 2012Using a Densitometer to Measure Usage of Medieval Books of Hours April 26, 2012During Testimony over a Phone Hacking Scandal Rupert Murdoch Predicts the End of Print News Media April 30, 2012Microsoft Invests in Barnes & Noble's Nook eBook Reader Division April 30, 2012What Makes Spoken Lines in Movies Memorable? May 2012 – March 31, 2016Digitizing the Oldest Monastic Library & The Oldest Continuously Operating Library May 2, 2012Harvard & M.I.T. to Offer Free Online Courses May 7, 2012The First Annual Report Issued by a Museum in an eBook Format May 12, 2012How eBooks Are Changing Fiction Writing and Publishing May 16, 2012The First Functioning Brain-Computer Interface for Quadriplegics May 16, 2012Google Introduces the Knowledge Graph May 28, 2012Flame: A Virus that Collects Information May 29, 2012Growing Adoption of the eBook Format in the U. S. June 26, 2012A Large Scale Neural Network Appears to Emulate Activity in the Visual Cortex August 16, 2012The First Book Stored in DNA and then Read September 3, 2012The Book History Online Database, Previously a Free Service, Becomes an Expensive Private Research Source September 6, 2012The Human Genome is Packed with At Least 4,000,000 Gene Switches September 25, 2012The World's Smallest Book Requires a Scanning Electron Microscope to be Seen October 2012A 3D Virtual Reality Reader for eBooks October 2012Online Advertising is Expected to Surpass Print Advertising, But TV Advertising Dwarfs Both October 2012The First 3D Printshow Takes Place in London October 4, 2012Book Mountain + Library Quarter in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands October 23, 20122.5 Quintillion Bytes of Data Each Day October 24, 2012Jason Pontin Argues that "New Technologies of Composition, Not New Media, Inspire Innovations in Literary Styles and Forms" October 26, 2012Windows 8, With Touch Screen Features, is Released October 29, 2012Penguin to Merge with Random House October 29, 2012$2.6 Billion Spent on Ads on Phones and Tablets in 2012 November 2012A Max Planck Institute Program for Historicizing Big Data November 2012A Natural History of Data November 4, 2012Google Has 67% of the U.S. Search Market and Collects 75% of U.S. Search Ad Dollars November 5, 2012eBooks Accounted for 22% of All Book Spending in Second Quarter of 2012 November 8, 2012The First Teleportation from One Macroscopic Object to Another November 12, 2012 – August 9, 2013The First 3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures November 19, 2012Penguin Books Introduces a New eBook Lending Program November 19, 2012Memcomputing Outlined November 20, 2012Coursera Enrolls Nearly Two Million Students from 196 Countries in Online Courses within its First Year November 20, 2012The CEO of Barnes & Noble No Longer Reads Physical Books November 29 – December 1, 2012"Anonymous" Plans to Shut Down Syrian Government Websites in Response to Countrywide Internet Blackout November 29, 2012U.S. Bill to Stengthen Privacy Protection for Emails December 2012100% of U.S. Public Libraries Now Offer Public Access to the Internet December 2012Silvia Hartmann's Novel, "Dragon Lords," Cloud-Sourced with 13,000 Collaborators December 12, 2012@Pontifex Sends First Tweet December 12, 2012
Screen shot from first video to hit one billion views on youtube.com
The First YouTube Video to Reach a Billion Views
December 17, 2012eBook Reading Jumps; Print Book Reading Declines December 19, 2012"How the antiquarian book market has evolved for life on the web" December 19, 2012After Cell Phones With Cameras, Android Cameras- Without Cellphones- are Introduced December 22, 2012"The Life of Pi": Computer Graphic Animation Indistinguishable from Nature December 27, 2012With the Decline of Brick & Mortar Bookstores Public Libraries are Becoming More Commercial December 27, 2012The Secret Race to Save Manuscripts in Timbuktu and Djenne December 28, 2012"Libraries Have Shifted from Warehouses of Books & Materials to Become Participatory Sites of Culture and Learning" December 30, 2012The Year In Graphics and Interactives from The New York Times