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Circa 500 CE – 1554
A page from Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum, depicting a perspective of a house and the boundaries of the property on which it was built. (View Larger)
One of Few Surviving "Scientific" Manuscripts from Late Antiquity
Circa 500 CE – 600
The theater at Bet She'an. (View Larger)
The Earliest, Most Significant Rabbinic Texts Are Preserved in Stone
Circa 500 CE
Example of a colophon at the end of a papyrus roll from the seventh century BC.  As is customary in ancient Greek books, the last line of the last poem (marked by the cronis in the margin) is followed by the name of the author and title (Sappho, Lyrics); the book number (beta = 2) is given in the next line, both decorated with top and bottom-lines.
The Format of the Book Evolved with the Transition to the Codex
Circa 500 CE – 650
The manuscript before and after restoration and repagination. Image from June 2010 edition of The Arts Newspaper. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest Surviving Illuminated Christian Manuscripts
Circa 500 CE – 1450The Longevity of Wax Tablets for Recording Written Information Circa 512
An illustration of illustration of the species 'Akoniton napellus,' folio 67v. (View Larger)
Probably the Most Beautiful of the Earliest Surviving Scientific Codices
Circa 520
A page from the Codex Argenteus. (View Larger)
The Codex Argenteus, The Primary Surviving Example of the Gothic Language
Circa 520 – 585An Archive of Papyri, Including the Oldest Surviving Poems Written by a Known Poet 524 – 525
Boethius teaching his students. (View Larger)
Thedoric Executes the Philosopher Bo√ęthius: Beginning of the Middle Ages
Circa 524 – 1300How the Middle Ages Processed and Recycled Roman Culture 525Computus, Root of the Modern Word "Computer" 529 – 533
Justinian. (Click to view larger.)
The Code of Justinian, The Basis for Civil Law in Western Europe
St. Benedict. (Click to view larger.)
St. Benedict Founds the Abbey at Monte Cassino and Later Formulates his…
533 – 555
Littera Florentina. (Click to view larger.)
An Almost Unique Witness to the Original Justinian Digest
534The Deterioration of Libraries, Publishing and Educational Institutions in Italy by the Sixth Century Circa – 540
The Vienna Genesis. (Click to view larger.)
Considered the Oldest, Well-Preserved Illustrated Biblical Codex
541 – 542
Detail of image of Phylogenetic tree of y. pseudotuberculosis.  Y. pestis is a recently emerged clone of Y. pseudotuberculosis. Please click on link to view and resize complete image.
The Plague of Justinian
541 – May 547The Second Most Important Witness to the Text of the Latin Vulgate 550 – 650
Gundishapur, province of Khuzestan, Iran. (View Larger)
The Most Important Medical Center During 6th and 7th Centuries
Circa 550
Canon tables from Codex Brixianus. (View Larger)
The Codex Brixianus
Circa 550
Folios 23v and 24r of the Codex Petropolitanus Purpureus. (View Larger)
Written in the Imperial Scriptorium of Constantinople and Dismembered by…
Circa 550 – 650
Folio 46r from the Syriac Bible, depicting Job. (View Larger)
The Syriac Bible of Paris
Circa 550The Anglo-Saxons Conquer England Circa 550 – 750The Dark Ages for Study of the Classics on the European Continent Circa 550
The Antioch Chalice, with which the bookcovers were found.
The First Surviving Metal Bookcovers
Circa 550 – 625
Folios 33v-34r from MS. Ashmole 1431, an eleventh century copy of the Herbal of Pseudo-Apuleius. (View Larger)
The Herbal of Pseudo-Apuleius
Circa 550
Several pages from te Codex Climaci Rescriptus. (View Larger)
The Earliest Manuscript of the New Testament in Christian Palestinian Aramaic
Circa 550
Alaric II, as depicted on a Visigothic coin. (View Larger)
One of the Earliest Surviving Legal Codices
Circa 550
A color plate from Bordier's paleographic study comparing the two separated portions of one of hte earliest suriviving European papyrus codices.
Among the Earliest Surviving European Papyrus Codices
Circa 550
Detail from page of Sinope Gospel.  Please click to see entire image.  From C. de Hamel, The Book. A History of The Bible (2001)  54.
The Codex Sinopensis or Sinope Gospels
Circa 550"A Public Popularity for Books Never Existed in Antiquity" Circa 550 – 645Perhaps the First Library in Japan Circa 550The Codex Zacynthius: The Oldest Codex That Has Both Text and Commentary in Uncial Script Circa 550The Codex Purpureus Beratinus Circa 555
An illumination of Christ found in the Rossano Gospels. (Click to view larger.)
One of the Oldest Surviving Illuminated Manuscripts of the New Testament
Circa 560
An image from Codex Amiantinus. (Click to view larger.)
The Scriptorium and Library at the Vivarium
Circa 560 – 600
A page from the Cathach of St. Columba. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Manuscript Written in Ireland, the Oldest Surviving…
Circa 563
Saint Columba (View Larger)
From the Monastery on the Small Island of Iona, the Conversion of Pagan…
The assassination of Alboin. (View Larger)
The Lombards Conquer Italy
570The Birth of the Prophet Muhammad Circa 575 – 599
A canon table from Harley 1775, from the British Library. (View Larger)
"Source Z" for the Latin New Testament
Circa 580 – 620
A folio from the Ashburnham Pentateuch depicting Cane and Abel. (View larger)
The Ashburnham Pentateuch
585 – 590
Saint Columbanus.
The Monastery and Library at Luxeuil is Founded and Subsequently Sacked,…
Circa 585The End of the Continuity of Late Latin Culture in Most of Italy 586
Folio 13v from the Rabula Gospels, depicting the ascension of Christ. (View larger)
Signed by the Scribe Rabbula in 586
590 – 604
The beginning of Regula pastoralis. The first three lines, in colored ink, have run or faded. (View Larger)
A Manuscript Probably Written in Pope Gregory's Scriptorium
Sui emperor Wen-ti. (View Larger)
The First Mention of Printing in China
St. Augustine of Canterbury. (View Larger)
Augustine of Canterbury Preaches to the Anglo-Saxons
Folio 129v of the St. Augustine Gospels, depicting Luke. (View Larger)
A Volume Brought by St. Augustine to England in 597
Circa 600
(View Larger)
The Earliest Western Metalwork Bookcovers
Circa 600
Tablet 3v of the Springmount Bog Tablets. (National Museum. Dublin, 1914: 2) (View Larger)
The Springmount Bog Wax Tablets