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Circa 900Jews Adopted the Codex Around 900 Circa 900
Folio 201r of Florence, Laurentian Pluteus 74.7, depicting an orthopedic procedure involving a ladder and pulley. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Illustrated Surgical Codex
Circa 900
Folio 1r of Harley MS 55, the only surviving copy of the Leechbook of Bald. The manuscript resides in the British Library. (View Larger)
One of the Oldest Medical or Scientific Treatises Written in English
927 – 928
The earliest astrolabe. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Dated Astrolabe
Circa 930
The Book of Judges, chapters 1:15 to 2:1, from the Aleppo Codex. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Manuscript of the Complete Hebrew Bible
Circa 930 – 970
Folio 114v of MS M 652, in the Pierpont Morgan Library. (View Larger)
The Morgan Dioscorides
930 – 960"The Junius Manuscript": An Illustrated Codex of Old English Literature 932 – 953Printing Not to Make Literature More Accessible Circa 950The Massive Byzantine Encyclopedic Dictionary Circa 950
A portrait of Luke on Folio 29v of the Book of Deer. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest Surviving Manuscript Produced in Scotland
Circa 950
Folio 12r of Venetus A. (View Larger)
The Most Famous, and Most Significant Manuscript of the Iliad
Circa 950 – 960
A small sampling of Aldred's gloss of the Gospels. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Translation of the Gospels into English
Circa 950
Folio 30 of suppl. gr. 384, belonging to the Bibliothèque Nationale.
The Palatine Anthology of Greek Poetry
Circa 950 – 1050Block Printing in Arabic in the Tenth or Eleventh Century Circa 950 – 1050The Oldest and Most Important Complete Manuscript of the Mishna Circa 950The Earliest Recorded Book Auction Circa 950The Earliest Evidence of European Acquisition of Islamic Science Circa 950The First Western Medical School Circa 950The Archimedes Palimpsest: Recovering the Lost Mathematics of Archimedes Circa 950The Paris Psalter: The Most Famous Illuminated Byzantine Codex Circa 950A Greek Manuscript Owned and Extensively Annotated by Robert Grosseteste Circa 950Discovery of the Earliest Known Practical Example of Polyphonic Music 960 – 970
Graduale Notkeri Sequentiae Codex 121).
The Oldest Documentation of Occidental Music
Circa 960 – 990The Exeter Book: The Largest Original Collection of Old English Literature June 19, 960
An artwork from the 'Biblia de Leon,' or the Bible of St. Isidore. (View Larger)
Possible Inspiration for Picasso's Guernica?
Circa 961 – 976
A map of the Caliphate of Cordoba circa 1000CE. (View Larger)
A Vast Library at Cordoba in Al-Andalus
The third imperial seal of Otto I, featuring a frontal bust of the emperor. (View Larger)
Foundation of the Holy Roman Empire
970 – 972Foundation of Al-Azhar University 972 – 983
Point A marks Chendu, or Ch'eng-tu, China. (View Larger)
5,048 Printed Volumes Containing 130,000 Pages
Circa 975The Vercelli Book, One of the Four Old English Poetic Codices 976The Earliest Record of the Use of Arabic Numerals in Europe Circa 977 – 993
A portrait of Egbert, Archbishop of Trier, from the Codex Egberti. (View larger)
The Earliest Picture Cycle of the Life of Christ in Manuscript Illumination
Circa 977 – 993The Golden Gospels of Henry VIII 977 – 993The Golden Gospels of Henry VIII: Written by Sixteen Different Scribes Circa 980Muslim Countries Adopt Paper but Not Printing 984
A diagram of an anaclastic lens, reproduced from Ibn Sahl's manuscript, 'On Burning Mirrors and Lenses.' (View Larger)
First Discovery of the Law of Refraction
May 984Gerbert Requests a Latin Transation of an Arabic Text 988 – 990The Earliest Universal Bibliography 994
Song Dynasty Jiaozi, the world's earliest paper money.
The First Printing Encountered by European Travelers
Circa 998 – 1001
Detail from page of the The Gospels of Otto III.  Please click to view entire image.
Possibly the Most Valuable Book in the World
998 – 1030The Oldest Book in Rus', a "Hyper-Palimpsest" of Three Bound Wooden Wax Tablets Circa 1000
The first page of the Beowulf manuscript. (View Larger)
Beowulf: Known from a Unique Medieval Manuscript
Circa 1000
Gerbert d'Aurillac, scholar, teacher, tutor, and counsellor to Otto II and Pope Sylvester II. (View Larger)
The Mathematician Pope Reintroduces the Abacus and Armillary Sphere
Circa 1000
Folio 1 recto of Halper 211, considred to be one of the oldest surviving haggadahs. (View Larger)
The Oldest Surviving Haggadah(s)
Circa 1000
The reconstructions of three Norse buildings are the focal point of this archaeological site, the earliest known European settlement in the New World. The archaeological remains at the site were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.
The First Conclusive Proof that Norsemen Reached North America
Circa 1000The Earliest Use of Catchwords