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Circa 23,000 BCE – 12,000 BCE
Artist rendition of dwelling in Mezhirich, Poland, made of mammoth bones.  Source: Dolní Věstonice Museum. (Click on image to view larger.)
Perhaps the Oldest Surviving Architecture
Circa 9,500 BCE
The Göbekli Tepe, Turkist for 'Potbelly Hill,' is the oldest discovered structure for religious worship. (View Larger)
The Earliest Surviving Human-Made Place of Worship
Circa 3,200 BCE – 2,900 BCE
Cuneiform Writing in Mesopotomia Begins at Uruk in Association with the…
41 CE – 54 CEThe Ostia Synagogue: the Oldest Synagogue in Europe Circa 115 CE – 125 CEThe Library of Celsus at Ephesus Circa 232 CE
Dura-Europos church.
The Earliest Christian House Church, With the Most Ancient Christian Paintings
301 CE – 303 CEThe Oldest State-Built Christian Church 426 CE – 450 CEThe Earliest Image of Codices in a Book Cabinet and Possibly the Earliest Image of a Bookbinding in Wall Art Circa 500 CE – 1554
A page from Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum, depicting a perspective of a house and the boundaries of the property on which it was built. (View Larger)
One of Few Surviving "Scientific" Manuscripts from Late Antiquity
659 – 661
The Abbey at Corbie. (View Larger)
Foundation of Corbie Abbey, Renowned for its Library
Circa 800
Folio f32v of Harley 2767, the document from which most manuscripts of De architectura were copied. (View Larger)
The Archetype of De architectura
820 – 830
The Plan of Saint Gall. (View Larger)
The Only Surviving Major Architectural Drawing from the Fall of the Roman…
June 14, 1144
The west exterior facade of the Abbey of Saint Denis, considered by historians to be the firs building in the Gothic style. (View Larger)
The First Building in the Gothic Style
Circa 1230
Villard's schematic illustration of a perpetual-motion machine. Folio 1 of Fr.19093 preserved at the Bibliotheque Nationale. (View Larger)
The Portfolio of Villard de Honnecourt
1443 – 1452The First Theoretical Work on Architecture Written During the Italian Renaissance 1444
The library at the Dominican Convent of San Marco, designed by Michelozzo. (View Larger)
The First "Public" Library in Renaissance Europe
1444 – 1471Flavio Biondo Writes the First Guidebook to the Ruins of Ancient Rome, Launching the New Archaeology of the Renaissance 1447 – 1452
The entrance to the Biblioteca Malatestiana. (View Larger)
The First European Civic Library; The Only Completely Preserved 15th Century…
1475The First Catalogue of the Vatican Library 1486 – August 16, 1487 Vitruvius, "De architectura", the First Printed Work on Classical Architecture May 22, 1511
 The first printed edition of 'De Architectura,' originally written by Roman architect Marcus Virtuvius Pollio, was printed in Venice in 1511 and contained 136 woodcut illustrations and diagrams.  (View Larger)
Fra Giovanni Giocondo Issues the First Illustrated Edition of Vitruvius
July 15, 1521
Detail of Title Page of De Architectura Libri Dece.  Please click on the image to see the full page.
Cesare Cesariano & Colleagues Interpret Roman Architecture in the Artistic Language of the Renaissance
1541 – 1614The Library of the Painter El Greco and its Influence upon his Art 1560 – 1581Giorgio Vasari Begins Construction of the Uffizi 1571Opening of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana Circa 1587Pope Sixtus V Commissions the Design and Construction of the Vatican Library 1590Architect Domenico Fontana Describes Moving the Obelisk 1784 – 1785"Paper Architect" Etienne-Louis Boullée Envisages In One Gigantic Reading Room the Entire "Memory of the World" June 9, 1807John Thomas Smith Publishes the First Steel-Engraved and the First Lithographed Book Illustrations 1842The Basis for Blueprints 1923The First Suburban Shopping Center Designed for Shoppers Arriving by Automobile 1927Fortunato Depero's "Bolted Catalogue" of Futurist Graphics October 14, 1963The Beinicke Rare Book & Manuscript Library Opens at Yale 1970Negroponte's "The Architecture Machine" is Published 1999Foundation of Designboom October 16, 2002
Bibliotheca Alexandrina exterior
A Modern Analogue to the Greatest Library of the Ancient World
January 2011The First Independently Published Magazine Exclusively for the iPad March 29, 2011The Largest Interior Image: The Strahov Monastery Library July 2011Construction of the Francis Crick Institute Begins October 4, 2012Book Mountain + Library Quarter in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands December 2013"Top Ten New Libraries of 2013" May 8, 2014Visionary Plans for a New City Library in Baghdad