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2,500 BCE – 2,250 BCE
Ebla Tablet
The Palace Archive of Ebla, Syria
2,031 BCE – 2,024 BCEThe Garsana Archive of Cuneiform Tablets is Returned to Iraq 1,500 BCE – 300 BCESurvey of Ancient Libraries and Archives in the Near East Circa 1,360 BCE – 1,330 BCE
ME E29785 of the British Museum: A letter from Burnaburiash, a king of the Kassite dynasty of Babylonia, to Amenhotep IV. The tablet is one of the Amarna Letters. (View Larger)
Archive of Egyptian Diplomatic Correspondence Written in the Diplomatic…
668 BCE – 627 BCE
Knowledge as Power: King Ashurbanipal Forms the Earliest Systematically…
509 BCE – 457 BCEThe Persepolis Administrative Archives Circa 450 BCE – 420 BCEHow Herodotus Used Writing and Messages in his Histories Circa 350 BCE – 250 BCEThe Lead Tablet Archives of the Athenian Cavalry Circa 300 BCE – 350 CEThe Musawwarat Graffiti Archive 237 BCE – 57 BCEThe Archive or Library in the Temple of Edfu Circa 78 BCE
The Roman Tabularium. (View Larger)
The Tabularium, Archives of Republican Rome, is Founded
Circa 350 CE – 650Origins of the Lateran Library, Precursor of the Vatican Library Circa 520 – 585An Archive of Papyri, Including the Oldest Surviving Poems Written by a Known Poet December 1085 – August 1086
The Domesday Book. (View Larger) /></p></a>  <p>William I of England, better known as <a href=
The Domesday Book, Recording the First English Census
July 3, 1194Foundation of the Trésor des Chartes 1198
From one of the registers of Innocent III for the period between 1198 and 1120. ASV, Reg. Vat. 5, f. 84v (detail). (View Larger)
Foundation of the Vatican Registers
From his book, De arte venandi cum avibus (The art of hunting with birds), a portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, flanked by a falcon. (View Larger)
Banning the Use of Paper for Legal Documents
1245 – 1783The Vatican Archives Follow the Movements of the Pope 1253
Henry III, by an unknown artist. (View Larger)
The Domus Conversorum, Later the Public Record Office
1632Baldassare Bonifacio Issues the First Separate Publication on Archives 1666Joachim Johann Maders Issues the First Anthology on Libraries and Library Science 1678The First Published Rules for Archival Operation? 1681Foundation of Palaeography and Diplomatics 1708Bernard de Montfaucon's "Palaeographia Graeca" Coins the Word Palaeography 1777 – 1787Mesmer & the Animal Magnetism Movement: An Archive 1784Thomas Astle Issues the First English History of Paleography and Diplomatics 1790Foundation of the Archives nationales de France January 24, 1791Jeremy Belknap Founds the First Historical Society in the United States February 22, 1821Foundation of the Ecole nationale des chartes 1838Foundation of the Public Record Office 1898Standardization of Archival Practice 1922Jenkinson Publishes A Manual of Archive Administration June 19, 1934Foundation of the U.S. National Achives December 1936Founding of the Society of American Archivists 1938Otto Bettman Founds The Bettmann Archive: the Beginning of "The Visual Age" 1939Fantasies of an All-Encompassing Archive or "Universal Library" 1941Borges' Universe as a Library, or Universal Library or Archive 1947The Society of Archivists (England) is Founded 1950Archival Records Include "Machine-Readable Materials" 1962ICPSR, The Largest Archive of Digital Social Science Data, is Founded at the University of Michigan 1965Theodore Schellenberg Issues "The Management of Archives" is Published August 5, 1968The Vanderbilt Television News Archive is Founded Circa 1970Acquiring New Archival Material at the Rate of 1 Mile per Year April 1, 1976 – December 13, 2011Foundation of Apple Computer and the Origin of the Name 1982The First Formally Recognized Archival Description Standards in the U.S. 1984 – 1986The Digital Domesday Project--Doomed to Early Digital Obsolescence 1987"Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record" 1992The Memory of the World Program September 1, 1994The NSF Digital Libraries Initiative: The Origins of Google December 1994The Task Force on Digital Archiving is Created 1995An Online Searchable Archive of Over 1000 Academic Journals 1996Brewster Kahle Founds the Internet Archive 1998Origins of Australia's Web Archive 1998NARA Begins ERA for Preservation of Digital Archives 1998On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age 1999Storing Public Records Electronically 1999NewspaperARCHIVE.com 2000MINERVA to Preserve Open-Access Web Resources December 21, 2000National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program January 2001The Digital Preservation Coalition January 2001A Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System October 24, 2001"The Wayback Machine" Becomes Operational May 2002Trusted Digital Repositories: Attributes and Responsibilities March 2003Latent Dirichlet Allocation April 14, 2003HIPAA: Privacy of Medical Records, Goes into Effect July 2003
The IIPC logo
Netpreserve.org is Founded
August 12, 2005
Gary Urton with some khipu
The First Intelligible Word from an Extinct South American Civilization?
September 8, 2005
The Lockheed Martin logo
Electronic Records Archives System
September 15 – September 16, 2005Second International Conference on the Preservation of Digital Objects December 2005
The Heritage Preservation logo
The Heritage Health Index Report on the State of America's Collections
2006Data Curation as a Profession February 2006
A screenshot of the D-Lib Magazine homepage
A Research Library Based on Historical Collections of the Internet Archive
March 2006
A screenshot of the ArchiveGrid homepage
Access to Nearly One Million Archive Collection Descriptions
July 1, 2006
The OCLC logo
OCLC Merges with RLG
October 29, 2006
The entrance to the Royal Society of London
The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive
March 10, 2007
Bookshelves inside the Library of Congress
It Could Take 1800 Years to Convert the Paper Records . . . .
September 27, 2007
The National Archives in London
DROID, an Archives Analysis and Identification Tool
November 20, 2008Europeana, the European Digital Library, Museum and Archive is Launched January 28, 2009The BBC Intends to Place 200,000 Oil Paintings on the Internet March 3, 2009The Largest Municipal Archive in Germany Collapses During Underground Construction April 21, 2009The World Digital Library Launches June 1, 2009The WARC Format as an International File Preservation Standard June 4, 2009Costs of Managed Archiving versus Passive Archiving of Data January 2010Biological Journals to Require Data-Archiving April 14, 2010The Library of Congress Will Preserve All "Tweets" January 10, 2011Universal Music Group Donates a "Mile of Music" to the Library of Congress June 6, 2011"Physical Archiving is Still an Important Function in the Digital Era."The Internet Archive Builds an Archive of Physical Books January 2013"Born Digital: Guidance for Donors, Dealers, and Archival Repositories" January 4, 2013The Library of Congress Has Archived 170 Billion Tweets June 13, 2013Launching of "Founders Online" October 25, 2013Launch of "The Zuckerberg Files" January 2014Destruction of Canadian Environmental Libraries August 29, 2014Indexing and Sharing 2.6 Million Images from eBooks in the Internet Archive