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Circa 100 BCEThe Earliest Bookbindings Circa 150 CE – 450 CE
Several of the leather-bound codices of the Nag Hammadi Library. (View Larger)
The Form of the Manuscript Book Gradually Shifts from the Roll to the Codex
300 CE – 350 CE
Codex IV found at Nag Hammadi. (View Larger)
Early Christian Papyrus Codices in Coptic Bindings
384 CE
Saint Jerome. (View Larger)
St. Jerome Criticizes Luxurious Manuscripts
Circa 400 CE
Page 215 of MS G.67, depicting the acts of the apostles. (View Larger)
"The Earliest Evidence for Tooling on a Leather Bookbinding"
406 CE
The mentioned diptych, portraying Emperor Honorius in both panels.
The Oldest Surviving Consular Diptych
426 CE – 450 CEThe Earliest Image of Codices in a Book Cabinet and Possibly the Earliest Image of a Bookbinding in Wall Art Circa 450 CEThe Earliest Treasure Bookcovers: Made of Ivory or Precious Metals Circa 500 CE – 650
The manuscript before and after restoration and repagination. Image from June 2010 edition of The Arts Newspaper. (View Larger)
Possibly the Earliest Surviving Illuminated Christian Manuscripts
Circa 520
A page from the Codex Argenteus. (View Larger)
The Codex Argenteus, The Primary Surviving Example of the Gothic Language
Circa 524 – 1300How the Middle Ages Processed and Recycled Roman Culture Circa 550
The Antioch Chalice, with which the bookcovers were found.
The First Surviving Metal Bookcovers
Circa 560
An image from Codex Amiantinus. (Click to view larger.)
The Scriptorium and Library at the Vivarium
Circa 600
(View Larger)
The Earliest Western Metalwork Bookcovers
York Minster (View Larger)
The Illuminated Gospel Book as a Tool for Evangelization
Circa 650
The binding of the Stonyhurst Gospel. (View Larger)
The Earliest European Book that Survived Completely Intact in its Original…
Circa 650 – 750
MS M.569 of the Pierpont Morgan Library, considered the finest surviving Coptic bookbinding. (View Larger)
The Finest Surviving Coptic Bookbinding
Circa 688 – 716
Folio 5r of Codex Amiatinus, showing Ezra. (View Larger)
The Codex Amiatinus: the Earliest Surviving Complete Bible in the Latin…
715 – 720
Folio 27r of the Lindisfarne Gospels. (View Larger)
Creation of the Lindisfarne Gospels
Circa 750 – 950Early Chinese Bookbinding Techniques as Practiced in Dunhuang 760
The ornate cover on the Lindau Gospels, located in the Pierpont Morgan Library. (View Larger)
One of the Great Treasures of Early Carolingian Metalwork
778 – 820
Folio 72v of the Codex Aureus of Lorsch, depicting Christ. (View Larger)
The Codex Aureus of Lorsch and its Dispersal
Circa 780A Book of Psalms from the Late 8th Century Found in a Bog in 2006 783 – 795
A facsimile of the Dagulf Psalter, also known as the Golden Psalter. (View Larger)
The First Treasure Binding Associated with its Original Codex
794 – 800Used by Charlemagne at his Coronation as Holy Roman Emperor Circa 850Gregory the Great Writing, as Depicted in an Ivory Book Cover 870The Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram Circa 875
The upper cover of the Lindau Gospels. (View Larger)
The Magnificent Upper Cover of the Lindau Gospels
Circa 998 – 1001
Detail from page of the The Gospels of Otto III.  Please click to view entire image.
Possibly the Most Valuable Book in the World
Circa 1025Production of Medieval Arabic Manuscripts 1100 – 1120
Folio 1 of Codex 2527, preserved at the Austrian National Library. (View Larger)
Medieval Handbook of Applied Arts Including Book Production
Circa 1110The Codex Ebnerianus and Early Manuscript Scholarship Circa 1150
(See Larger)
Twelfth Century Images of the Processes in Book Production
Circa 1185 – 1210Limoges Enamel Book Cover Plaque Circa 1300 – 1320Ivory Booklet with Scenes of the Passion Circa 1340The Oldest Known English Public Advertisement 1343A Painted Wood Panel that Once Covered an Account Book 1374 – 1375The Relative Costs of the Components of Medieval Manuscripts 1382Costs for a Missal Produced in 1382 October 29, 1465
Detail of page from Lactantius' Opera containing Greek text.  Please click on link to open and resize larger image showing full page.
Sweynheym & Pannartz Issue the First Dated Book Printed in Italy, Containing the First Printing in Greek
1508 – 1520The Introduction of Pasteboard for the Covers of Bindings Circa 1520 – 1850Some Tentative Observations on Dating Carta Rustica Bindings 1536 – 1541
 In 1536, King Henry VIII formally disbands all monasteries in his realm and seizes their property, including thousands of books and manuscripts, most of which were subsequently lost or destroyed.  (View Larger)
Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries Brings Destruction and Dispersal…
Circa 1550A Sixfold Dos-à-Dos Binding from the Sixteenth Century 1568Jost Amman's Images of Trades and Technologies, with Descriptions in Verse 1612Anselm Faust Writes the Earliest European Manual on Bookbinding 1617Minsheu's "Ductor in Linguas," The First Book Sold by Subscription and the First Book to Include a List of Subscribers 1619Probably the Earliest Records of the Charges for Trade Bindings in England Circa 1650 – 1703
A painting of Samuel Pepys by John Hayls, 1666.
Samuel Pepys' Library: One of the Most Significant Private Libraries Preserved Intact from 17th Century England, in its Original Bookcases
1675Laws of Book Production and the Book Trade 1708Johan Gottfried Zeidler Issues the Earliest Printed Technical Manual on Bookbinding 1736 – 1741Albinus & Ladmiral Issue the First Full Color Printing by the Three-Color Process to Illustrate a Medical or Scientific Book 1741 – 1753Christoph Ernst Prediger Issues the First Exhaustive Manual on Bookbinding 1751 – 1780Diderot & d'Alembert's Encyclopédie, the Central Enterprise of the French Enlightenment 1763Jean-Vincent Capronnier Gauffecourt Issues the First Separately Printed French Treatise on Bookbinding 1785John Pendred Issues the Earliest Directory of the Book Trade in England 1791Earliest Precursor to the Dust Jacket? 1808 – 1827John Dalton Publishes the First Periodic Table of the Elements 1811The First English Book Entirely on Bookbinding 1818 – 1824Mairet Issues a Manual of Lithography, Bookbinding, and Cleaning and Restoring Paper 1819 – 1829The Earliest Known Dust Jacket 1821 – 1825The Earliest Publisher's Cloth Bindings, Issued by William Pickering 1827William Burn Invents The Rolling Press for Bookbinders, the First Machine Used in the Bookbinding Trade 1832 – 1845Exploiting the New Technology of Mechanized Printing, Charles Knight Publishes "The Penny Magazine," Britain's First Low Priced Mass-Circulation Magazine January 1832 – 1833John Murray's "The Works of Lord Byron", the First Gilt-Stamped Cloth Edition Bindings April 7, 1843Michael Faraday on Decay in Leather Bookbindings 1846Alfred Bonnardot Issues the First Book on the Restoration of Rare Books and their Bindings 1857The First Dust Jackets in the Flap-Style on Books Printed in English 1865The First Dust Jacket Issued by a Publisher in the United States 1867Imprimerie Alfred Mame's Spectacular Portrayal of Large Scale Book Manufacturing 1878Morgand & Fatout Issue Perhaps the Earliest Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue Illustrated with Plates Printed in Color 1905Problems with Leather Used in Bookbinding 1927Fortunato Depero's "Bolted Catalogue" of Futurist Graphics 1932Marinetti's Metal Book: "Parole in Liberta . . ." 1953 – November 2011Ray Bradbury's Early Dystopian View of Books: "Fahrenheit 451" November 27, 1968 – February 9, 1969K. G. Pontius Hultén Curates "The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age" : An Art Exhibition May 26, 1975 – 2014Finding Additional Leaves of the Codex Sinaiticus