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397 CE Р1470Augustine on Silent Reading 1790Death by Printing Press in Stockholm Circa 1800Maillardet's Automaton 1832 Р1834The Phenakistoscope, the First Device to Demonstrate the Illusion of a Moving Image 1872 РJune 15, 1878Eadweard Muybridge Produces the First Photographs of Motion 1878Marey Pioneers Recording Scientific Results Graphically 1888 Р1894The First Motion Picture Shot in the United States October 14, 1888"Roundhay Garden Scene": The Earliest Surviving Film 1889 Р1955One of the Most Dramatic Problems in the Preservation of Media October 28, 1892The First Animated Films are Shown Circa 1894 РMarch 19, 1895The First Moving Picture: "Sortie de l'usine Lumi̬re de Lyon" 1894 Р1895The First Known Motion Picture with Live-Recorded Sound: Invention of the Kinetophone January 9, 1894"Fred Ott's Sneeze": The First Silent Movie Copyrighted in the U. S. February 13, 1895The Invention of Cinematography March 22, 1895The First Private Screening of a Motion Picture September 28, 1895The First Public Screening of a Film at the World's First and Oldest Cinema December 28, 1895The First Public Commerical Screening of Films December 1899Perhaps the Earliest Example of Stop-Motion Animation 1906"The Story of the Kelly Gang": The First Full-Length Feature Film 1908Path̩ Invents the Newsreel October 1920Invention of the Theremin June 1923 Р1929From "The Rocket in Interplanetary Space" to "Frau im Mond" October 1927The First Full-Length Film with Synchronized Dialogue 1928"Lights of New York": The First All-Talking Feature Film 1930 Р1931Bob Brown: Visionary of New Reading Machines and Changes in the Process of Reading 1935 РDecember 30, 2010Kodachrome, the First Color Transparency Film for Cinematography and Still Photography, is Developed 1936Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" July 7, 1936The First NBC / RCA Television Broadcast Is Recorded on Film 1937 Р1938Elektro, the Most Famous Robot of the 1930s 1940Glamorous Film Actress Hedy Lamarr Invents Spread-Sprectrum 1941 РNovember 25, 2013The Maltese Falcon Film Prop Sells for $4,085,000 1946Humphrey Bogart and Dorothy Malone Appear in Probably the Most Famous Bookstore Scene in Movie History 1950"Newspaper Story": a Film About Newspaper Production 1952Probably the Best "Book Store" Film Noir June 27, 1952"A Sound of Thunder": Famous Science Fiction Story; Dubious Film 1953 РNovember 2011Ray Bradbury's Early Dystopian View of Books: "Fahrenheit 451" December 12 РDecember 14, 1954One of the Earliest Surviving British Television Dramas 1955 Р1962The Sensorama: One of the First Functioning Efforts in Virtual Reality 1956Television: A Retrospective in 1956 from the RCA / NBC Viewpoint 1956The First Video Tape Recorder 1956Standing up to Censorship and McCarthyism During the "Second Red Scare" 1956"Nineteen Eighty-Four" Filmed 1957The Movie "Desk Set", Satirizing the Role of Automation in Eliminating Jobs, and Librarians 1958
Title sequence from Vertigo; titles designed by Saul Bass; spirographic images contributed by John Whitney.
Animated Title Sequence by Electromechanical Analog Computer
1960The First and Only Use of Smell-O-Vision 1961The IBM 7094 is The First Computer to Sing 1963Edward Zajac Produces the First Computer-Animated Film 1963 – 1966Using his BEFLIX Computer Animation Language, Ken Knowlton Produces "A Computer Technique for the Production of Animated Movies" November 23, 1963The Assassination of John F. Kennedy & its Coverage on Radio & Television 1965Irving John Good Originates the Concept of the Technological Singularity 1968Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke Create "2001: A Space Odyssey" 1968Philip K. Dick Imagines Replicants 1968"Incredible Machine" State of the Art in Computer Generated Film, Graphics and Music in 1968 Circa 1968 – 1985Lee Harrison's Scanimate: The First Widely Applied Analog Computer Animation System August 2 – October 20, 1968Cybernetic Serendipity: The First Widely-Attended International Exhibition of Computer Art 1969 – December 15, 1978David Gregg & James Russell Invent the Laserdisc 1972
Screen capture of Ed Catmull's left hand - from the world's first ever 3D rendered movie created in 1972 by Ed Catmull and Fred Park.
The First 3D Rendered Movie
1973The First Major Film to Use 2D Digital Image Processing 1976The First Major Film to Incorporate 3D Computer Generated Images 1978
"Newsfront": Dramatizing the Transition from Newsreels to TV News
1979 – 1980Vol Libre: The First Fractal CGI Movie 1982"Blade Runner" 1982One of the First Films to Incorporate Computer Graphics 1982The First Completely Computer-Generated (CGI) Cinematic Image Sequence in a Feature Film 1984"The Last Starfighter": One of the First Films to Make Extensive Use of Computer Graphic Imagery 1985The First Fully Computer-Generated Character in a Film 1986Probably the Best Book History and Library Film Set in the Middle Ages 1987"Slow Fires: On the Preservation of the Human Record" 1988The First Computer-Animated Film to Win an Academy Award 1989Invention of "Buffered Media," the Basis for Webcasting 1989The First Film to Win an Academy Award for Computer Generated Images 1990TED: Technology, Entertainment and Design 1991
The T-1000 cyborg as played by Robert Parker.
The First Partially Computer-Generated Main Character
1993Jurassic Park, the First Film to Integrate CGI and Animatronic figures into Live Action Scenes June 1993The Beginning of Video Webcasting over the Internet June 1995"Johnny Mnemonic": The First Film to Portray a Graphic Vision of Cyberspace April 1996 – 2003The First Full-Time Online Webcam Girl September 1996 – March 1997DVDs are Introduced 1998"You've Got Mail", a Movie about Love, Email, and the Book Trade 1998On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age 1999The Matrix: Referencing Cyberpunk and Hacker Cultures 2001
Steven Spielberg
The Film: "A. I. Artificial Intelligence"
July 11, 2001
Hironobu Sakaguchi
The First Attempt to Make a Photorealistic Computer Animated 3D Feature Film
October 1, 2001
The DoCoMo logo
The First 3G Cellular Network
Steven Spielberg
"Minority Report": The Movie
Paul Marino
Machinima is Founded
April 28, 2003
The iTunes interface
Apple Opens the iTunes Store
February 2005
The YouTube logo
"Broadcast Yourself" : YouTube is Founded
April 23, 2005
A screen shot from the first video uploaded to YouTube
The First Video is Uploaded to YouTube
January 24, 2006
The Pixar version of the Disney logo, used in Pixar movies
Disney Acquires Pixar
April 2006 – May 9, 2009
Judson Laipply
The Most Viewed Video on YouTube as of 2009
April 23, 2006The Biggest Music Retailer in the World: Apple's iTune Store July 30 – August 3, 2006Molecular Animation November 6, 2006
Youtube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen
Google Buys YouTube
December 5, 2006
The Reuters logo
Yahoo and Reuters Found "YouWitnessNews"
2008Drama in the Context of a Telephone Exchange (1928) November 21, 2008"From Book Fluency to Screen Fluency, from Literacy to Visuality" April 15, 2009The First Collaborative Online Orchestra April 30, 2009Using YouTube Videos to Study the Origins of Music in Societies December 2009Convergence of Media: Packaging Blu-ray Discs in Books December 10, 2009The Film "Avatar" and Visions of Reality, Virtual and Otherwise October 1, 2010"The Social Network": The Origins of Facebook January 2011The First Independently Published Magazine Exclusively for the iPad May 2011Microsoft Acquires Skype for $8.5 Billion May 2011In May 2011 Netflix was the Largest Source of Internet Traffic in North America September 2011Snapchat: Communication and Automatic Destruction of Information October 5, 2011Steve Jobs Dies December 20, 2011More than One Trillion Videos Were Played Back on YouTube in 2011 April 30, 2012What Makes Spoken Lines in Movies Memorable? December 22, 2012"The Life of Pi": Computer Graphic Animation Indistinguishable from Nature 2013Criticism of Julian Assange and Wikileaks as Reflected in the Film, "The Fifth Estate" February 20, 2013"Billboard" Starts to Include YouTube Streams in its Calculation of the Most Popular Songs of the Week February 23, 2013Drone Pilots Experience Stress Possibly Greater than Actual Combat Pilots February 28, 2013PBS Digital Studios: Will 3D Printing Change the World? April 30, 2013
Screen shot from world's smallest movie:
The World's Smallest Movie
October 27, 2013A Multi-Media Version of an Article in the New York Times Magazine January 2014Animating Classical Representational Paintings May 15, 2014The National September 11 Memorial Museum Opens January 2015The First "Professional" Film Festival Film Shot on an iPhone