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Circa 2,000 BCE – 1,700 BCE
Sides A (left) and B (right) of the Phaistos Disc. (View Larger)
"The World's First Typewritten Document" - James Chadwick
1,600 BCE
The Nebra Sky Disk. (View Larger)
The Nebra Sky Disk
Circa 1150
Detail of page from the Codex Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint James Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint JamesCodex Calixtinus–or Liber Sancti Jacobi / Book of Saint James.
An Illuminated Medieval Travel Guide and Music Compendium
Circa 1304 – 1340
Folio 323r of Codex Manesse: a portrait of Reinmar dictating poetry scribes, one of which bears a wax tablet. (View Larger)
The Use of Manuscript Rolls in the Middle Ages
Circa 1404 – 1438
Several pages from the indecipherable Voynich Manuscript. (View Larger)
The Voynich Manuscript: Uncrackable Code or Great Written Hoax? Progress…
1411 – 1419
The De Virga world map. (View Larger
Medieval Mappa Mundi, Stolen during an Auction
A depiction of the Donation of Constantine in the Apostolic Palace, Vatican City, by an artist of Raphael's studio. (View Larger)
Lorenzo Valla Proves that the Donation of Constantine is a Forgery
February 15, 1493Columbus's Description of the New World: the First Eyewitness Report to Become a Bestseller; in 2016, Reports of a Theft and Forgery of a Copy of the Third Edition 1542Andrew Boorde Issues the First Printed Book to Set Out Rules for a Healthy Diet May 1543The Oldest Surviving Articulated Human Skeleton in Europe, Articulated by Andreas Vesalius November 1609 – March 13, 1610Galileo Issues Images of Revolutionary Discoveries Concerning the Universe; and the Story of a Remarkable Forgery 1639Stephen Dayes Establishes the First Printing Press in North America: No Copies of the First Two Imprints Exist 1665 – 1666Jacques Raveneau Issues the First Book on the Detection of Forged Documents 1675The Beginning of Palaeography 1681Foundation of Palaeography and Diplomatics November 28, 1721Crime and Punishment during the Ancien Regime: The Arrest, Trial and Execution of Cartouche and his Cour des Miracles Gang 1769 – 1836Von Kempelen "Invents" the Chess-Playing Turk & Edgar Allan Poe Compares it to Babbage's Difference Engine No. 1 1790Death by Printing Press in Stockholm Circa 1792 – 1819Jacob Perkins Invents Steel Engraving July 25, 1837 – January 1, 1845Ronalds, Cooke & Wheatstone Develop the First Commercial Electric Telegraph October 1, 1843"The News of the World", a Newspaper for the Newly Literate Working Classes, Begins Publication 1862 – 1863Bibliographer Henry Bradshaw Rebuts Constantine Simonides' Claim that Simonides had Forged the Codex Sinaiticus 1879The First Extensively Used Scientific Method of Criminal Identification October 8, 1880Fingerprints as a System of Identification 1887 – 1889Appleton Publishes Imaginary Historical Biographies 1892Finger Prints as a Means of Identification 1904Probably the First History of Ink, by a Celebrated Questioned Documents Examiner 1933 – 194542,500 Camps and Ghettos Were in Operation During the Holocaust April 6, 1933 – 1945Hitler Seizes Power in Germany and the Nazis Begin Purging Germany of Jews & Jewish Culture, Eventually Burning 100,000,000 Books and Killing About 20 Million People 1945 – 1949The Hinman Collator 1978Probably the First U. S. Legislation against Computer Crimes January 1988Australia Issues the First Polymer Banknote ($10) November 2, 1988The First Computer Worm to Attract Wide Attention January 2, 1996First Recorded Use of the Term, Phishing 1999Nigerian Letter Scams Move to the Internet February 7, 2000
A diagram of a Denial-of-Service Attack.
The First Documented Denial-of-Service Attacks
April 6 – April 12, 2003
The National Museum of Iraq
Looting of the National Museum of Iraq
December 16, 2003
President George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States
The First U.S. Standards for Sending Commercial E-Mail
July 6, 2004
An issue of the Journal of Cell Biology
Image Manipulation in Scientific Publications
August 5, 2008 – March 26, 2010"Computer Criminal Number One" December 23, 2009The Amazon Kindle is Hacked; eBook Digital Rights Management Cracked May 12 – August 22, 2010The Most Successful Art Forger Ever December 8, 2010The Website of MasterCard is Hacked by Wikileaks Supporters July 7 – July 17, 2011Leading British Tabloid Closed Because of Cell Phone Hacking Scandal 2012The Anatomy of an Internet Attack by "Anonymous" April 19, 2012Massive Thefts from the Girolamini Library in Naples; Auction Aborted April 26, 2012During Testimony over a Phone Hacking Scandal Rupert Murdoch Predicts the End of Print News Media February 27, 2014PHEME: A Social Media Lie Detector June 6, 2014Thieves of Gutenberg Bible are Sentenced in Russia