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Circa 10,000 BCEThe Holocene Interglacial Period Begins Circa 3,051 BCE
Bristlecone pinetree nickednamed Methuselah.
The Oldest Non-Clonal, Acknowledged Living Organism
1546Johannes Werner Issues a Pioneering Work on Environmental Science and Meteorology 1661John Evelyn Attacks Air Pollution 1664Argument for Forest Management 1725Luigi Marsigli Issues the First Book Entirely Devoted to Marine Science and First Oceanographic Study of a Single Region 1772Joseph Priestley Discovers that Growing Plants Restore Air Vitiated by Combustion or Respiration 1777Zimmerman Issues the First Textbook on Zoogeography 1779Ingen-Housz Discovers Photosynthesis 1800 – 1802Mathias Koops Issues the First Book Printed on Recycled Paper, with an Appendix Printed on Paper Made from Wood Pulp 1802 – 1818François Antoine Rauch Writes in Harmony with the Modern Ecology Movement 1804Nicholas-Théodore de Saussure Demonstrates that the Carbon Content of Soil is Produced by Vegetation 1805Humboldt & Bonpland Describe Geographical-Ecological Plant Associations 1824Foundation of Animal Ecology 1824First Description of the Greenhouse Effect 1826The First Ecological Experiment; Source of Darwin's Principle of Divergence 1834 – 1841Theory of the Ice Age; Global Cooling and Warming 1838Mathematical Model of a Continuously Growing Population 1846Beginning of the American Conservation Movement September 30, 1847Marsh's First Publication on Ecology 1851 – 1860Henry David Thoreau's "In Wildness is the Preservation of the World." 1855Matthew Maury Writes the First Widely Read 19th Century Textbook of Oceanography and Atmospherics 1857Lorin Blodget Founds of American Climatology and Meteorology August 27, 1859The First Successful Oil Well is Drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania 1861 – 1869Perhaps the First Book on Solar Energy and its Industrial Applications 1864Marsh's "Man and Nature" : Fountainhead of the Conservation Movement 1865Frederick Law Olmsted Presents the Philosophical Justification for Public Preservation of Great Natural Scenery 1869Alfred R. Wallace's "The Malay Archipelago" Describes the Wallace Line 1873Forest and Stream Magazine Promotes Conservation 1876 – December 2012The First Comprehensive Global Study of Zoogeography, Including the first Global Biodiversity Map 1877Pioneering Study of Community Ecology 1886Formation of the National Audubon Society 1887Foundation of Aquatic Ecosystem Science 188977 Windmill Factories Employ 1,100 Workers in the U.S. May 28, 1892The Sierra Club is Founded 1896The First to Quantify the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Greenhouse Effect 1898The Garden City Movement 1907The First Prediction of the Possibility of Man-Made Global Warming 1911Management of Water Pollution 1912The Theory of Continental Drift 1913"Our Vanishing Wild Life" 1916Plant Succession February 4, 1923An Early Vision of Transhumanism, and the First Proposal of a Hydrogen-Based Renewable Energy Economy. 1926The Basic Equations for Two-Species Interactions 1927Animal Ecology Circa 1930 – 1945Hundreds of Thousands of Wind Turbines Power Farms in the U.S. January 21, 1935Foundation of The Wilderness Society 1939 – 1972DDT is Discovered, and Eventually Banned 1942The Birth of Ecosystem Ecology 1949" A Sand County Almanac," Classic of the Environmental Movement December 1954The First Routine Real-Time Numerical Weather Forecasting 1956Proving the Feasibility of Weather Prediction by Numerical Process 1962Rachel Carson Issues "Silent Spring" 1967Robert MacArthur & E.O. Wilson Issue "The Theory of "Island" Biogeography" 1968Stewart Brand Issues "The Whole Earth Catalog": Google and Blogging before the Internet 1970Crutzen Proves that Nitrous Oxide Impacts the Stratospheric Ozone Layer December 28, 1973The Endangered Species Act of 1973 1974Rowland & Molina Suggest that CFCs Deplete the Ozone Layer May 16, 1985Discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole 1987Soy Ink is Introduced 1993The Web's First and Longest Continuously Running Blog 1993 – 2013The Spread of Data-Driven Research From 1993 to 2013 1999Computers Have Not Caused a Reduction in Paper Usage or Printing 2005
Richard Louv
"Last Child in the Woods" : Exploration of Nature Versus Exposure to Media in Childhood
November 20, 2006
The Environmental Protection Agency seal
The EPA Begins to Close its Scientific Libraries
November 30, 2006
Stephen Johnson
Demanding that the U.S. EPA Desist from Destroying its Libraries
December 10, 2009The Film "Avatar" and Visions of Reality, Virtual and Otherwise October 27, 2010Paperbecause.com Makes the Case for Using Paper December 3, 2010Of the Seventy Online Databases that "Define Our Planet", Many are Known Only to Specialists March 2011The Environmental Impacts of eBooks and eBook Readers March 2011Koomey’s Law of Electrical Efficiency in Computing January 2014Destruction of Canadian Environmental Libraries