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Circa 2,000 BCEThe Earliest Representation of an Organized Fighting System 776 BCEThe First Olympic Games Take Place Circa 150 CEThe Earliest European Martial Arts Manual Circa 175 CEPollux's Onomasticon, the Oldest Specimen of Encylopedism Surviving from Antiquity 1007 – 1072
Playing cards existed in China before 1000 AD. Such cards would have been narrow  slips of paper, essentially dominoes with dots imitating the twenty-one  combinations possible with the throw of two dice. Paper was in fact the original  material for dominoes; wood and ivory came later.
Playing Cards: One of the Earliest Forms of Block Printing
1377The Earliest References to Playing Cards in Europe 1418
The Stuttgart Cards. Originally in the collections of the dukes of Bavaria, these are considered amongst the earliest surviving sets of playing cards.  They date from around 1430. A study of the watermarks in the paper revealed that the patper came from the Ravensburg paper mill and was made between 1427 and 1431.
Printing Playing Cards
1435 – 1455
A rendition of the Martyrdom of St. Sebastian by the Master of Playing Cards, preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. (View Larger)
The Earliest Known Artist to Produce Copperplate Engravings
Eighteen cards from a pack of an early form of north Italian playing cards, with the swords back-to-back and curved outwards. Believed to be Venetian, dated 1462.
Card Printing in Venice Has Outside Competition
1486"Book of Hawking, Hunting and Heraldry", the Earliest Work Printed in England to Contain Color Printing June 18, 1744John Newberry Issues the First Printed Book Specifically for the Amusement of Children: No Copies of the First Edition Survive 1769 Р1836Von Kempelen "Invents" the Chess-Playing Turk & Edgar Allan Poe Compares it to Babbage's Difference Engine No. 1 1791Von Kempelen Builds the First Successful Speech Synthesizer June 12, 1817Karl Drais Invents the Two-Wheeled Bicycle- the First Personalized Mechanical Transport 1832 Р1834The Phenakistoscope, the First Device to Demonstrate the Illusion of a Moving Image 1859The First Book on Baseball is Issue Anonymously 1860Henry Chadwick Issues the First Compilation of Baseball Statistics December 1891The Invention of "Basket Ball" (Basketball) 1912 Р1915Torres y Quevedo Invents the First Decision-Making Automaton 1928Von Neumann Invents the Theory of Games 1929The First Flight Simulator 1936 Р1939The Voder, the First Electronic Speech Synthesizer: a Simplified Version of the Vocoder 1940NIMATRON: An Early Electromechanical Machine to Play the Game of Nim 1943Key Developments in Jay W. Forrester's Project Whirlwind 1944Von Neumann & Morgenstern Issue "The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior" 1947"The Cathodre Ray Tube Amusement Device," Probably the Oldest Interactive Electronic Game 1948Norbert Wiener Issues "Cybernetics", the First Widely Distributed Book on Electronic Computing 1950Jule Charney, Agnar Fj̦rtoff & John von Neumann Report the First Weather Forecast by Electronic Computer March 1950Shannon Issues the First Technical Paper on Computer Chess February РOctober 1951One of the Earliest Computer Games May 5, 1951NIMROD: The First Special Purpose Digital Computer Designed to Play a Game 1952The First Graphical Computer Game 1952The First Programmed Chess Game, Played Using a Human Computer 1958The First Video Game: "Tennis for Two" October 1958Game Tree Pruning July 1959Machines Can Learn from Past Errors 1962Spacewar, the First Computer Game for a Commercially Available Computer November 1962"The potential contributions of computers depend upon their use by very human human beings." December 1962General Motors and IBM Develop the First CAD Program 1963Ivan Sutherland Creates the First Graphical User Interface 1965 Р1969The TUTOR Programming Language for Education and Games 1968Ivan Sutherland and Bob Sproull Create the First Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display System 1968Evans & Sutherland Commercialize the Use of Computers as Simulators September 1971"Galaxy Game", the Earliest Coin-Operated Computer or Video Game November 1971"Computer Space," the First Commercially Sold Coin-Operated Video Game May 24, 1972Magnavox Odyssey, the First Home Video Game Console, Uses a TV Screen as a Display September 1972Pong: The First Commercially Successful Video Game December 7, 1972SPACEWAR: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums 1973 Р1974Maze War, the First Networked 3D Multi-User First Person Shooter Game 1974 Р1975The First Computer Role-Playing Game: Dungeons & Dragons 1975 Р1989Origins & Early Development of PostScript and Scalable Digital Type Fonts at Xerox PARC and Adobe Systems 1975 Р1976"Adventure," the First Computer Text Adventure Game Circa 1975The Warez Scene Emerges 1975"Home Pong" is Released 1975One of the First GPU's 1977Atari Introduces the First Successful Video Game Console Using Plug-in Cartridges 1977The First Multi-Player Computer Games Evolve on the Plato IV-V System 1977 Р1979The Interactive Text Adventure Game "Zork" 1977The First Hand-Held Entirely Digital Electronic Game 1979 Р1980The First Graphical Computer Adventure Game January 1980The First Flight Simulator Program for a Personal Computer May 22, 1980Pac-Man is Introduced 1982 Р1989The DataGlove, a Hand Gesture Interface Device August 1982The First Cheap Home Computer, and the Best-Selling Computer of its Time November 1982Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 1983"Dial-a-Game": the Earliest Origins of America Online (AOL) 1985Avatar in the Context of Online Representation of a User 1985Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. 1985Kasparov Defeats 32 Different Chess Computers 1988The First Computer Games Developers Conference 1990The Electronic Frontier Foundation is Founded 1993"Doom" is Introduced 1994The First Defeat of a Human Champion by a Computer in a Game Compeition 1994 Р1996Nintendo's "Virtual Boy": the first Mass-Produced Virtual Reality Game System October 31, 1994Steve Jackson Games v. U.S. Secret Service December 3, 1994PlayStation is Launched May 11, 1997Kasparov Loses to Deep Blue: The First Time a Human Chess Player Loses to a Computer Under Tournament Conditions June 1998The First "Advanced" or "Freestyle" or "Centaur" Chess Event December 23, 1998"Where's George?" Begins July 11, 2001
Hironobu Sakaguchi
The First Attempt to Make a Photorealistic Computer Animated 3D Feature Film
November 15, 2001
The original Xbox
Microsoft's Xbox is Launched
Paul Marino
Machinima is Founded
Linden Lab logo
"Second Life" is Launched
May 2003 – May 2009
Grand Text Auto logo
"Grand Text Auto" A Group Blog
March 31, 2005
The PS1
Sony's Playstation and PS1 Are the First Game Console to Sell 100 Million Units
May 19, 2005 – April 16, 2006"Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!," the First Commercial NeuroGame February 2, 2006
The cover of the 200th issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly
"The Greatest 200 Videogames of Their Time"
February 6 – February 10, 2006
The Department of Homeland Security seal
The "Cyber Storm" War Game
April 29, 2007
Jonathan Shaeffer with a checkers board after
Checkers is "Solved"
March 2008Game-Based Learning for Virtual Patients March 10 – March 14, 2008Cyber Storm II April 22, 2009The TV Show "Jeopardy" Provides a Good Model of the Semantic Analysis and Integration Problem April 27, 2009IBM's Watson Question Answering System Challenges Humans at "Jeopardy" June 14, 2009Employment in the Field of Simulation January 4, 2010"Whatever Happened to Second Life?" January 9, 2010"The World's First Full-Size Robotic Girlfriend" November 4, 2010Kinect for Xbox is Introduced February 14 – February 16, 2011IBM's Watson Question Answering System Defeats Humans at Jeopardy! November 2011Texting During the Climb up El Capitan in Yosemite January 17, 2013The Youngest Person to Create a Mobil Game App May 1 – May 2, 2013The First NeuroGaming Conference Takes Place December 9, 2013U.S. and British Spies Infiltrated "World of Warcraft" and "Second Life" December 27, 2013"The Internet Archive Console Living Room" Hosts Video Games from the '70s & '80s February 9 – March 10, 2014The KUKA KR AGILUS in a Table Tennis Match Against Timo Boll March 25, 2014Facebook Acquires Oculus VR, Designer and Builder of Virtual Reality Headsets January 8, 2015A Computer Masters Heads-up Limit Texas Hold 'em Poker January 27, 2016DeepMind's AI Algorithm Masters the Ancient Game of Go March 16, 2016
What Google's DeepMind Learned in Seoul with AlphaGo