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The seal of the Guild of Stationers.
The Guild of Stationers is Founded
1403 – 1408
A page of the Yongle Encyclopedia. (View Larger)
The Yongle Encyclopedia in 11,095 Volumes, Organized Following a Rhyming…
Circa 1404 – 1438
Several pages from the indecipherable Voynich Manuscript. (View Larger)
The Voynich Manuscript: Uncrackable Code or Great Written Hoax? Progress…
Circa 1410 – 1430The Bedford Hours and its History Circa 1415 – 1420Portable Medieval English Information Retrieval Device Circa 1415 – 1421One of the Oldest Surviving Collections of English Part Music April 5, 1422 – June 2, 1430The Alba Bible, A Spectacular Record of Religious Tolerance Circa 1430The Aztec Emperor Itzcoatl Orders the Burning of All Historical Codices July 31, 1437Description of Textile Printing and Manuscript Illumination as Well as Painting Circa 1440 – 1475From About 1440 -1470 the Production of Manuscript Books Increased; From 1471 to 1490, with the Increase of Printed Book Production, Manuscript Book Production Declined 1440Vespasiano da Bisticci, Leading Bookseller of Florence Before the Era of Print 1441 – 1473"The Imitation of Christ" Circa 1442Origins of the Three-Period Framework of History: Ancient, Middle Ages, and Modern Circa 1449 – 1472
Detail of painting showing presentation by Jean Miélot to
The Most Extensively Portrayed Late Medieval Scribe and Author
1450 – 1571
A woodcut from the Nuremburg Chronicle, showing Erfurt, 1493.
The Library of Hartmann Schedel, One of the Largest Libraries Formed by an Individual in the 15th Century
Circa 1450
The Göttingen Model Book, dating to the mid-15th century, contains instructions for the ornamentation of books and the creation of pigments. These methods can be seen in practice in several early Gutenberg Bibles. (View Larger)
Model Book for Manuscript and Printed Book Illumination
1450 – 1460
Detail of page from Philip the Good's Book of Hours.  Please click to view entire image.
The Hours of Philip the Good, Illuminated with Miniatures Using the Grisaille Technique
1450 – 1600A Summary of Printed Outputs Throughout Europe, 1450-1600