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Circa 1450
The Göttingen Model Book, dating to the mid-15th century, contains instructions for the ornamentation of books and the creation of pigments. These methods can be seen in practice in several early Gutenberg Bibles. (View Larger)
Model Book for Manuscript and Printed Book Illumination
1450 – 1460
Detail of page from Philip the Good's Book of Hours.  Please click to view entire image.
The Hours of Philip the Good, Illuminated with Miniatures Using the Grisaille Technique
1452 – 1455
The self-portrait miniature painted by Jean Fouquet.
Jean Fouquet Paints the Earliest Portrait Miniature and Possibly the Earliest Formal Self-Portrait
April 4, 1452 – July 9, 1453
The Giant Bible of Mainz, copied by hand in large characters as to be read from a lectern, shares many artistic characteristics with the Gutenberg Bible, and may haver served as a model for it. (View Larger)
The Giant Bible of Mainz: Possibly the Model for the Typography in the…
Circa 1465 – 1475
The panel painting by Hans Memling depicting the Annunciation, with Mary reading from a manuscript. (Click on the image to view larger.)
Depiction of Mary Reading from a Manuscript Book by Hans Memling
Circa 1470Three Ways that Printing Changed Manuscript Culture 1475The First Catalogue of the Vatican Library 1478Leonardo Builds a Programmable Mechanical Automaton February 1 – October 25, 1483Printed on Vellum and Illuminated by Girolamo da Cremona, and Others Circa 1485 – 1516Leonardo's Anatomical Drawings Circa 1485An Early Depiction of a Child Crumpling the Pages of a Book February 11, 1486Breydenbach's "Peregrinatio in terram sanctam", the First Illustrated Travel Book: An International Bestseller 1487 – 1488Discovery of a Lost Painting by Michelangelo? Circa 1490The Macclesfield Alphabet Book, the Most Complete Pattern Book from Medieval Britain June 12 – December 23, 1493The Nuremberg Chronicle 1494Probably the Earliest European Depiction of Native Americans February 11, 1494Sebastian Brant's "Book Fool", and Others Circa 1499The Persistence of Illuminated Manuscript Production Fifty Years After the Introduction of Printing February 18, 1499The First Illustration of a Printing Office & Bookshop in a Printed Book Circa 1500Leonardo's Lost Painting, "Salvator Mundi", Discovered Circa 1500 – 1520The Rothschild Prayerbook is Illuminated