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1450 – 1571
A woodcut from the Nuremburg Chronicle, showing Erfurt, 1493.
The Library of Hartmann Schedel, One of the Largest Libraries Formed by an Individual in the 15th Century
Circa 1450
The Göttingen Model Book, dating to the mid-15th century, contains instructions for the ornamentation of books and the creation of pigments. These methods can be seen in practice in several early Gutenberg Bibles. (View Larger)
Model Book for Manuscript and Printed Book Illumination
April 30, 1451
A hall of the Vatican Library. (View Larger)
Establishment of the Vatican Library
June 29, 1456
Johannes Gutenberg printed the only surviving copy of the Bulla Thurcorum, which instituted special prayers for Christians during the Turkish encroachment in the Balkans as part of an effort to galvanize European unity in preparation for another Crusade. (View Larger)
The Bulla Turcorum of Calixtus III, of Which One Copy Survives
Circa 1459 – 1461
The 36-line Bible, the second printed edition, was most likely published in Bamberg, Germany, around 1458-1460. No printers name appears in the book, but Johannes Gutenberg may have been involved in its publication. (View Larger)
The 36-Line Bible is Published
The Latin Bible printed by Johannes Mentelin in Strassbourg before 27 June 1466. ISTC No.: ib00624000.
Johannes Mentelin Issues the Second Printed Edition of the Bible
June 1469 – September 1470
A portrait of Peter Schoffer.
Peter Schöffer Issues the Earliest Surviving Book List Issued by a Printer
This edition of Roberto Valturio's 'De re militari' contains the first woodcuts on a scientific subject, used not for artistic embellishment but for diagraming and explanation. (View Larger)
"De re militari", the First Printed Book on Technology with the First Woodcuts…
1473The First Printed Edition of "Philobiblon": Collecting, Preserving and Handling Books 1474The Library of Giovanni di Marco da Rimini, Possibly the Earliest Physician's Library Preserved Intact 1476Aristotle's "De animalibus", the First Printed Compilation of Works on Biology July 24, 1476The Kennicott Bible, the Most Lavisly Illuminated Hebrew Bible to Survive from Medieval Spain December 10, 1478
Page from Arte dell'Abbaco. 
This unpretentious little book could almost be taken as a symbol of the third component in the collection of George A. Plimpton:
"Arte dell’Abbaco", the First Dated Printed Book on Arithmetic and the Operation of the Abacus
1487 – 1488Discovery of a Lost Painting by Michelangelo? Circa 1490The Macclesfield Alphabet Book, the Most Complete Pattern Book from Medieval Britain February 11, 1494Sebastian Brant's "Book Fool", and Others Circa 1496The First English Book Printed on Paper Made in England Circa 1500Leonardo's Lost Painting, "Salvator Mundi", Discovered Circa 1500 – 1520The Rothschild Prayerbook is Illuminated