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1650John Dury Writes the First Book on Librarianship in English Circa 1650 – 1703
A painting of Samuel Pepys by John Hayls, 1666.
Samuel Pepys' Library: One of the Most Significant Private Libraries Preserved Intact from 17th Century England, in its Original Bookcases
1650Possibly the Earliest High-Level Printed Scientific Book Written by a Woman 1651
The title page of Le Cuisinier Francois, by Francois Pierre de La Varenne, 1680.
La Varenne Writes the Founding Text of Modern French Cuisine
1660David Teniers the Younger Publishes the First Published Illustrated Catalogue of an Art Collection 1661 – 1663John Eliot Issues First Complete Bible Published in the Western Hemisphere 1664Argument for Forest Management 1665Robert Hooke's Graphic Portrayal of the Hitherto Unknown Microcosm January 5, 1665Journal des sçavans: The First Scientific Journal Begins Publication March 6, 1665The Oldest Continuous Journal of an Academy of Science Begins Publication 1666The First Treatise on Chemistry Written by a Woman 1667The First Medical or Scientific Publication in North America, Known from a Single Surviving Copy August 17, 1667Construction of Samuel Pepys's Bookshelves -- Among the Earliest Extant 1668
Frontpiece detail from Les maladies des femmes grosses et accouchées.  Please click on link below to view and resize image of entire page.
François Mauriceau Founds the Science of Obstetrics
1670"On the Burning of a Library": A Work of Self-Consolation 1670The First Print Surviving from New England 1675Laws of Book Production and the Book Trade October 31, 1676The First Book Auction in England 1677The First Map Engraved and Published in New England 1681The First Scientific Book Written by a Native Latin American to be Published in the Western Hemisphere 1683 – 1684Joseph Moxon Issues the First Comprehensive Printing Manual 1684 – 1692The First Hieroglyphic Bible for Children 1684Aristotle's Masterpiece 1684 – 1718The First Book Review Journal: an Early Long-Distance Intellectual Community and Social Network 1687 – 1690The First Reading Primer Designed for the American Colonies 1693The First Book Catalogue Published in America 1697The First Country-Wide Printed Union Catalogue of Manuscripts 1697The First Printed Facsimile of a Manuscript