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1706 Athanasius al-Dabbas Publishes the First Books Printed in Arabic in the Middle East July – December 1706The Bigot Sale, the First Book Auction Conducted in Paris for Which a Catalogue was Printed 1708Bernard de Montfaucon's "Palaeographia Graeca" Coins the Word Palaeography 1709The Statute of Anne: The First Copyright Statute 1710Paul Pater Issues Perhaps the Earliest Treatise on the Typography of a Nation 1714Henrich Gottleib Titz Writes about the Theuerdanck: Probably the First Monograph on a Single Rare Book 1716Johann Conrad Zeitner Describes Famous Proofreaders and Press Correctors 1723Martin-Dominique Fertel Issues the First Major French Manual on Printing and the First Book on Book Design 1723 – 1743The Bernard-Picard Collaboration: the First Global View of Religion 1727Sultan Ahmet III Permits Printing of Secular Topics in Istanbul While Protecting its More than 4000 Scribes 1729Ibrahim M├╝teferrika Issues the First Book Printed by Muslims Using Movable Type 1729Ibrahim M├╝teferikka Issues the First Illustrated Book Printed by Muslims 1729Isaac Greenwood Issues the First American Textbook on Mathematics January 1731Edward Cave Founds "The Gentleman's Magazine," the First General-Interest Periodical and the First to Use the Word "Magazine" to Indicate a Storehouse of Knowledge 1736 – 1741Albinus & Ladmiral Issue the First Full Color Printing by the Three-Color Process to Illustrate a Medical or Scientific Book 1737 – 1738Thomas Osborne Issues "The British Librarian", the First Periodical Published in English on Rare Books & Manuscripts 1738Johan Adam Schmid Issues the First "Full-Fledged Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue" 1739Bernard de Montfaucon Issues the First Continent-Wide Union Catalogue of Manuscripts 1739William Ged's Issues an Incunabulum of Printing from Stereotype Plates January 1741"American Magazine" & "The General Magazine," the First Magazines Published in North America: Both Very Short-Lived April 11, 1744Benjamin Franklin Issues the First American Trade Catalogues June 18, 1744John Newberry Issues the First Printed Book Specifically for the Amusement of Children: No Copies of the First Edition Survive 1747Hannah Glasse's "The art of Cookery", Probably the Most-Widely Read English Cookery Book of the 18th Century