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1800Phasing Out Latin as the International Language Circa 1800 – 1820The Gradual Disappearance of the Long S in Typography 1800 – 1802Mathias Koops Issues the First Book Printed on Recycled Paper, with an Appendix Printed on Paper Made from Wood Pulp 1801The First Edition of the Qur'an Printed by Muslims is Issued in Kazan 1802Bowditch Issues the "New American Practical Navigator" 1802George Howe Issues the First Book Printed in Australia March 5, 1803George Howe Begins Publication of the "Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser", the First Newspaper in Australia April 1803 – March 1804The First World Atlas Printed by Muslims 1806 – 1828Noah Webster Compiles the First Dictionary of American English January 10, 1806The First Illustration is Printed in "The Times" of London June 9, 1807John Thomas Smith Publishes the First Steel-Engraved and the First Lithographed Book Illustrations 1808 – 1827John Dalton Publishes the First Periodic Table of the Elements 1810 – 1865Brunet Compiles "Manuel du libraire," "The Best and Last of the General Rare Book Bibliographies" 1813John William Lewin Issues the First Illustrated Book Published in Australia 1817Thomas Gilpin Sets Up the First Papermaking Machine in America, & the First Items Printed on his Machine-Made Paper 1818Cornelius Van Winkle Issues the First American Printer's Manual 1818 – 1824Mairet Issues a Manual of Lithography, Bookbinding, and Cleaning and Restoring Paper 1819
William Lawrence
William Lawrence Describes the Natural History of Man
1819 – 1829The Earliest Known Dust Jacket July 1819The First Lithograph Printed in the United States 1820"The Book of Life: A Bibliographical Melody" 1822William Church Invents the First Machine for Type Composition 1822The First American Book with Lithographed Illustrations December 1822The First Indigenous Arabic Press in Egypt 1823William Clowes Introduces High Speed Printing in Book Production 1823 – 1826The Double Publication of the Double Elephant Folio of Anatomy 1825 – 1842The English Church Missionary Society Establishes a Press in Malta to Print Books in Arabic & Turkish Circa 1825Roughly 600 Books Year are Produced in the U.K. 1827William Burn Invents The Rolling Press for Bookbinders, the First Machine Used in the Bookbinding Trade 1827The First "Leaf Book" 1828The First "Livre d'Artiste," Illustrated by Delacroix 1829The First Illustrated Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue 1830 – 1853The First Attempt Since that of Montfaucon (1739) to Publish a Union Catalogue of Manuscripts in European Libraries 1831Writer & Publisher Charles Knight Explains How Mechanized Printing Delivers Information Faster & at Costs Affordable to All 1832 – 1835Babbage's "On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures" Begins Operations Research 1832Yisrael & Nissan Bak Operate the First Press in Palestine Since About 1577 1832 – 1833Janos Bolyai Independently Invents Non-Euclidean Geometry 1832 – 1837The First Lithographed Books Printed in Persia are Issued 1832 – 1845Exploiting the New Technology of Mechanized Printing, Charles Knight Publishes "The Penny Magazine," Britain's First Low Priced Mass-Circulation Magazine 1832The Earliest Known Printed Dust Jacket (Now Lost) January 1832 – 1833John Murray's "The Works of Lord Byron", the First Gilt-Stamped Cloth Edition Bindings 1833The First Great American Contribution to Physiology 1834 – 1835The First Commercially Viable Method of Color Printing 1835The First Complete Printed Edition in Arabic of the Thousand and One Nights 1836Probably the First Book on a Secular Subject Printed in Arabic in Middle East 1836The First Comprehensive Guide to Collecting Autographs 1837 – 1871Sir Thomas Phillipps, the Greatest Private Collector of Manuscripts in the 19th Century, and Maybe Ever 1838 – 1845Charles Knight Invents "Illuminated Printing" & Offers Printed Color Plates at a Low Price for the Mass Market October 19 – October 25, 1839George Bradshaw Issues the First Railway Timetable 1840 – 1842Young & Delcambre's "Pianotype" : The First Composing Machine That Was Actually Used, and the First Books Printed from its Typesetting 1840Exceptionally Wide Commemoration of the Quatercentenary of Gutenberg 1841The First American Book with Chromolithographed Illustrations October 1841 – October 25, 1845The Invention of Anastatic Printing Enables Inexpensive Facsimiles and Pirated Editions May 14, 1842"The Illustrated London News", the First Fully Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, Begins Publication December 17, 1842"Family Herald", The First Periodical Typeset, Printed and Bound Entirely by Machine, Begins Publication 1843 – 1844One of the Earliest Photographs of Books 1843 – 1865Possibly the First Book Written During Hand Typesetting Rather than on Paper October 1843 – 1853The First Book Illustrated with Photographs 1844 – 1845Foundation of Microphotography; Landmark in Hematology, Oncology, and Pathology June 1844 – April 1846The First Photographically Illustrated Book Commercially Published. 1847 – 1854George Boole Develops Boolean Algebra November 1, 1848The Railroad also Becomes an Information Distribution Network 1849Application of Jacquard Punched Paper Technology to Typesetting Machinery 1850 – 1937Incunabula of the Zulu Language, and a Zulu Beadwork Love Letter