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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1800 - 1850   |   Theme: Book Illustration


1801William Playfair Invents the Pie Chart January 10, 1806The First Illustration is Printed in "The Times" of London June 9, 1807John Thomas Smith Publishes the First Steel-Engraved and the First Lithographed Book Illustrations 1810 – 1865Brunet Compiles "Manuel du libraire," "The Best and Last of the General Rare Book Bibliographies" 1813John William Lewin Issues the First Illustrated Book Published in Australia 1818 – 1824Mairet Issues a Manual of Lithography, Bookbinding, and Cleaning and Restoring Paper July 1819The First Lithograph Printed in the United States 1822The First American Book with Lithographed Illustrations 1823 – 1826The Double Publication of the Double Elephant Folio of Anatomy 1825 – 1842The English Church Missionary Society Establishes a Press in Malta to Print Books in Arabic & Turkish 1828The First "Livre d'Artiste," Illustrated by Delacroix 1831Writer & Publisher Charles Knight Explains How Mechanized Printing Delivers Information Faster & at Costs Affordable to All 1832 – 1837The First Lithographed Books Printed in Persia are Issued 1832 – 1845Exploiting the New Technology of Mechanized Printing, Charles Knight Publishes "The Penny Magazine," Britain's First Low Priced Mass-Circulation Magazine 1838 – 1845Charles Knight Invents "Illuminated Printing" & Offers Printed Color Plates at a Low Price for the Mass Market 1841The First American Book with Chromolithographed Illustrations October 1843 – 1853The First Book Illustrated with Photographs 1844 – 1845Foundation of Microphotography; Landmark in Hematology, Oncology, and Pathology June 1844 – April 1846The First Photographically Illustrated Book Commercially Published. 1846The First Periodical Issued With a Mounted Paper Photograph