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1850 – 1937Incunabula of the Zulu Language, and a Zulu Beadwork Love Letter 1854 – July 1857Paul Pretsch's "Photographic Art Treasures," the First Book of Printed Reproductions of Photographs 1854Mirza Mohammad-Vali Hakimbashi Introduces Western Anatomical Illustration into Persian Culture 1855Isaiah Deck Describes the Production of Mummy Paper in Nineteenth Century America December 22, 1855The "Illustrated London News" Christmas Supplement, the First Newspaper Printed in Color 1857Hugh Miller Issues the First Book to Include a Photograph of its Author 1857The First Dust Jackets in the Flap-Style on Books Printed in English 1858Perhaps the Earliest Australian Type Specimen and Trade Catalogue 1859 – 1861"Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management": One of the Major Publishing Successes of the 19th Century 1859Edward Edwards Issues the First Comprehensive Account of the Development of Libraries November 24, 1859
The title page of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection"
1865The First Dust Jacket Issued by a Publisher in the United States 1865 – 1867 The Role of Women as Typesetters in the French Printing Industry 1867The Surgeon General's Library & Museum Are Moved to the Site of Lincoln's Assassination 1867Imprimerie Alfred Mame's Spectacular Portrayal of Large Scale Book Manufacturing July 25 – November 29, 1872Henry Stevens Calls for a Central Bibliographical Bureau Which Would Also Store Images 1873 – 1874Robert Clark Kedzie Issues "Poisonous Papers," and a Poisonous Book Published in an Edition of 100 Copies 1873 – 1950Anthony Comstock Founds the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice and Lobbies for Passage of the "Comstock Law" March 4, 1873 – September 23, 1889The "Daily Graphic" of New York, Probably the First Illustrated Daily Newspaper, Begins Publication 1874Francis Amasa Walker Issues The First National Thematic Atlas June 30, 1875The "New York Tribune" Publishes the First Significant Series of Illustrations in a Daily Newspaper