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June 30, 1875The "New York Tribune" Publishes the First Significant Series of Illustrations in a Daily Newspaper 1876 Р1877"Street Life in London": Pioneering Social Documentary Photography as a Form of Photojournalism 1877The First American Bibliography on the History of Printing June 30 РSeptember 1, 1877The Caxton Quadricentennial Celebration: Probably the Largest Exhibition on the History of Printing Ever Held; Collecting its Publications 1878Morgand & Fatout Issue Perhaps the Earliest Antiquarian Bookseller's Catalogue Illustrated with Plates Printed in Color November 1878The First Telephone Directory is Published in New Haven, Connecticut 1882 Р18843,500,000 Quotations on Individual Slips of Paper 1883 РJuly 15, 1885Invention of the Linotype 1884Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions January 23, 1884Foundation of The Grolier Club February 1, 1884 РApril 19, 1928The O E D Finally Begins Publication 1886 Р1887A Prayerbook Entirely Woven by the Jacquard Loom July 3, 1886The "New York Daily Tribune" Publishes the First Application of the Linotype September 5, 1886"Le Journal Illustr̩" Publishes the First Photo-Interview 1887 Р1889Appleton Publishes Imaginary Historical Biographies 1887"The Tribune Book of Open-Air Sports", the First Book Typeset by Linotype 1890"How the Other Half Lives": Pioneering Photojournalistic Muckraking 1892 Р1900The Earliest Miniature Printed Editions of the Qur'an 1894The Press on which William Morris Printed the Kelmscott Chaucer is Sold, Again 1896 Р1902The Largest and Most Diverse Collection of Medieval Manuscripts in the World May 1897Mallarm̩: Experimentation with the Relationship Between the Word and the Printed Page February 1898The Cumulative Book Index November 4, 1899The Last Great Original Work in Science to be Published First as a Monograph Rather than in a Scientific Journal