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1876The Earliest Exhibition Exclusively of Scientific Instruments 1876 – 1961The First Truly Comprehensive Subject Index of the Published Literature of Any Science 1876 – December 2012The First Comprehensive Global Study of Zoogeography, Including the first Global Biodiversity Map 1877Pioneering Study of Community Ecology 1877The First Supersonic Image; The Mach Angle and Mach Number 1878Marey Pioneers Recording Scientific Results Graphically 1879The First Extensively Used Scientific Method of Criminal Identification 1879Index Medicus Begins 1880Could Life From Other Planets Have Been Carried to Earth by Meteorites? October 8, 1880Fingerprints as a System of Identification November 5, 1882Richard Owen Calls Darwin the "Copernicus of Biology" 1884Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions 1884The First Scientific Study of the Effects of Cocaine 1885"Memory: A Contribution to Experimental Psychology" 1886 – 1901Isolation of Nucleic Acid & Naming its Five Constituent Organic Compounds September 5, 1886"Le Journal IllustrĂ©" Publishes the First Photo-Interview 1887Hertz Proves the Existence of Electromagnetic Waves 1887Foundation of Aquatic Ecosystem Science 1888Historical Graphic Interpretation of Man's Quest for Knowledge of the Universe 1889The First Textbook of Mechanical Flight 1892Electromagnetic Waves: the Basis for Radio 1892Finger Prints as a Means of Identification 1894The First Organized and Published Collection of Aviation Research 1894"The Enzyme and Substrate Must Fit Each Other Like a Lock and a Key" 1895Invention of Radio 1895The Origin of Psychoanalysis November 8, 1895Rontgen Discovers X-Rays 1896The First to Quantify the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on the Greenhouse Effect 1897The First Cathode Ray Tube 1898Prediction of the Polypeptide Nature of the Protein Molecule November 4, 1899The Last Great Original Work in Science to be Published First as a Monograph Rather than in a Scientific Journal 1900David Hilbert's "Mathematische Probleme" 1900Foundation of Quantum Theory 1900
Hugo de Vries
Rediscovery and Confirmation of Mendel's Laws Simultaneously by Three Scientists