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Circa 1875
Detail of image from Baldwin's Calculating Machine. See larger image and resize image for complete picture.
Baldwin & Odhner Invent Calculators Using a True Variable-Toothed Gear
Thomas Edison's electric pen.
Edison Invents the "Electric Pen": Forerunner of the Mimeograph
1876The Earliest Exhibition Exclusively of Scientific Instruments February – May 10, 1876Bell Invents and Patents the Telephone March 4, 1877Emile Berliner Invents the Microphone June 30 – September 1, 1877The Caxton Quadricentennial Celebration: Probably the Largest Exhibition on the History of Printing Ever Held; Collecting its Publications August 12, 1877Edison Invents the Phonograph 1878
Remington Standard 2 typewriter.
Allowing the Typing of Both Upper and Lower Case Letters
June 1878Edison Describes Future Uses for his Phonograph 1879The Incandescent Light Bulb is Invented 1880George Carey Invents One of the Earliest Systems of Television Transmission 1880Adriano de Paiva Issues the First Separate Publication on Television April 1, 1880The First Wireless Telephone Communication 1882 – 1883
Ritty and Birch's
The Cash Register is Patented
1883 – July 15, 1885Invention of the Linotype 1884
Advertisement from 1889 for the Edison-Dick Mimeograph.
The Mimeograph: The First Widely Used Duplicating Machine
1884"La Marquise", The World's Oldest Running Automobile, is Sold Circa February 12, 1884Development of an Efficiently Functioning Fountain Pen 1885Daimler Invents the Internal Combustion Engine 1885The First Automobile 1886 – 1887A Prayerbook Entirely Woven by the Jacquard Loom July 3, 1886The "New York Daily Tribune" Publishes the First Application of the Linotype 1887The Flat Disc Gramophone June 7, 1887 – 1899Tolbert Lanston Invents the Monotype Machine 1888 – 1894The First Motion Picture Shot in the United States 1889 – 1955One of the Most Dramatic Problems in the Preservation of Media 1889The Most Complete Work on Babbage's Computers 188977 Windmill Factories Employ 1,100 Workers in the U.S. 1889The First Textbook of Mechanical Flight 1893
Millionaire mechanical calculator.
The Millionaire Calculator
1893 – 1894The First Production Automobiles September 1893The First International Exhibition of Mathematical Devices September 21, 1893 – 1895The First Successful Gas-Engine Automobile Built in the United States 1894The First Organized and Published Collection of Aviation Research 1895The First Mainline Railway is Electrified February 13, 1895The Invention of Cinematography 1896The Monotype Converts to Hot-Metal Casting August 21, 1897 – 1901The First Automobile Assembly Line