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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1940 - 1950   |   Theme: Computer & Calculator Design / Architecture


1940NIMATRON: An Early Electromechanical Machine to Play the Game of Nim August – December 1940The Design and Principles of John Atanasoff's ABC Machine, and What John Mauchly Knew About It June 1941 – October 2, 1955Key Events in the Development of the First General Purpose Electronic Digital Computer, the ENIAC 1943IBM's Vacuum Tube Multiplier, the First Complete Machine to Perform Arithmetic Electronically 1943Key Developments in Jay W. Forrester's Project Whirlwind 1943 – 1960MTAC: The First Computing Journal September 1943The Bell Labs Relay Interpolator, Possibly the First Electromechanical Computer to Run Programs in the U.S. January 29, 1944 – October 19, 1973Key Developments Concerning the ENIAC Patent, the Patent on the General Purpose Electronic Digital Computer June 30, 1945Von Neumann Privately Circulates the First Theoretical Description of a Stored-Program Computer September 30, 1945The First Engineering Report on the EDVAC Circa October 1945 – February 20, 1947Turing's Main Hardware Design After World War II, the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE) March 1946 – 1947Key Developments in von Neumann's IAS Electronic Computer Project July 8 – 1946The Moore School Lectures Take Place November 12, 1946A Soroban Beats an Electric Calculator 1947Couffignal Decides against Building a Stored-Program Computer in France 1947Kurt Herzstark Invents the Curta, the Most Advanced Small Mechanical Calculator April 24, 1947 – November 4, 1952Key Events in the Development of the UNIVAC, the First Electronic Computer Widely Sold in the United States October 1947 – September 1950Innovative Aspects of the BINAC, the First Electronic Computer Ever Sold 1948First Assemblage of Digital Electronics Replaceable as a Unit 1948Andrew D. Booth Invents the First Magnetic Drum Memory January 1948IBM's SSEC, the First Computer that Can Modify a Stored Program June 21, 1948The Williams Tube and the "Manchester Baby," the First Operational Stored-Program Computer Runs its First Program 1949Edmund Berkeley's "Giant Brains," the First Popular Book on Electronic Computers 1949 – 1951Foundation of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory and SAGE May 6, 1949The EDSAC, the First Easily Used Fully Functional Stored-Program Computer, Runs its First Program November 1949The First Stored-Program Computer in Australia 1950"High-Speed Computing Devices," the First Textbook on How to Build an Electronic Computer 1950 – 1954The IBM NORC, the First Supercomputer May – November 1950Simon, the First Personal Computer November 6, 1950 – 1951MESM, the First Russian Stored-Program Computer