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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1940 - 1950   |   Theme: Data Processing / Computing


August РDecember 1940The Design and Principles of John Atanasoff's ABC Machine, and What John Mauchly Knew About It 1941 Р1946The First Application of Electric Punched Card Tabulating Equipment in Crystal Structure Analysis June 1941 РOctober 2, 1955Key Events in the Development of the First General Purpose Electronic Digital Computer, the ENIAC 1943IBM's Vacuum Tube Multiplier, the First Complete Machine to Perform Arithmetic Electronically 1943 Р1960MTAC: The First Computing Journal September 1943The Bell Labs Relay Interpolator, Possibly the First Electromechanical Computer to Run Programs in the U.S. January 29, 1944 РOctober 19, 1973Key Developments Concerning the ENIAC Patent, the Patent on the General Purpose Electronic Digital Computer December 1944The Fastest Digital Calculators in the U.S. September 9, 1945The First Use of "Bug" in the Context of Computing Circa October 1945 РFebruary 20, 1947Turing's Main Hardware Design After World War II, the Automatic Computing Engine (ACE) March 15, 1946Eckert & Mauchly Found Electronic Control Co., the World's First Electronic Computer Company November 12, 1946A Soroban Beats an Electric Calculator 1947Couffignal Decides against Building a Stored-Program Computer in France January 7 РJanuary 10, 1947The First Large Conference on Electronic Computers is Held in Cambridge, Massachusetts April 24, 1947 РNovember 4, 1952Key Events in the Development of the UNIVAC, the First Electronic Computer Widely Sold in the United States October 1947 РSeptember 1950Innovative Aspects of the BINAC, the First Electronic Computer Ever Sold June 21, 1948The Williams Tube and the "Manchester Baby," the First Operational Stored-Program Computer Runs its First Program 1949 Р1951Foundation of MIT's Lincoln Laboratory and SAGE 1949 Р1951Roberto Busa & IBM Adapt Punched Card Tabulating to Sort Words in a Literary Text: The Origins of Humanities Computing November 1949The First Stored-Program Computer in Australia 1950Jule Charney, Agnar Fj̦rtoff & John von Neumann Report the First Weather Forecast by Electronic Computer 1950"High-Speed Computing Devices," the First Textbook on How to Build an Electronic Computer 1950Compiling a Bibliography by Electric Punched Card Tabulating 1950 Р1954The IBM NORC, the First Supercomputer May РNovember 1950Simon, the First Personal Computer November 6, 1950 Р1951MESM, the First Russian Stored-Program Computer