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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1950 - 1960   |   Theme: Computer & Calculator Design / Architecture


1950"High-Speed Computing Devices," the First Textbook on How to Build an Electronic Computer 1950 – 1954The IBM NORC, the First Supercomputer May – November 1950Simon, the First Personal Computer November 6, 1950 – 1951MESM, the First Russian Stored-Program Computer 1951IBM's First Electronic Computer, the 701, is Designed January 8 – January 13, 1951The Paris symposium, "Les Machines á calculer et la pensée humaine," Occurs February 1951The First Ferranti Mark I is Delivered May 5, 1951NIMROD: The First Special Purpose Digital Computer Designed to Play a Game July 9 – July 12, 1951Maurice Wilkes Introduces Microprogamming 1952Once Finally Operational, the EDVAC is Obsolete 1952Vaccuum Tubes Especially Designed for Digital Circuits 1952The First Electronic Computer Produced in France: Not a Stored-Program Computer 1952 – 1953The First Trackball June 10, 1952The IAS Machine is Fully Operational September 1952The First Electronic Computer in Germany December 1952IBM Produces an "Electronic Data Processing Machine" 1953The IBM 650: The First Mass-Produced Computer March 27, 1953IBM Installs its First Stored Program Electronic Computer, the 701, but They Don't Call it a Computer November 1953The First Transistor Computer 1954The Deuce Computer (After the Pilot ACE, of Course) 1954First Computer to Incorporate Indexing & Floating Point Arithmetic 1954 – 1963The First Light Pen May 10, 1954Texas Instruments Manufactures the First Silicon Transistor 1955Magnetic Core Storage Units March 1955 – December 1956"The Design of Machines to Simulate the Behavior of the Human Brain" April 1955 – December 1957The First Solid State Computer October 1955The First Full-Scale Programmable Japanese Computer 1956The First Step Toward Automation of Logic Minimalization March 1956The First Japanese Stored-Program Computer September 4 – September 13, 1956The First Commercial Computer Designed to Use a Moving Head Hard Drive for Secondary Storage September 14, 1956The First Computer with a Hard Drive: $10,000 per Megabyte November 1956First Japanese Conference on Electronic Computers 1957IBM Phases Out Vacuum Tubes 1957Control Unit Based on Microprogramming 1957SAGE: Physically the Largest Computers Ever Built 1957So-Called Second Generation of Computers 1957The First Significant Computer Music Composition February 8, 1957The Premature Death of John von Neumann 1958Seymour Cray Builds the First Transistorized Supercomputer 1958The IBM 1401, a Relatively Inexpensive Computer July 19, 1958The Burroughs Atlas Guidance Computer 1959The TX-2 Computer for the Study of Human-Computer Interaction 1960The First Commercially Available General Purpose Computer with Transistor Logic