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1950"High-Speed Computing Devices," the First Textbook on How to Build an Electronic Computer 1950 – 1954The IBM NORC, the First Supercomputer February 1950
Early Diners' Club card.
"Diners Club", the First Credit Card
February 6, 1950Eckert-Mauchly is Sold to Remington Rand May – November 1950Simon, the First Personal Computer 1951IBM's First Electronic Computer, the 701, is Designed February 1951The First Ferranti Mark I is Delivered July 9 – July 12, 1951Bertram V. Bowden, the First Computer Salesman in England November 17, 1951First Stored-Program Computer to Run Business Programs on a Routine Basis 1952Vaccuum Tubes Especially Designed for Digital Circuits 1952The First Electronic Computer Produced in France: Not a Stored-Program Computer April 30 – May 2, 1952First West Coast Computer Meeting September 8 – September 10, 1952The First Electronic Computer in Canada December 1952IBM Produces an "Electronic Data Processing Machine" 1953 – 1968The First Widely Read English Book on Electronic Computing 1953The IBM 650: The First Mass-Produced Computer June 1953The First Report on the Application of Electronic Computers to Business September 1953IBM 702 1954The Deuce Computer (After the Pilot ACE, of Course) 1954First Computer to Incorporate Indexing & Floating Point Arithmetic January 1954Journal of the ACM 1955The First Stored-Program Computer Produced for Sale in France 1955The First Independent Software Company April 1955 – December 1957The First Solid State Computer September 1955The Beginning of Computerization of Banking October 1955The First Full-Scale Programmable Japanese Computer March 1956The First Japanese Stored-Program Computer September 4 – September 13, 1956The First Commercial Computer Designed to Use a Moving Head Hard Drive for Secondary Storage October 17 – October 18, 1956First Computer Conference in Italy November 1956First Japanese Conference on Electronic Computers 1957So-Called Second Generation of Computers 1957There are Forty Computers on American University Campuses December 1, 1957 – January 1959Invention of the "Planar" Manufacturing Process 1958Seymour Cray Builds the First Transistorized Supercomputer 1958The IBM 1401, a Relatively Inexpensive Computer 1959The First Practical Monolithic Integrated Circuit Concept 1959ERMA and MICR December 1959 – 1975Highlights of the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP Series of Minicomputers 1960The First Commercially Available General Purpose Computer with Transistor Logic 19606000 Computers are Operational in the U.S., Out of 10,000 Worldwide December 6 – December 7, 1960COBOL Allows Compatibility Between Computers Made by Different Manufacturers