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1950Jule Charney, Agnar Fj̦rtoff & John von Neumann Report the First Weather Forecast by Electronic Computer 1950"High-Speed Computing Devices," the First Textbook on How to Build an Electronic Computer 1950Compiling a Bibliography by Electric Punched Card Tabulating 1950 Р1954The IBM NORC, the First Supercomputer May РNovember 1950Simon, the First Personal Computer November 6, 1950 Р1951MESM, the First Russian Stored-Program Computer 1951 РJanuary 7, 1954The First Public Demonstration of Machine Translation Occurs 1951The First OCR System: "GISMO" September 8 РSeptember 10, 1952The First Electronic Computer in Canada October 1952The First Journal on Electronic Computing March 27, 1953IBM Installs its First Stored Program Electronic Computer, the 701, but They Don't Call it a Computer June 1953The First Report on the Application of Electronic Computers to Business September 1953IBM 702 1954The Deuce Computer (After the Pilot ACE, of Course) 1954Early Library Information Retrieval System 1954First Computer to Incorporate Indexing & Floating Point Arithmetic December 1954The First Routine Real-Time Numerical Weather Forecasting September 1955The Beginning of Computerization of Banking October 1955The First Full-Scale Programmable Japanese Computer 1956Proving the Feasibility of Weather Prediction by Numerical Process July 1956The First Demonstration of Magnetic Ink Character Reading October 17 РOctober 18, 1956First Computer Conference in Italy November 1956First Japanese Conference on Electronic Computers 1957SAGE: Physically the Largest Computers Ever Built 1957J. W. Ellison Issues the First Computerized Concordance of the Bible October 4, 1957 Р1960The First Operational Satellite Navigation System 1958The IBM 1401, a Relatively Inexpensive Computer 1958Semi Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) July 19, 1958The Burroughs Atlas Guidance Computer September 1958
BankAmerica card.
BankAmericard is Launched
November 1958Keyword in Context (KWIC) Indexing 1959ERMA and MICR 1959The Nautical Almanac is Finally Produced by an Electronic Computer 1959 – 1960The U.S. Banking Industry Adopts Magnetic Ink Character Recognition 1959Auto-Encoding of Documents for Information Retrieval 1959Merle Curti's "The Making of an American Community": the First "Large Scale" Application of Humanities Computing in the U. S. December 1959 – 1975Highlights of the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP Series of Minicomputers 1960John Horty Pioneers Computer-Assisted Legal Research