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1950 – 1951Wilkes,Wheeler & Gill: the First Treatise on Software for an Operational Stored-Program Computer 1950The Hamming Codes 1951The First OCR System: "GISMO" February – October 1951One of the Earliest Computer Games July 9 – July 12, 1951Maurice Wilkes Introduces Microprogamming August 7 – August 9, 1951The First Demonstration of Computer Music November 17, 1951First Stored-Program Computer to Run Business Programs on a Routine Basis 1952"The Education of a Computer" 1952The First Compiled Programming Language May 13 – May 14, 1954Grace Hopper Organizes the First Symposium on Software October 1954The First Use of a Computer to Write Literary Texts 1955SHARE, The First Computer Users' Group, is Founded 1955 – July 1956The First Artificial Intelligence Program 1955The First Independent Software Company 1956 – January 1958The Origins of The Term "Software" Within the Context of Computing September 1956Chomsky's Hierarchy of Syntactic Forms 1957Control Unit Based on Microprogramming 1957The First English-Language Data-Processing Compiler 1957FORTRAN: The First Widely Used First High-Level Programming Language 1957Chomsky's Syntactic Structures 1957The First Computer Widely Used Program for Sound Generation 1958Hans Peter Lund of IBM Develops an Automatic Document Indexing Program 1959The First Digital Poetry May 28, 1959 – December 7, 1960Grace Hopper and Colleagues Introduce COBOL 1960John Horty Pioneers Computer-Assisted Legal Research 1960
William A Fetter: while working for Boeing, made the first computer model of the human body (
William Fetter Coins the Term "Computer Graphics"
1960John McCarthy Intoduces LISP, The Language of Choice for Artificial Intelligence 1960 – November 20, 1968"Prater-Wei," The First Software Patent December 1960"Colossal Typewriter" : One of the Earliest Computer Text Editors December 6 – December 7, 1960COBOL Allows Compatibility Between Computers Made by Different Manufacturers