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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1950 - 1960   |   Theme: Technology / Engineering


1950The Bic Pen 1951The First OCR System: "GISMO" 1952Vaccuum Tubes Especially Designed for Digital Circuits November 1953The First Transistor Computer 1954 – 1961The First Industrial Robot January 22, 1954The FCC Approves the RCA System of Color Television Broadcasting in the United States May 10, 1954Texas Instruments Manufactures the First Silicon Transistor November 1954The First Commercial Transistor Radio: The First Widely Sold Tranistorized Product 1955 – 1962The Sensorama: One of the First Functioning Efforts in Virtual Reality April 1955 – December 1957The First Solid State Computer 1956Television: A Retrospective in 1956 from the RCA / NBC Viewpoint 1956The First Video Tape Recorder July 1956The First Demonstration of Magnetic Ink Character Reading October 4, 1957Sputnik is Launched December 1, 1957 – January 1959Invention of the "Planar" Manufacturing Process February 7, 1958ARPA is Founded July 1958Kilby Conceives of the Integrated Circuit July 19, 1958The Burroughs Atlas Guidance Computer July 29 – October 1, 1958NASA is Founded December 19, 1958The First Voice Transmission from the First Communications Satellite 1959The First Practical Monolithic Integrated Circuit Concept 1959The Complicated Discovery of the LASER June 1959 – May 31, 1972The Corona Satellite Series: America's First Imagining Satellite Program September 16, 1959
Xerox 914.
The Xerox 914
1960 – December 9, 2013Greatbatch, Chardack & Gage Implant the First Self-Contained Internally Powered Artificial Pacemaker in a Human 1960 – November 20, 1968"Prater-Wei," The First Software Patent 1960Theodore Maiman Invents the First Working Laser September 13 – September 15, 1960The First Symposium on Bionics