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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1960 - 1970   |   Theme: Computer & Calculator Design / Architecture


1960The First Commercially Available General Purpose Computer with Transistor Logic 1961George Forsythe Coins the Term "Computer Science" May 1961 – 1962Wesley Clark Builds the LINC, Perhaps the First Mini-Computer October 19, 1961Texas Instruments Delivers the First Integrated Circuit Computer: An Achievement in Miniaturization December 28, 1961Origins of the IBM System/360 1964The First Commercial Computers to Use Integrated Circuits April 7, 1964The IBM System/360 Family is Introduced August 1964The Rand Tablet: One of the Earliest Tablet Computers and the First Reference to Electronic Ink 1965Honeywell Produces an Early Home Computer? 1965 – 1966Carver Mead Builds the First Schottky-Barrier Gate Field Effect Transistor 1967 – June 25, 1974Jack Kilby and Texas Instruments Invent the First Hand-Held Electronic Calculator June 27, 1967 – November 17, 1970Douglas Engelbart Invents the Computer Mouse February 1968Federico Faggin and Colleagues Invent Silicon Gate Technology at Fairchild Semiconductor July 18, 1968 – 1985Landmark Products from the Early Years of Intel Corporation December 9, 1968Douglas Engelbart Demonstrates Hypertext, Text Editing, Windows, Email and a Mouse: "The Mother of All Demos" 1969 – 1971The Datapoint 2200: Precursor of the Personal Computer and the Microprocessor 1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1970 – 1971The Kenback-1, the First Stored-Program "Personal Computer" June 30, 1970The IBM System/370 Uses Semiconductor Memory December 1970Gilbert Hyatt Files the First General Patent on the Microprocessor, Later Invalidated