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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1960 - 1970   |   Theme: Computer & Calculator Industry


1960The First Commercially Available General Purpose Computer with Transistor Logic 19606000 Computers are Operational in the U.S., Out of 10,000 Worldwide December 6 – December 7, 1960COBOL Allows Compatibility Between Computers Made by Different Manufacturers May 1961 – 1962Wesley Clark Builds the LINC, Perhaps the First Mini-Computer October 19, 1961Texas Instruments Delivers the First Integrated Circuit Computer: An Achievement in Miniaturization December 28, 1961Origins of the IBM System/360 1963ASCII is Promulgated 1963Compugraphic Develops the First General Typesetting Computers 1964The First Commercial Computers to Use Integrated Circuits 1964Thomas Kurtz & John Kemeny Invent BASIC 1964IBM's Magnetic Tape/Selectric Typewriter Begins "Word Processing" February 14, 1964Texas Instruments & Zenith Radio Introduce a Hearing Aid, the First Consumer Product Containing an Integrated Circuit April 7, 1964The IBM System/360 Family is Introduced 1965Honeywell Produces an Early Home Computer? April 19, 1965Gordon Moore Promulgates "Moore's Law" 1966Semi-Conductor Memory Replaces Magnetic-Core Memory 1966Douglas Parkhill Issues a Predictive Discussion of the Features of Cloud Computing 1967 – June 25, 1974Jack Kilby and Texas Instruments Invent the First Hand-Held Electronic Calculator 196735,000 Computers Are Operational in the United States 1968The HP 9100A, the First Marketed, Mass-Produced Programmable Calculator, or Personal Computer 1968Unbundling at IBM Gives Rise to the Software and Services Industry February 1968Federico Faggin and Colleagues Invent Silicon Gate Technology at Fairchild Semiconductor July 18, 1968 – 1985Landmark Products from the Early Years of Intel Corporation October 7 – October 11, 1968The Term Software Engineering is Coined Circa 1969 – 1970The First ATM is Installed at Chemical Bank in New York 1969 – 1971The Datapoint 2200: Precursor of the Personal Computer and the Microprocessor May 1, 1969Jerry Sanders and Colleagues from Fairchild Semiconductor Found AMD 1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1970 – 1971The Kenback-1, the First Stored-Program "Personal Computer" February 1970Rand Issues the First Systematic Review of Computer Security Issues June 30, 1970The IBM System/370 Uses Semiconductor Memory December 1970Gilbert Hyatt Files the First General Patent on the Microprocessor, Later Invalidated