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19606000 Computers are Operational in the U.S., Out of 10,000 Worldwide 1960PLATO 1: The First Electronic Learning System March 1960Licklider Describes "Man-Computer Symbiosis" 1961The QUOTRON Computerized Stock-Quotation System Is Introduced 1961George Forsythe Coins the Term "Computer Science" 1962ICPSR, The Largest Archive of Digital Social Science Data, is Founded at the University of Michigan 1962Fritz Machlup Introduces the Concept of "The Information Economy" October 1962Douglas Engelbart Issues "Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework" October 1, 1962Licklider at the Information Processing Techniques Office, Begins Funding Research that Leads to the ARPANET November 20, 1963First Use of the Term "Hacker" in the Context of Computing 1964The First Online Reservation System 1964Social Security Numbers as Identifiers 1964Thomas Kurtz & John Kemeny Invent BASIC 1964Bertram Gross Coins the Term "Information Overload" 1965Honeywell Produces an Early Home Computer? 1965Tom Van Vleck & Noel Morris Write One of the First Email Programs 1965U.S. Senate Hearings on the Invasion of Privacy by Computers 1965Irving John Good Originates the Concept of the Technological Singularity April 19, 1965Gordon Moore Promulgates "Moore's Law" July 1965
Detail of cover of the July 1965 issue of Fortune.  Please click to see entire image.
Walter Allner Designs the First Magazine Cover Using Computer Graphics
1966The Amateur Computer Society, Possibly the First Personal Computer Club, is Founded 1966Douglas Parkhill Issues a Predictive Discussion of the Features of Cloud Computing 1967 – June 25, 1974Jack Kilby and Texas Instruments Invent the First Hand-Held Electronic Calculator 1967Edmund Bowles Issues The First Anthology of Research on Humanities Computing 196735,000 Computers Are Operational in the United States March 1967U.S. Senate Hearings on Computer Privacy Occur Circa May – September 1967Protecting Security in a Networked Environment 1968Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke Create "2001: A Space Odyssey" 1968 – 1984Helmut Gröttrup & Jürgen Dethloff Invent the "Smart Card" 1968The Computer Artis Society, the First Society for Computer Art, is Founded in London April 1968Licklider & Taylor Describe Features of the Future ARPANET; Description of a Computerized Personal Assistant August 2 – October 20, 1968Cybernetic Serendipity: The First Widely-Attended International Exhibition of Computer Art Circa 1969 – 1970The First ATM is Installed at Chemical Bank in New York 1969Compuserve, the First Commercial Online Service, is Founded Circa 1969EMS Produces the First Digital Sampler in the First Digital Music Studio July 21, 1969A Problem with the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer Nearly Prevents the First Moon Walk 1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1970 – 1971The Kenback-1, the First Stored-Program "Personal Computer" February 1970Rand Issues the First Systematic Review of Computer Security Issues