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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1960 - 1970   |   Theme: Data Processing / Computing


1960John Horty Pioneers Computer-Assisted Legal Research 1961The QUOTRON Computerized Stock-Quotation System Is Introduced 1961Compugraphic Develops a Special-Purpose Typesetting Computer 1961George Forsythe Coins the Term "Computer Science" May 1961 – 1962Wesley Clark Builds the LINC, Perhaps the First Mini-Computer October 19, 1961Texas Instruments Delivers the First Integrated Circuit Computer: An Achievement in Miniaturization 1962Computers Drive Linotype Hot Metal Typesetters November 1963Touch-Tone Dialing is Introduced 1964The First Online Reservation System 1964Social Security Numbers as Identifiers 1965Tom Van Vleck & Noel Morris Write One of the First Email Programs 1965The U.S. Postal Services Introduces OCR 1965 – 1968Henriette Avram Develops the MARC Cataloguing Standard April 19, 1965Gordon Moore Promulgates "Moore's Law" 1966The NY Stock Exchange Completes Automation of Trading 1966The IRS Completes Computerization of Income-Tax Processing 1966Robert H. Dennard of IBM Invents DRAM 1966Data Corporation Develops a Computer-Assisted Full-Text Inventory System 1967 – June 25, 1974Jack Kilby and Texas Instruments Invent the First Hand-Held Electronic Calculator April 1967Wesley Clark Suggests the Use of Interface Message Processors on ARPANET 1968The HP 9100A, the First Marketed, Mass-Produced Programmable Calculator, or Personal Computer 1968 – 1984Helmut Gröttrup & Jürgen Dethloff Invent the "Smart Card" April 1968The First U.S. Conference on Museum Computing Occurs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art July 21, 1969A Problem with the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer Nearly Prevents the First Moon Walk January 1970 – May 1973IBM Performs the First Test of Magnetic Stripe Transaction Card Technology