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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1970 - 1980   |   Theme: Computer / Digital / Internet Culture


1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1971Phreaker Underground Telephone System Culture 1971The Creeper Worm, the First Computer Virus March 1971Ray Tomlinson Selects the @ in Email September 1971"Galaxy Game", the Earliest Coin-Operated Computer or Video Game November 1971"Computer Space," the First Commercially Sold Coin-Operated Video Game December 7, 1972SPACEWAR: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums 1973The Plato IV System, Probably the World's First Online Community 1973"Community Memory," the First Public Computerized Bulletin Board System Circa 1973Invention of the Word "Internet" 1973 – 1974Maze War, the First Networked 3D Multi-User First Person Shooter Game 1974First Use of the Term "Mainframe" 1974Ted Nelson Publishes a Manifesto of the Microcomputer Revolution May 5, 1974Cerf & Kahn Publish TCP: A Protocol for Packet Network Communication 1975Byte Magazine, One of the First Personal Computer Magazines, Begins Publication 1975 – 1976"Adventure," the First Computer Text Adventure Game Circa 1975The Warez Scene Emerges 1975Frederick Brooks Writes "The Mythical Man-Month" 1975"Home Pong" is Released 1975The "Utah Teapot" is Created January 1975 – 1976The MITS Altair, the First Personal Computer to Get "Wide Notice" Among Enthusiasts March 1975The Homebrew Computer Club Holds its First Meeting January 1976The First Journal on Software for Personal Computers April 1, 1976 – December 13, 2011Foundation of Apple Computer and the Origin of the Name July 1976The Apple I is Released 1977The First Multi-Player Computer Games Evolve on the Plato IV-V System 1977 – 1979The Interactive Text Adventure Game "Zork" May 1, 1977The First Intentional Spam February 16, 1978The First Dial-UP CBBS 1979 – 1980The First Graphical Computer Adventure Game September 1979Origins of the Computer History Museum May 22, 1980Pac-Man is Introduced