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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1970 - 1980   |   Theme: Computer & Calculator Industry


1970Xerox PARC is Founded 1970 – 1971The Kenback-1, the First Stored-Program "Personal Computer" February 1970Rand Issues the First Systematic Review of Computer Security Issues June 30, 1970The IBM System/370 Uses Semiconductor Memory December 1970Gilbert Hyatt Files the First General Patent on the Microprocessor, Later Invalidated 1971IBM Introduces Speech Recognition Technology 1972 – 1974Expensive Electronic Calculators Flood the Market 1973The Xerox Alto: Conceptually, the First Personal Computer System 1973The First Electronic Pagination System, Forerunner of Email and Instant Messaging 1973 – 1974Gary Kildall Develops the CP/M Operating System for Microcomputers February 1973The Earliest Commercial, Non-Kit Personal Computer Based on a Microprocessor 1974First Use of the Term "Mainframe" March 1974Probably the First Advertised Personal Computer Sold in Kit Form November 20, 1974An Antitrust Suit to Break up AT&T 1975200,000 Computers are Operating in the U. S. January 1975 – 1976The MITS Altair, the First Personal Computer to Get "Wide Notice" Among Enthusiasts March 1975The Homebrew Computer Club Holds its First Meeting April 4, 1975 – November 20, 1985Landmarks in the Prehistory and Early History of Microsoft May 19, 1975 – January 8, 1982The Antitrust Case, U.S. v. IBM, is Tried and Eventually Withdrawn September 1975IBM's First "Portable" Computer: $19,975 1976First Print-to-Speech Reading Machine April 1, 1976 – December 13, 2011Foundation of Apple Computer and the Origin of the Name July 1976The Apple I is Released 1977Apple I: The First Personal Computer Sold as a Fully Assembled Product 1977Wang Inaugurates the Concept of Office Automation January 1979The First Silicon Compiler