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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1990 - 2000   |   Theme: Computer / Digital / Internet Culture


November 12, 1990Berners-Lee Plans the World Wide Web November 13, 1990The First Web Page December 25, 1990The First Web Browser and Web Server 1991The First Webcam March 1991First Release of the First Web Browser September 1991The Gopher Protocol December 12, 1991The First Web Server in North America 1992The First Image Posted to the Web June 1992Visions of a Metaverse 1993The Web's First and Longest Continuously Running Blog January 1993The Singularity March 1993Wired 1.01 May 1993The First Commercial Website with the First Online Advertising 1994FishCam: The Oldest Nearly Continuously Operational Webcam January 1994One of the Earliest Blogs March 12 – March 13, 1994The First Internet Cafe April 12, 1994Commercial Spaming Starts with the "Green Card Spam" October 1994Whitehouse.gov Becomes Operational December 1994"From Webspace to Cyberspace": A Pioneering Cultural and Historical Work December 3, 1994PlayStation is Launched March 25, 1995The First Wiki June 1995"Johnny Mnemonic": The First Film to Portray a Graphic Vision of Cyberspace August 9, 1995The Beginning of the "Dot-Com Bubble" November 23, 1995ABC's "World News Now" Becomes the First Television Show Broadcast over the Internet 1996A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace January 2, 1996First Recorded Use of the Term, Phishing April 1996 – 2003The First Full-Time Online Webcam Girl May 11, 1997Kasparov Loses to Deep Blue: The First Time a Human Chess Player Loses to a Computer Under Tournament Conditions 1998The Cluetrain Manifesto 1998"You've Got Mail", a Movie about Love, Email, and the Book Trade 1999The Matrix: Referencing Cyberpunk and Hacker Cultures 1999Nigerian Letter Scams Move to the Internet 1999"The World Wide Web is the only thing I know of whose shortened form takes three times longer to say than what it is short for." June 1, 1999The Napster Sharing Service for MP3 Files is Launched November 29, 1999The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act is Enacted