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Timeline Outline ViewEra: 1990 - 2000   |   Theme: Conservation, Preservation & Restoration


1992The Memory of the World Program 1993Preserving Access to Digital Information 1993The Electronic Beowulf December 6, 1993The First Sourcebook on Digital Libraries? March 1, 1994Digital Library: Gross Structure and Requirements May 1, 1994The Digital Library Federation is Founded June 19 – June 21, 1994The First Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries September 1, 1994The NSF Digital Libraries Initiative: The Origins of Google October 13, 1994The National Digital Library Program is Announced December 1994The Task Force on Digital Archiving is Created 1995An Online Searchable Archive of Over 1000 Academic Journals July 1995D-Lib Magazine Begins 1996The Kulturarw3 Project 1996Brewster Kahle Founds the Internet Archive 1996LexisNexis Exceeds One Billion Documents March 20 – March 23, 1996The First ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries 1997The IEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries is Established 1997The California Digital Library is Founded 1998Origins of Australia's Web Archive 1998NARA Begins ERA for Preservation of Digital Archives 1998On the Preservation of Knowledge in the Electronic Age 1998The Digital Michelangelo Project 1999Storing Public Records Electronically 1999"Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe" (LOCKSS): a Digital Information Preservation System for Libraries and Publishers November 2, 1999Continuing to Print the British Parliamentary Papers on Vellum 2000Over 5,000,000 Items in the National Digital Library Program 2000MINERVA to Preserve Open-Access Web Resources December 21, 2000National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program